Report: Cardinals negotiating with Patrick Peterson


With a little help from Richard Sherman, the lid might be getting lifted on new deals for the 2011 first-rounders.

According to a tweet from ESPN (and not any of their fleet of reporters in particular), the Cardinals are negotiating with cornerback Patrick Peterson on an extension that could be worth “in excess of $60 million.”

That big number makes sense considering Sherman’s $57 million pact struck just before the draft.

If it happens soon, it would break the logjam of 2011 first-rounders to get new deals. Of the 32 picks, 21 had their fifth-year options picked up, but none have gotten an extension so far. A few late-round picks from that draft have signed smaller deals, but none of the precedent-setters have happened yet.

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  1. Go watch this guy play against Megatron, Michael Crabtree and other big receivers, then go watch Sherman against the same players.

    Don’t give me the “he follows the receivers around” BS. Sherman gets locked up in man to man coverage all the time and doesn’t give up nearly as many big plays as Peterson does.

    As a corner, Sherman > Peterson

    As a punt returner/WR, Peterson.

  2. Hes 5x better than Sherman. Sherm was beat by Crabtree, Kaep underthrew the ball. Not a Seahawks or 49ers fan btw. Just the truth. Sherman isnt as good as he thinks he is

  3. Darrelle Revis just called his agent to get the Patriots on the phone. They need to “Talk”

  4. Sherm was even beat by Jarius Wright.

    Who, you ask? The 4th receiver on the Vikings depth chart, that’s who.

  5. Sherman was beaten by Crabtee? Really… gosh.. lets just erase the record books.

    FACT Kaepernick underthrew the ball.
    FACT Sherman makes the same play if Kaep passes it one yard further. The only possible difference is the ball is tipped up and out of bounds instead of an interception.
    FACT 2 yards further and Crabtree is out of the end zone.

    You want somebody to blame for that play? Blame Kaepernick. Don’t try to make excuses for Crabtree.

    A good QB knows not to challenge Sherman on that play. Sherman has highest ratio of interceptions to balls thrown his direction of any CB in the NFL.

    Crabtree was covered like a glove on that play.

  6. Lol okay. More picks and deflections in his time in the league than any other corner. Including Patricia Peterson. OH, and in 2013 he got thrown at less than any corner in football.

  7. Sherman had Crabtree blanketed. He was only in catch up mode because mr Mediocre pushed off, and Sherman still made the play.

    Not only is Peterson not as good as Sherman, he’s not even as good as Byron Maxwell. He’s a heckuva return guy though.

    If the Cardinals want to pay $60 million for a kick returner, more power to them.

  8. FACT: Peterson shadowed top WR 11x this season, only to be matched by Joe Haden.

    FACT: Sherman did not shadow a top WR this season.

    Talk < Walk.

    Peterson deserves the pay day.

  9. Sherm only plays 1 side of the field. We never see him on a #1 maybe once or twice a game. Plus he plays hug defense like the ret of that secondary. Pat Pete dont hug. Sherm is a product of scheme Pat Pete is just a take on all challengers type dude. Sherm is a good corner but Pat Pete has the slight edge…IMO

  10. I normally don’t comment on other teams post.

    Come on. They are both Elite CBs. Both deserve their money.

    I am a Lions fan. I would take the 3rd best behind these 2 any day of the week. Imagine the Lions with just 1 corner rated in the top half of corners.

    This is like listening to two rich people argue over who’s Yacht is the best. You both have yachts!

    Let’s all just agree that they are elite, and should be paid as such.

  11. best CB in the game, he deserves every penny that he gets, and he is not a system player like some other CB who just became the highest paid player at that position in history….

    oh, and peterson consistantly covers the best reciever on the field and is not going to get his paycheck and praise by covering 2’s and 3’s.

  12. Cardinals fans should hope he gets a deal structured like Sherman’s, his contract isn’t fully guaranteed until 2016.

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