Report: Greg Hardy arrested for domestic violence

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As it turns out, the franchise tag was the least of Greg Hardy’s worries this offseason.

Via WSOC-TV in Charlotte, Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy was arrested for domestic violence involving his girlfriend, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg police.

At the moment, details are scarce on the incident, which is a misdemeanor.

The Panthers gave Hardy a $1.3 million advance on his $13.1 million franchise tender, pending him showing up for offseason workouts.

While Hardy slipped to the sixth round of the 2010 Draft because of some injury and character concerns, so far he’s only been a harm to himself. A pre-training camp motorcycle crash slowed him down in 2011, and then he did silly things like take Twitter pictures while doing 100 mph in his Bentley.

66 responses to “Report: Greg Hardy arrested for domestic violence

  1. Isn’t he a superstar? They wont do anything other than apologize for him and say there’s “more to Greg Hardy” than this one incident…

  2. Hitting women is never acceptable, but that aside, this guy has serious judgement issues. Why are you driving a Bentley while still on your 6th round rookie contract? Something tells me this guy is going to be broke soon after being out of the league.

  3. I will refrain from blasting Greg Hardy because of the lack of information. However, if he is guilty, does he get fined, suspended or released?

  4. And 3 … 2 … 1 … “Hardy’s attorneys have issued a statement saying that this is a very minor misunderstanding that has been blown out of proportion by an over-aggressive {fill in blank: media/police force/prosecutor}.”

    Come on, we all know it is coming, just go ahead and release the statement.

  5. Best Defensive Ends in the Game
    1. Charles Johnson
    2. Greg Hardy
    3. Kony Ealy
    4. Robert Quinn
    5. JJ Watt

  6. Domestic violence is an issue everywhere, but porportionally there seems to be more frequent amount of cases in the NFL. It would be interesting to know what programs and steps they have done to help curb this ever growing trend.

  7. What, if any, is the NFL’s policy on domestic violence–that is, is there automatic suspension, fine, anything? Is the team expected to apply some punishment?

  8. I’ll wait until I hear more before I place judgment. I know Kraken is cray, but I don’t see him being violent to a woman… But I’ll just have to wait and see.


  9. Hardy and Ray Rice would make a good tag team pair. They may be big in stature but nothing but cowards inside for abusing women.

  10. Not only is Hardy a wife beater, but once he’s released he will join the Pats and become a cheater too.

  11. There are some knuckle-draggers out there that are probably less upset about this (and Ray Rice) than the “outrage” of Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend.

  12. Everyone assuming that he’s guilty is an idiot. These things happen all the time and many times nothing happened. He could very well be guilty but assuming so is disgusting.

  13. There is no need for us Panther fans to panic. This is just domestic violence. Ray Rice and Hardy won’t miss anytime. Good thing they weren’t smoking weed.

  14. There are no details. He could have done absolutely nothing or he could have grabbed her arm nobody knows. We know it wasn’t anything too serious though due to the charge.

  15. Everyone needs to hear more before placing judgement. There are “no details” people are dumb and racist. Especially in my native south. I’m ashamed to say.

  16. I don’t know what the Kraken did or didn’t do…

    I know that the cat comes off as a little crazy which makes him both dangerous

    and vulnerable to a set-up…these are desperate times and people will “pounce” on your dumb-a$$

    (ask Mike Adams)

    This story however comes out at the perfect time…

    I’ve heard and read all over the media nothing but jokes and giggles about Solange kicking Jay-Z ass…

    There is not one iota of the condemnation that emanates from this site or any other sports or news site when the situation is reversed.

    I have yet to hear that the NY Police are investigating anything related to the elevator incident.

  17. People are dumb and racist and because they need to hear more details? What’s dumb is driving 100 miles in your Bentley and what’s even dumber is taking a picture of it to post on twitter.

    Sure wish there was more details posted with this story but I’ve never heard of a prosecutor levying domestic violence charges without their being some type of evidence to support those charges. If the women didn’t have any marks on her than the police would have called this a domestic incident and one of the parties would have be instructed to leave the premises (and not in hand cuffs).

  18. And of course the media will keep focusing on how bad Miami’s locker is, even though it’s not bad, and will keep giving teams like Baltimore, San Francisco, Carolina, Dallas and new England a pass because of their winning records regardless of the terrible people in their locker rooms

  19. ahhh……even if this thing is cleared up, i just heard millions or as said in a Dr. Evil voice “Meeellions” coming off that long term contract.

    Suddenly the Kraken is CAP FRIENDLY

  20. Since there are no details of the incident and the associated article states “suspicion of domestic violence”, maybe we should wait to pass complete judgment? Remember Keyshawn?

  21. Let’s wait till the facts come out. If this guy is guilty then he should pay. However, with domestic violence cases, the accused may be most often guilty, but it has happened where the woman made up the story. It has even happened where the woman gave herself a big bruise and cut herself, then called cops and blamed it on the innocent guy. Ruining his life. So don’t pass judgement till you get the facts.

  22. Sad thing his the NFL will not impose any type of suspension near the length Josh Gordon will face for smoking a blunt. How can the NFL/Goodell justify that? Ray Rice is on film knocking out his fiance and any suspension? Doubtful…I guess it’s acceptable to beat a woman senseless in todays’ sports world.

  23. You shouldn’t rough up anyone, unless you are attacked or preventing a serious offense against another. Beyonce’s sister went ape on Jay-Z and we aren’t howling for her blood nor should we given she really didn’t hurt him.
    Hardy’s girlfriend had scratches and a bruise…not exactly life threatening. This dude could have pulled an OJ if he wanted on her but didn’t and we haven’t heard the complete story, so maybe withhold judgement.

  24. Does anyone else think its kind of funny that this woman beater and the likes of Aldon Smith will probably play this season and yet Josh Gordon and Justin Blackmon will potentially miss all 16 games because of smoking weed?

    Shows you how upside down this league really is

  25. I imagine him in a jail cell somewhere, all white contacts in, stomping around like a child and yelling, “release the Kraken!”

  26. All you people who have read 3 lines of text and determined that Hardy is a wife-beater, put your irrationalthinking aside and consider a few FACTS:

    1) Hardy was charged with threats, not actual violence. Actual violence is not a misdemeanor.

    2) Please consider what you’re reading. Journalists want paper sales and website hits, and so they deliberately put the most sensational headlines out there so those sales and hits will go up. What’s the best way to get more site hits when an athlete is charged with making threats to a female? Just lump it in with domestic violence and watch those mouse clicks (and gullible people foaming at the mouth) skyrocket.

    3) What about due process? Regardless of what someone is charged with, they deserve their day in court. Don’t call Hardy a wife-beater until it has been proven in court that he beat up his girlfriend. Since that’s not what he was charged with, I doubt that will happen.

    No respectable Panthers fan thinks Hardy is a chior boy. I have been very upfront that I am sure this man is chemically imbalanced. The motorcycle accident and the pic of his Bentley’s spedometer at 100 mph are eveidence of that. We just want him to channel all that insanity and confine it to the football field. Use it to scare the hell out of the O-line and QB in front of him.

    Now, if he is convicted/pleads guilty to what he has been charged with, a suspension of a game or two and revoking that workout bonus are in order. Let’s see what happens as the legal process is completed.

  27. what’s worse? this or what Ray Rice did? Or what Josh Gordon did? Which one will have a longer suspension???

  28. For the longest time I thought it was pure stupidity, then roid rage seemed to be a plausible explanation. At this point, I’m wondering if it is simply something that players at the NFL level have in common makeup-wise that allows them to play such a violent sport. I am not ruling out sheer stupidity or roids, however, something MUST explain why these brutes CONTINUALLY persist with this kind of behavior, even AFTER all the TMZ publicity generated by their predecessors in the assault parade, and the attendant penalties levied. A common internal personality or make-up trait COULD be part of the reason.

  29. Pretty soon, the league is going to be able to create a sponsor spot for the Official Bail Bondsman of the NFL.

  30. Greg Hardy is to be arraigned in the morning. This isnt as minor as reported. He’s looking at two counts of second degree kidnapping and one count of assault intended to harm. These are felony charges and he’s looking at minimal 5 years if convicted. These new charges are on top of what he’s already been charged with. The girl was beaten black and blue by someone who threw her into the shower.

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