Shad Khan: Justin Blackmon situation is “an absolute tragedy”


Wide receiver Justin Blackmon was the Jaguars’ first draft pick after Shad Khan bought the team in late 2011 and it’s fair to say that the pick hasn’t worked out as planned.

Blackmon, the fifth-overall pick in 2012, served a four-game suspension to start last season and has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL since its midpoint due to violations of the league’s substance-abuse policy. Khan addressed Blackmon’s situation during a state of the franchise talk on Tuesday and said he hopes that Blackmon takes advantage of the resources offered by the league and the NFLPA to avoid further trouble because there’s not much anyone else can do.

“I think it’s an absolute tragedy … I think he’s such a talented guy,” Khan said, via Michael DiRocco of “The best years [are] ahead of him but after a while it’s out of your control.”

Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell has said that the team does not expect to have Blackmon back this year even though he’s eligible to apply for reinstatement before the season starts. If he does return, the Jaguars will need to find new locker space for him as DiRocco reports that undrafted free agent quarterback Stephen Morris has been given the locker that Blackmon used in the team’s locker room.

33 responses to “Shad Khan: Justin Blackmon situation is “an absolute tragedy”

  1. Remember before he got drafted everyone said this guy was dez Bryant without the off field troubles, it goes to show there is no sure fire draft pick.

  2. It really is.
    The guy could have been one of the league’s premiere receivers… with a big paycheck to boot.
    What a waste.

  3. Him and Josh Gordon can hang out and chat about how they are flushing their future and financial stability for them and their families right down the toilet.

  4. I thought this guy already had one DUI, and maybe two – before he ever played a snap for the Jags. This guy had trainwreck written all over him coming out.

  5. Between Blackmon and Josh Gordon, the league and it’s fans will miss out on two supremely talented playmakers for years to come. Not to mention they play for the two teams who need a mega-talent more than anybody. Everybody loses in this situation. What a shame.

  6. For a player as talented as Blackmon to find himself in the position that he is in…he really had to earn it for all the wrong reasons. So far he has squandered what was supposed to be the biggest opportunity of his life, and those of us looking at it from the outside just can’t imagine how he could throw away a gift as magnificent as a shot to play in the NFL. He hasn’t completely blown it yet, but the ice is very thin for him and if he doesn’t make a significant change as a professional, his career could easily be over before it ever really starts.

    *The Jaguars had a terrific draft, in my opinion, and there is no better way to turn a franchise around than to make a big change at the quarterback position. On top of Blake Bortles, for Jacksonville to draft both Marqise Lee AND Allen Robinson early on in the draft process to ensure their new QB has adequate weapons…I don’t think they could have done a better job in the draft than that.

    These 2 rookie WRs may have the city of Jacksonville forget all about the headache that has been Justin Blackmon.

  7. Jags would like to take this opportunity to inform Justin that his stuff is behind the third dumpster from the left, behind the facility. They put a tarp over it to protect it from the rain.

  8. JAC’s former GM Gene Smith gave up a first and third round pick for Blackmon and a first and second round pick for QB Blaine Gabbert. Needless to say, he no longer has a job. LOL On the positive side, it looks like the Jags had a solid 2014 draft. Bortles will have to pan out, but how good does he have to be to outproduce Gabbert and Henne. LOL The Jags got two quality big play WRs in the second round. A big school G, CB, ILB, and DE in the middle rounds, and a C and interesting Florida HB with potential in round 6 and 7. Nothing outrageous, good solid draftsmanship. Smith would be disgusted. LMAO

  9. Football and homer-ism aside, this gentleman is in a fight for his life. No one wants to be addicted to drugs or alcohol.

    Substance abuse is a horrible tragedy and affects everyone. I feel for this guy so much.

    I hope for him, he finds rock-bottom as quickly as he can and begins the slow, ongoing process of recovery.

    From one man to another man – I pray the best for you. Let go, let God…

  10. I know the Rams are breathing a sigh of relief because this was allegedly who they coveted in this draft. He’s the alcoholic version of Charles Rogers. Maybe Josh Gordon’s next.

  11. How much of it is on him? After all, there are dozens and dozens of careers that end with the line “And then he was drafted by the Jaguars.”

  12. Josh Gordon just likes to smoke weed. He maybe foolish but he doesn’t have a serious issue like Blackmon who has problems with alchohol as well and who knows what else

  13. Of all the positions in the NFL, wide receivers seem to have the worst egos, worst arrest records, and most off the field problems.

    A distant 2nd are defensive linemen.

    Offensive linemen and QB’s not so much.

  14. How exactly is this a tragedy? Did he blow out his knee or get into an accident? No he decided on his own merits to do this, no one forced him this is all on him. The tragedy is wasting a pick on the guy.

  15. Send Blackmon and Josh Gordon to the rookie symposium ASAP as examples of throwing your career and life away. They can stand next to each other while wearing t-shirts that say “I’m with Stupid”.

  16. as a browns fan dat was at the 2014 draft i find myself jealous of the jags dey had a great draft ugh
    wish we had got Bortles instead of Johnny-Mascot

  17. There are many good rehab clinics in the LA basin, just saying…………………

  18. Man I remember when the guy got an aggravated DUI right after the draft.

    I was so bummed.

  19. This is a great opportunity for a replacement player who wants it more. This is also a great opportunity for Blackmon to improve himself.

  20. I don’t get how their investigation of him didn’t turn up the fact he was an alcoholic. The first time I heard him speak on the topic he made all the age-old excuses and explanations every alcoholic makes.

    I hope he does finally admit he needs help and works on getting sober. If he wants any kind of life to be proud of, he’s got to do it.

  21. I remember him schooling DRC and our other DBs last year. We were like 7-1 going into that game and they played Denver tough. It’s too bad but we have a pot heat problem in Von Miller also. Smh ungrateful is what they are.

  22. He was given every resource and opportunity to succeed since the day he left HS… And he pissed it all away… He has no one to blame but himself.., it’s not a tragedy, he’s simply an idiot.. Tragedies are of unforeseen nature

  23. Blackmon summarizes the dumpster fire that was the Gene Smith era. Even when he got it right he was wrong. Gabbert (and the handling of Gabbert) and Blackmon set the Jags back 4-5 years. This is what we had to deal with.

    BUT….the sun is rising! There is a new day dawning in Jacksonville! The naysayers will drift into obscurity when this team becomes perennial playoff contenders in the years to come under the Bradley/Caldwell/Khan regime!

    GO JAGUARS!!!!!

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