Teddy Bridgewater: Cleveland wasn’t where I wanted to be


New Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was reportedly under consideration for Cleveland with the 22nd pick in the draft before Minnesota took him with the 32nd pick. Bridgewater is fine with dropping 10 picks later.

Bridgewater said on the Dan Patrick Show that he’s thrilled to play for the Vikings, more so than he would have been with the Browns.

“I actually told my agent that that’s not the place where I wanted to be,” Bridgewater said of Cleveland. “Throughout this entire process, I felt comfortable with the Minnesota Vikings. From every visit I had with the team, it was a family environment, the players are great guys, a great group of guys, so I felt comfortable wanting to play here.”

Despite reports that the Browns spent $100,000 on an analytical study of quarterbacks that told them Bridgewater was the best in this year’s draft class, and despite reports that the Browns drafted Manziel only because owner Jimmy Haslam ordered it, the football people in Cleveland have consistently insisted that Manziel was the guy they wanted. And apparently that’s just fine with Bridgewater.

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  1. As a Cleveland fan, the feeling is mutual, Teddy. Some guys aren’t strong enough enough to turn around a struggling franchise and some are. Thank God for mentally tough guys like Johnny Manziel. GO BROWNS!

  2. Teddy Bridgewater obviously wasn’t wanted in Cleveland.

    Good luck in Minnesota. Got a great set up there.

  3. He better acclimate to that weather pretty darn quick–the Vikes will be playing outside for the next two seasons while their new stadium is getting built. I don’t wish that on anyone.

  4. Teddy Bridgewater is a more durable version of Aaron Rodgers.

    Vikings > Packers

    We WILL win the NFC North next year.

    12-4 record & a #2 seed is inevitable.

  5. I really hope this kid plays out well, hopefully we can get early McNabb like numbers when he was with Eagles in early 2000s. #skol

  6. I am wondering why he felt compelled to comment at all. You did get drafted (where so very many others did not) and you are where you wanted to be. Thank the Creator, and move on – quietly and with class.

  7. I wanted the Vikings to take Derek Carr, but after reading up on Teddy and watching the ESPN sports science video showing him throw at a 54mph velocity, I’ve warmed up to the guy. There’s even a theory out there that he intentionally tanked his own pro day so he wouldn’t land elsewhere. Hope he does so well in training camp he wins the starting job.

  8. Statements like this tend to bite you back.
    Just ask Derrell Revis when he said Bill Belichek was “a jerk”, and that playing for Mangini (a Belichek disciple) was the least fun he’d ever had playing football.

  9. What’s wrong with exhibiting a bit of class and talking positive about the team that drafted you without taking shots at another franchise?

    Guess what, it was out of your sphere of influence so it doesn’t matter in the least which team you preferred.

    No wonder the Viking fans love this guy, he is talking trash before he has even accomplished one thing in the NFL, something that most Viking fans can relate to. He will be out of the NFL in just a few years so he better get his shots in now.

  10. Johnny Football is better than Bridgewater. That said, Derek Carr is better than both.

  11. Umm Teddy, just so you’re aware, the Vikings are a dumpster fire with no history other than losing.

  12. Teddy, Teddy, Teddy…Hate to break it to you, but the next great DYNASTY that is building in Cleveland passed on you…TWICE. Enjoy your mediocrity in Minnesota.

  13. It’s obvious he feels better in his ability to win the starting job in MN vs. Ponder/Cassell compared to in Cleveland vs. Hoyer.

    Is he wrong?

  14. If your choice is between the Vikings and the Browns you already did something wrong.

  15. Teddy obviously hasn’t met too many Minnesotans yet…

    He’ll be begging for Cleveland by 2015.

  16. Welcome to the NFC North. Hopefully you can make the Vikings a competitive NFL football team. The Packers, Bears and Lions would have had more trouble scrimmaging against their practice squads the past few years.

  17. Easy Teddy- you’re lucky to have a job. Quite frankly, I think you will be a below average NFL QB. Fast forward 5 years- you will be begging for the Browns to give you a chance. #overrated

  18. You guys do know that MN isn’t in the arctic, right?

    It gets cold there, but so do places like Atlanta. That’s kind of the defining feature of winter.

  19. Priceless comments from Vikings fans. This is the team that lost all 4 SBs they made it too. Guess how they did in the last 5 NFC Championship games? You guessed it 0-5!!
    The last place Vikings need a real goal, such as 3rd place!

  20. Just let Manziel start against my Steelers in the season opener. And we’ll get his bust resume started on the right path. LOL. Manziel will try to run, and Shazier will smash his butt and welcome him to the league in a real official manner. LOL.

  21. He better acclimate to that weather pretty darn quick–the Vikes will be playing outside for the next two seasons while their new stadium is getting built. I don’t wish that on anyone


  22. Johnny Cleveland is the only QB who had a chance at winning the popularity contest against Hoyer. I was rooting against Teddy after seeing him look like all of the the other QB’s playing against Miami last year in the Bowl game.

  23. Wow! How many people in the draft vow to make every team that passed them up pay for it. Bridgewater basically said, I’m cool with the Browns not picking me, because my heart is with Minnesota.

  24. The Browns didn’t want to be inCleveland either. So much so, they moved and changed their name.

  25. It is an awkward comment, not the best of pr efforts. But there is a huge difference between how this is being taken–“I didn’t want to be in Cleveland”–and what specifically was stated, “Cleveland is not where I wanted to be”.

  26. I honestly can’t wait to watch teddy throw into the Chicago wind and on a cold day in green bay… let’s be honest, he wasn’t the best decision for those environments.

  27. The gesture Johnny made at the draft was Clevelands money flying J out the window for a QB assessment.

  28. Teddy, since you were passed up twice by the Browns, everyone should be happy.

    I’m waiting to see how your small frame and small hands hold up to the NFL….in Minnesota….OUTDOORS!

    Real football….there’s got to be a smile on Bud Grant somewhere.

  29. Weird Teddy. You are literally the only QB out of the top 7-10 I didn’t want the Browns to draft. Wanted Johnny Franchise, Carr, Garapollo, Mettneberger, Murray, etc before you. So don’t worry and try to nurse your ego back up to snuff. Small hands won’t be able to wipe all those tears away from being passed up TWICE!!!! I mean who would rather play with a team with a better OL, Defense, and WR/TE core. Only thing you got is AP and he’s 100 years old in RB years. Good luck once he’s gone.

  30. Teddy Bridgewater is going to be the best QB of this draft and I don’t think it’ll be close.

    Bridgewater has full understanding and command over a pro-style offense. He’s great at pre-snap reads, route/blocking adjustments and best of all he’s got great poise in the pocket when faced with pressure and he’s accurate.

    I’ll take the humble, hardworking, intellegent, poised, accurate passer anyday over the side show that is Johnny Manziel.

    Johnny Manziel is going to make SportsCenter’s top 10 a bunch and then have a short career plagued by injuries and interceptions.

  31. Talk about classless…..you’re a nobody in the NFL Teddy, you haven’t proven a thing….the only thing smaller than your little girly man hands is the brain (or lack thereof) in your head. Cleveland is glad not to have you.

  32. What a primadonna! Next he’ll be saying he doesn’t want to live in Detroit or Oakland…

  33. Boy Cleveland’s really going to use this as bulletin board material.

    If those two teams ever play each other, that is. Next year, maybe? Or 2016? That’ll sure be chapping their hides 2 years from now… or something…

    It’s a low blow, but dumping on Cleveland might as well be the official offseason NFL pastime. Can hardly blame Teddy for that.

  34. It really does surprise me that these young lads spout so much rubbish before they have even done anything. Why say stuff like that, fans never forget. Maybe one day Cleveland come calling with a big load of cash who knows or maybe i am just old and wiser.

  35. if the defense was any good at all last year, the Vikes win 5 more games with the quarterback play they had. That is how many games they lost in the 4th quarter. The o line, wide outs, tight ends are at least fair or better and the running game is exceptional. I can’t image that this is not a good spot for a QB to land in. Cleveland, not so much.

  36. In 3 or 4 years he’ll be 3rd string in Oakland. Plus, there’s just something weird about his face. I’m not saying JFF is exactly pretty, but, Teddy Bear just always seems to look vacuous…or maybe dumb. Just sayin’.

  37. Teddy better wear his cute little gloves up in Minnesota. Oh … and by the way … Browns fans are glad they didn’t pick you, too.

  38. Of course Bridgewater would rather be in Minnesota:

    1) Veteran, successful OC in Norv Turner, whose QB-friendly system is well suited to Bridgewater’s strengths, and knows how to develop QBs.

    2) All the offensive weapons are in place. Receivers Cordarrelle Patterson, Greg Jennings, Jarius Wright and Jerome Simpson; TE Kyle Rudolph; RB Adrian Peterson, FB Jerome Felton.

    3) Solid offensive line across the board with Kalil/Yankey/Sullivan/Fusco/Loadholt.

    4) All the Vikings divisional opponents have poor defenses.

    What more could you ask for?

    The Vikings had the #15/#13 ranked offense last year (ppg/ypg) despite the fiasco at QB. With Bridgewater at the helm, even as a rookie, the Vikings should easily be in the top 10.

  39. Sometimes I wonder if Teddy purposefully had a bad pro-day so he wouldn’t get drafted by the likes of Jacksonville, Cleveland, or Oakland.

    After all, if he had a typical QB pro-day, one of those teams may very well have drafted him in the top 10.

    In many ways, falling in the draft was well worth it for Bridgewater, who landed in an ideal situation in Minnesota.

  40. It’s funny seeing this unproven player say this after the day before the draft telling the media that Cleveland would be a perfect fit for him. Sounds like sour grapes teddy…have fun playing in those frigid temps in the frozen tundra of Minn.

  41. I can’t blame him.

    It’s Cleveland of all places.

    Is it me or did know about Josh Gordon’s potential suspension before Jimmy Haslam, Ray Farmer, Mike Pettine, and Kyle Shanahan did?

  42. Keep your mouth shut Rook. There are plenty of Prima Donnas in this league already. You’ll earn the name Bilgewater soon enough.

  43. Yeah, because the Vikings are so much better. Oh wait… Haha, you went to the absolute worst and most pathetic team in the league. Have fun playing on a farm team.

  44. The Browns didnt want you either scrub. Im still waiting for you to throw a spiral. I wasnt sure if I was watching yours or Charlie Frye’s pro day. Your passes looked like end over end kickoffs. Ive seen punters kick a tighter spiral than u throw Teddy

    I dont think you or Johnny are going to make it in the NFL. Id rather have Johnny than you scrub

  45. You need a brain to play QB and by Teddy’s comment it shows he does not have one.

  46. Most important traits in a QB are inteligence, poise and accuracy. Those all happen to be Bridgewaters strengths. I have no doubt that Bridgewater is going to be the best QB of this draft.

  47. Boy do I feel better. I was afraid we wouldn’t find a reason to hate this guy, but now that I see he didn’t want to go to Cleveland, AND he has small hands……..

    Come on folks, get a grip. Good luck Rookie

  48. With Gordon probably out for the season I think Teddy genuinely is happy to not go there. Tough spot for a QB to make a living. And while the Vikes have missed the playoffs 3 of the last 4 years, the team has won a lot more games than Cleveland since the Browns were reinstated. Peterson takes off some of the pressure on the QB, though quite frankly that hasn’t done the last few guys all that much good.

  49. Teddy is going to be awesome, can’t wait. At the draft look at BWaters face when the Vikes drafted him vs Johnny’s face when the bfrowns picked him. yikes.

  50. Verbalizing your lack of respect for a competitor demonstrates immaturity, arrogance, and the small-minded nature of a person.

    He couldn’t have landed in a better place than Minnesota. He will fit right in.

  51. So…you have the Bengal and Steeler fans kicking the Browns while they’re down. You have the Packer and Bear fans kicking the Vikings while they’re down. Nothing new.

    As a Viking fan, all I can say is that Teddy is young, Cleveland. He said something stupid and likely now regrets it. I sincerely hope that Johnny football turns around the Browns and that Teddy brings the Vikings back to the playoffs. It’ll be good for football to have these two franchises back on the right track.

  52. Lets get real. Even the most DIEHARD DOGPOUNDER doesn’t want to be in Cleveland. They are the mistake by the lake. The factory of sadness.

  53. I seem to remember the same type of unwarranted enthusiasm when Ponder was drafted……… “Future Pro-bowler”, “He’ll get the Vikings to the SB” etc, etc, etc

    He nearly slipped out of the first round for a reason.

  54. Stupid rookie comment. Think it don’t say it. Browns do have an idiot owner wanting players to think like backups

  55. The Vikings are the Super Bowl Champs for the 53rd draft in a row!!!
    And then the rest of the NFL and their fans laugh..

  56. Ah, the big talk of the “Bridgewater Vikings Dynasty” begins! Right after the “Ponder Vikings Dynasty” ended, and the “McNabb Vikings Dynasty” which had the “Favre Vikings Dynasty” before that. IDK what Dynasty has ever existed for the Vikings… and frankly… history tends to repeat itself. Leave the Dynasty talk to the teams that can win games.

  57. In this politically correct world someone speaking honestly is refreshing – don’t get sour just because he’s talking about your city.

  58. per Peter King’s article from today…Minnesota wanted Manziel too and lost out on the bidding war to Cleveland for the Philly pick at #22.

    So, MN didn’t wan you either Teddy.

    dumb ass – should have kept your mouth shut.

  59. Oh young Teddy, you will learn that burning bridges over water is never a good ting, especially in Cleveland where the river has been know to randomly catch on fire. Only time will tell what QB drafted in 2014 was a value at their spot drafted. I’m liking the excitement manziel is bringing to Cleveland already, before taking a snap. If the browns had drafted you it would be just as much a crapshoot, as drafting him, but without, the national attention, top selling jerseys, future primetime games, etc etc. all because of Johnny Cleveland. Should be fun to see each of these young QB’s develop, with their teams to see who was the real deal. Go Browns.

  60. Kind of reminds a person that the Packers can’t seem to get anyone to show up for voluntary off season workouts..They have to pay them to show up. Sounds like everyone on that club would RATHE be in Cleveland…

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame VS Fish Boils and 3.2 beer in small bars located 3 feet from each other on a block…

  61. Watching Teddy throw reminds me of a T-Rex doing pushups. Maybe if Godell pushes the NFL into using nerf footballs, Teddy has a chance.

  62. Reminds of why I don’t care much for Eli Manning when he made it publicly known that he didn’t want to play for the Chargers before they drafted him..

  63. Isn’t that what everyone says after rejection “well she wasn’t that hot anyway?”

    Fact is Cleveland rejected HIM…THREE TIMES, not the other way around. From the sounds of it he’d probably be saying the same thing about Minnesota had he fell to the Texans in the second round. The guy is butt hurt. Guys teams are fighting over at the first overall pick can pick and choose (see John Elway and Eli Manning). Guy who’s only a first rounder because the team that got him missed out on the guy they’d rather have need to shut up and make those teams that passed him up regret it by you know…playing well. Especially guys like Bridgewater who apparently couldn’t even compete well in shorts with no padding at a SCRIPTED pro day. There’s a reason 31 other teams didn’t consider him and I think we’re finding it out now.

  64. I think any QB in the draft would have preferred to go to a team with a former MVP running back still in the prime of his career (AP), Probowl WR/former SB winner (Greg), one of the top rookies from the previous year (CPFlash84), a 6’5″ pro bowl TE, a o-line that has played the last two years together, an offensive coordinator that has over 20+ years experience of running a successful offense in the NFL and a Head coach that has consistently put a top 10 defense on the field even when given guys that weren’t considered top talent.

  65. A classless and stupid remark from a punk rookie who has never taken a snap in the NFL.

    Talking big before never accomplishing anything is a trait of vikings. They put the words in his mouth. They have never done anything so they only cut down others out of jealousy.

    Foolish jive talk and draft busts are seldom remembered. Success is.

  66. Good we don’t want you here. Sounds like the Vikings don’t want your there either, since you were just a consolation prize when then couldn’t get Manziel.

    Dude couldn’t even handle the pressure of a pro day, how is he gonna do under the lights on Sunday? “Oh but I wasn’t wearing my gloves” 😦 HAHAHA

    Take this baby face, braces having, skinny legged clown outta here. Watch those legs!!!

  67. I hope he remembers that in 3-4 years when just like in every other backup QB he ends up in Cleveland.

  68. He wasn’t even putting Clevland down! All he was saying is he is glad it was MN, he felt like a fit there! In his rook way, he inadvertently made it look like a jab at Clevland but a smart and secure person can read between the words

  69. Joe Haden wants to be in Cleveland and just inked a 5 year deal, Gordon said he wants to play his whole career here, Witner wanted to come, Dansby left Arizona, Phil Taylor said he wants to retire a Brown after they picked up his option. Seems to me that you are in your own boat because people in general, and players love it in Cleveland.

    Didn’t he just say the day before the draft that Cleveland would be perfect for him? Of course that was before they passed over you not once but twice. Sour grapes folks and honestly, he doesn’t have the spine to make it as a NFL QB.

  70. Manziel didn’t want to go to Cleveland either. When he got drafted by the Browns he looked like he was about to cry. Sorry Johnny, no more parties with LeBron.

  71. It’s too bad Teddy said this. I haven’t listened to the interview, but I’m sure Teddy is saying this in trying to answer some question put to him, and he isn’t familiar with how quotes are taken and how the media runs with them. He’s inexperienced in this area, but he’ll get better.

    You know, a lot of people complain that general managers, in particular Rick Spielman, talk for five minutes but don’t really tell you anything. This is why, because they know that any quote can be taken in isolation and people will read into it in ways that the speaker never intended. Politicians do the same thing, for the same reason.

    Cleveland has had a bad reputation in the past, but it has worked hard to become a cleaner, better city, and I believe that it has done that. Good luck to the Browns this year and all the folks living on the banks of the Cuyahoga and Lake Erie.

  72. Quite possible that free agent signee Conner Shaw might be better than him or Manziel. The few SC games I saw,that dude was pretty good.

  73. Guess what you can’t pick where you go. You are lucky when you go somewhere. You are not Eli Manning. Hope you like the weather in Minnesotta.

  74. Ted buddy, if you didn’t like the cold weather down in Louisville you are going to go insane playing winter games in TCU stadium, Greenbay, and Chicago. Better bring a nad warmer.

  75. It would appear the feeling is mutual, Mr. Bridgewater. Notice how they didn’t select you…twice?

    Still, I wish the kid luck. Except when he plays the Browns.

  76. Why cant rookies just shut up and try prove other teams wrong on the field. Not really sure that there is any “soon to be great” quarterbacks in this draft. Manziel, Bridgewater, and Bortles just happen to be the favorites of this years rookie class, until you’ve played a season stop saying dumb things and play the best you can.

  77. Hey Teddy… Your at least in a football town instead of being “football Johnny” warming a beach in the slums of NFL….

  78. For the posters that don’t know anything other than what they regurgitate from other people, and keep saying Bridgewater’s hands are too small, these hand measurements were taken directly from the NFL.com site;

    Bortles 9-3/8″
    Bridgewater 9-1/4″
    Carr 9-1/8″
    Manziel 9-7/8″
    Garopollo 9-3/4″
    McCarron 10″
    Thomas 10-7/8″
    Mettenberger 9-3/4″
    Savage 9-5/8″
    Fales 9-1/4″
    Wenning 10″
    Murray 9-1/8″
    Gilbert 9-3/8″

    So, other than Thomas’ monster paws, Bridgewater’s hand measurement is within 3/4″ of the largest hands in the draft and his weren’t the smallest either.

  79. Listen to Haslem and Farmer talk, they are both clowns. Who in their right mind would want to play for them. Cleveland fans are great but they are led by stooges. Teddy saw right through that. Smart dude.

  80. It really doesn’t matter what happens with the Browns either. In the next year or two Haslam will fire his GM and HC (remember how smart the other coaching candidates were when they pulled out of running for the Browns job? There were even internet joke articles about Pee Wee league coaches saying they weren’t interested in the Browns HC job), and probably trade Manziel away too.

  81. Why is it so upsetting to some that Bridgewater said he preferred not to play in Cleveland? I’d bet that at least 80% of draftees have a preference as to where they’d like to play, and there could be a dozen legitimate reasons for that that have nothing to do with hating the city, coaches, team, etc.. For example, I’d bet that most QB draftees prefer not to be drafted by the Packers because they’d likely have to hold a clipboard and not get much opportunity to play and develop. Bridgewater said he like the family-orientation of the Vikings. Maybe that’s why he preferred not to play in Cleveland.

  82. To those of you saying Cleveland is like Minnesota, I Don’t know if you’ve been to Minnesota but it is fantastic.

  83. Lol. Gotta love all the clueless rubes on here. Saying Teddy is too small for the NFL and Manziel isn’t, yet Teddy is bigger than Johnny and isn’t a runner like Johnny. Saying it will be hard for him to play outdoors in MN, but not for Johnny, even though Cleveland and MN have similar weather. Guess what? It’s cold in Cleveland in the winter too. I’m amazed at the lack of intelligence on these boards. Oh wait a minute…no I’m not.

  84. Teddy might have fear of Cleveland because of Tim Couch history. No line, no protection. Never had a chance to show his arm skills. Manzel will be elusive enough to be effective. I don’t blame Teddy. He will have more protection and a running back to give the Vikings many options. Keep an eye on the Vikings if Bridgewater starts. He’s really smart and can pick you apart if he wears his gloves and forgets what he learned from his pro quarterback coach in the combines.

  85. youtubeingravenvids says:May 13, 2014 1:37 PM

    now what would he have said if he HAD been drafted by them??? don’t like this guy already….

    Yeah, and wish I was working for Microsoft or Aplle too…..

  86. Well it is called the “Factory of sadness” and the “Mistake by the Lake”. I’m not making this up and I didn’t coin these phrases. Cleveland Frowns haven’t been relevant since Jim Brown retired 50 years ago. It definitely isn’t a franchise for everyone because they refuse to accept change. Why is it that they are the only team in the NFL that has no logo on their helmets? A. They refuse change. Orange and brown uniforms? Are you kidding me! Yes I know, Tradition. Well they also have a tradition for losing the last 50 years and changing QBs like diapers on an infant. let the haters chiome in 5-4-3-2-

  87. Funny thing about all of this is he is playing in the NFL and none of you are, so the fact that he made a comment in his world will never affect you bums, sitting on your fat Butts, plus the Browns so k and have such sincemails MACK fumbled in the end zone.

  88. “could be worse, he could be in green bay” right you are,sitting on the bench for the next seven years behind Rodgers isnt a pleasant thing.as a Viking he doesnt have to be that good to play as long as he learns not to mess up the handoffs to AP.he can now face Clay Matthews and Peppers twice a year and and run for his life.

  89. Hate to break it to you, but the next great DYNASTY ……….


  90. clebrownsfan11 says:

    As a Cleveland fan, the feeling is mutual, Teddy. Some guys aren’t strong enough enough to turn around a struggling franchise and some are. Thank God for mentally tough guys like Johnny Manziel. GO BROWNS!


    This was the funniest thing I’ve ever read in my entire life.

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