Bills file motion to dismiss cheerleader lawsuit

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Neither the Bills nor the NFL had anything to say about a lawsuit recently filed against the team and others by former members of the Buffalo Jills, the official cheerleading squad of the football team.

The Bills have now responded to the lawsuit by filing a motion to dismiss, and the team has issued a statement calling attention to the development.

“Buffalo Bills fans have long appreciated the Buffalo Jills cheerleaders as a part of the game day entertainment,” the team said. “Additionally, our organization recognizes the significant contribution that members of the Buffalo Jills have played in supporting many charitable organizations in our community. As part of running a professional football team, the Bills organization retains a number of third-party vendors to provide ancillary services on game days. These services include, among others, parking services, concessionaire services and cheerleading services. For decades the Buffalo Jills trademark has been licensed to independent third parties who have assumed the responsibility for the selection, management, training, scheduling and compensation of the cheerleaders. We are aware of public statements and allegations that have surfaced since the start of the recent litigation which attempt to give the impression that our organization employs cheerleaders. Such statements are inaccurate and misleading. Today we responded to these allegations as part of the legal process and remain confident in our position in this matter.”

In English, this means that the Bills hope to avoid potential liability by claiming that they have no responsibility for the cheerleaders, and that in turn the Bills have no responsibility for any potential violations of the law committed against the cheerleaders.

The Jills who filed suit alleged multiple wage violations, including failure to compensate the cheerleaders at the minimum hourly wages for all time spent working.

The Jills indefinitely suspended operation in the wake of the lawsuit, which suggests that whoever is managing the Jills realizes that there could be a problem with the way the squad had been managed.

11 responses to “Bills file motion to dismiss cheerleader lawsuit

  1. The original Buffalo Jills Cheerleaders were a bunch of semi-attractive middle aged housewives
    who volunteered for the job. Now it just may return to that.

  2. Just unreal. All this money and most (all?) teams don’t pay their cheerleaders anything resembling a fair wage – it’s embarrassing

  3. No, what it means is that the Bills contract with another company to provide cheerleading services to the team, the same way that they contract with other companies to provide concessions and security. Their position is that they pay the third party company for the overall service and the third party company then hires and pays the cheerleaders, so that the dispute is between the third-party company and their employees, not with the Bills. A good example is that you hire a carpenter to remodel your kitchen. But, he doesn’t pay his employees properly. The employees can’t look to you for proper wages, only to the carpenter.

  4. The Bills have paid linebacker Shawne Merriman $6.95 million over the last season and a half for one sack and nine tackles in five games.

  5. They are worthless, get rid of them.

    Nobody pays good money to go watch cheerleaders, nor does anyone even really care or even notice that they are out there.

    And no, cheerleading is NOT a sport.

  6. I live in buffalo and I know several of the Jills who have been on the squad in the last few years, including a former captain. It is true that the Buffalo Bills have no affiliation with the management of the squad. The tryout’s have been held in banquet rooms of local restaurant’s and are never on property owned by the team. There is actually a seperate part of the squad that does the promotional events and yes they are told by their management which water to drink and who to go to for lasik eye procedures and things like that.

  7. The Bills have never been culpable for any of the allegations in the lawsuit. The only thing the team does is let them use their logo and allows them on the field on gameday. While they may take some credit for the charitable work the Jills do they are not the Jills direct employer, the agency that hired them are.

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