Bills tried to trade up for Carlos Hyde


The Bills swung a trade with the Eagles for running back Bryce Brown on the final day of the draft, but Brown wasn’t their first choice for additional help in the backfield.

General Manager Doug Whaley told the team’s website that the Bills tried to trade back into the second round in order to add a rookie back to C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson. The object of their affection was Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde and the Bills called the Dolphins about moving the 57th pick. The Dolphins were open to a deal, but the Bills didn’t have enough to offer.

“What we were told by Miami was the 49ers deal was more appealing because they didn’t have to drop down as far because San Francisco still had a pick in the second round so that made sense to them and it made sense to us,” Whaley said.

The 49ers picked Hyde and the Bills moved on to trade for Brown to round out their backfield for the 2014 season. What it will look like beyond that is up in the air as both Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller can become free agents after the season. The Bills have said they will try to re-sign Spiller, but their interest in other backs suggest that they’d like to have options in case things don’t go the way they want on that front.

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  1. Now why would a division rival help the Bills?
    Memo to Whaley: Jeff Ireland is gone.

  2. Bryce Brown will be pushing Jackson and Spiller. That’s a good thing. Bills are in great shape in the running back department.

  3. seatownballers says: May 14, 2014 10:45 AM

    But they got a fourth and a fifth for lynch
    The old Lynch argument.

    When the Bills drafter CJ Spiller in 2010 it was abundantly clear they wanted to part ways with Lynch. He had been in trouble with the law multiple times and had publicly voiced his distaste for playing there. Whether or not he was good is irrelevant, you don’t have guys around who don’t want to be there, plain and simple. Now a 4th and 5th for Marshawn isn’t great, but, had they kept him around all year he would have walked away in 2011 and the Bills would have gotten nothing from him.

    But Doug Whaley wasn’t around for that. Russ Brandon wasn’t CEO for that. None of the coaches were there for that. So , really, it’s irrelevant.

  4. That’s not true that Bruce Brown wasn’t their first choice. Bills GM said they have been trying to get him for 1.5 years and only now were able to make it happen.

  5. What is with the Bills GMs? They don’t have a need at RB. They have needs in tons of other places including O Line and Safety.

    It might make sense if they traded Spiller or Jackson but who needs three top running backs on their roster, even if its only for a year.

  6. People jump right to Spiller as the one to be let go. Does anyone consider that, perhaps, 33 year old Fred Jackson could be thinking about retirement? Or that the team may not want a HB that will soon start to outrank the coaches in age? Jackson is a fantastic player. The kind every team needs to find. But in the next few years he will find a day where hes better suited to being a HBs coach than a HB. And with 1 year left on his deal, it might be sooner than later. That said…total endorsement of Fred Jackson for HBs coach of the Bills.

  7. They tried to trade up but used all their ammo moving up for Watkins.

    He better be worth it or else Cleveland will have 2 top 10 picks next year.

  8. Bills fans can rationalize it all they want. If they hadn’t given up on Marshawn Lynch, they wouldn’t still be playing games in Toronto.

  9. Unless Spiller commits to learning the position this year, he won’t be offered an extension.

  10. Bills already gave up their 1st rd pick which will be a top 10 next year, they need as much help as they can get.

    Gave up a 1st rd 2015 and a 4th rd to move from 9 to 4

    Miami gives up only a 2nd to move from 12 to 3 last year.

    Sammy is good, but not that good. I like Manuel, but they better pray he works out as their long term starter or else they stay in the dog house for at 5 more years

  11. Frank Gore, meet your replacement. Gore will be 31 when the season starts and in the last year of his deal. 10K plus yards of service out of a 3rd. rd. pick, the guy was a player’s player.

    49ers obviously not sold on Latimore’s recovery.

  12. “The Bills have running backs, lol, they’re so stupid, no wonder they suck.”

    You fools are getting old.

    Fred Jackson will be 34 this year and CJ Spiller is in the last year of his contract, he’s overrated and he’s injury-prone.

    Do some research you schmucks.

    As for the 49ers…Marcus Lattimore is a starting running back, he deserves a shot.

  13. And I guarantee anything that next years Bills 1st round is NOT top-10.

    And wouldn’t you give up more for a Sammy Watkins, compared to Dion Jordan…who wasn’t even Oregon’s best player on defensive, as that was Kiko.

  14. Not only did Baalke snatch Hyde from the jaws of death at #57, he came out with a net gain of a fourth round pick in 2105 for moving back one spot from #56. (Which was part payment for Alex Smith). Earlier they traded their own fourth round pick in 2015 to those very same Bills for Stevie Johnson. Ha ha.

  15. None of you guys are paying attention. In a “passing league” the Bills have not only upgraded the wideouts, but put together a monstrous offensive line. Most of them ate 6’7” and 320 or better, and athletic. The defenses are now built to stop the pass, not the run. These guys will maul opposing defenses. They were the 2nd ranked rushing attack last year with at least 2 iffy O linemen. That situation has been addressed. Now, they have a 3 pronged running attack, not to mention a powerful lead blocker in the backfield in Dixon. Did I mention the qb is 6’5″-260 lbs within a 4.6-40 time? A lot of dbs don’t run a 4.6. No more loading up the box. Goodwin on one side, Watkins on the other, Williams in the slot are 3 good passing options. It’s also division specific. The Pats have a 12th year NT coming of an achilles tear, and a 13th year DT coming off a knee tear. They cut their best run stopper in Spikes, who is now a Bill, and brought in Chung? Huh? Didn’t they dump him because he couldn’t play? Miami lost Solai, and the Jets, although they have Richardson, have a lb who one player said “looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane”. The Bills will have an incredible running attack at teams unfit to match up to it. Load the box, bye bye says Mr. Watkins. Toodle Loo says Mr. Goodwin. Oh, also, Seantrel Henderson is 6’8″-340 and VERY athletic, a former basketball player. I’m thinking a red zone TE. Good luck guys.

  16. Every Spring the Bills over analyze their superb choices in Free Agency and Draft and yet you NEVER get any better? At least the Dolphins and the Jets improve their records and make an attempt to disthrone the Patriots for the easy AFC East title they get without earning, which is why they lose in the Playoffs instantly.

    I am glad the Dolphins finally have a GM that did not assist a Division foe and made great choices for actual needs. Yeah, our Draft wasn’t flashy, but it will be better than that moron Ireland could ever accomplish.

  17. The 49er draft really was a work of art. If you draw it up on paper, it is lights out. We all know it takes time to properly determine how any draft will be judged. Some recent 49er drafts have been great and some have been absolute ,no survivors, train wrecks. If you factor in the Stevie Johnson trade before the draft and factor in how late the 49er picks were in each round ,value at each pick,need, it is : AAA +. Time will tell ,so we will see 3 years from now how it truly grades out.

  18. Draft trades are done based off points value of the pick, Miami moving from 12 to 3 was a steal, regardless of the player, buffalo mortgaged their future for a guy who can’t be effective unless he has a qb throwing to him which they are unsure of in buffalo. Jordan will be a good player, it’s not his fault Miami has one of the best d lines in the league and Ireland is a moron for drafting a DE when they needed a O lineman.

  19. Don’t know why they would do anything extra to get Hyde. I guess since they missed on getting Sankey they got a little desperate, but Carey was still on the board. The Bears got a steal getting him in the 4th round.

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