Cowboys were looking at Panthers pair before trading up


Even if some weren’t happy with the Cowboys trading up in the second round to take Boise State defensive end Demarcus Lawrence, at least the Panthers were.

Cowboys COO Stephen Jones told a conference call of season ticket holders that if they hadn’t traded their third-rounder to move up 13 spots to get Lawrence 34th overall, the plan was to take Missouri defensive end Kony Ealy at 47 and then come back with LSU guard Trai Turner in the third.

The Cowboys attempted to move back up into the third round to get Turner, but the Panthers took him 92nd overall after getting Ealy in the 60th spot.

“I would say that Ealy was probably our next pick,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “Sometimes what you read isn’t always true in terms of the [Timmy] Jernigans of the world and people like that. We really didn’t have him in that mix. . . .

“Obviously we would’ve fortified our line for the next 10 years.”

Jones said the Cowboys had Lawrence rated as a “much better” pass-rusher than Ealy, and time will tell if he’s good enough to make it worth a potential pair of starters.


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  1. The problem with the Jones’s is they feel the need to tell you every thought going through their empty heads. Thank God they don’t work for the CIA.

  2. With Kony Ealy falling the last 2 weeks before the draft it was uncanny how many mocks had that exact scenario. Ealy then Turner in the 3rd. Not sold on Ealy but I think Turner will be around along time.

  3. Only time can tell on these types of moves, but it sounds like a reasonable gamble.

    I suspect Lawrence will prove to be a superior pass rusher to Ealy, and having already drafted Zack Martin, the Cowboys should be set at guard anyway. However, Turner would’ve been a nice addition to what has become a very good and very young offensive line.

  4. Why would you need to tell Season ticket holders this if your not trying to make excuses for yourself? I can’t think of a reason or a purpose that serves to tell people that?

  5. At first, I was upset we took Ealy, with our obvious need on the O-line. But considering the money we’re paying Hardy and CJ, I understand the need to go get insurance in case we have to let one of them go in a cap move.

  6. Cool so you are letting us know you would have taken two day one starters instead of one. Lol thank you for that info makes me feel even better about that trade than I already had. I know I know Ealy was a project player who may have only been a left end. Well Lawrence is a 245 pound end good luck with him holding up going toe to toe with 300 pounders on every play. I hated the trade and I dislike the pick you want to build a team you should have taken Ealy and turner

  7. While the Joneses really need to stop talking so much, the nice thing about this is that it helps us judge the trade-up in the future. If Turner ends up being a no-impact guard, and Lawrence a clearly bigger impact player than Ealy, then the Cowboys made the right move, period. If Lawrence doesn’t have a major impact, and either Ealy/Turner does, that’s egg in the face of the Cowboys. And naturally it could end up even worse than that. Should be interesting to see.

  8. Overall I’m happy with the draft. Martin was a good and safe pick to solidify the line and not only keep Romo on his feet and in the pocket but open holes for Demarco, who needs that bigger running lane so his body doesn’t continue to take the punishment it does. Coincidently, he needs to continue to prove he can stay healthy. This will help a lot. It will also take pressure off the passing game to help keep TOP and burn clock with a lead, something we haven’t been able to do for years.

    Lawrence will be a day one starter because he has to be, but I suspect he will grow into his role nicely using a platoon mentality.

    We’ll see how it turns out, but Jerrah did his best impression of a GM for the first time in a long time. I’ll give him some credit…this time.

  9. Stephen your Daddy’s eyeglasses are smudged … Quit talking and get back to work

  10. Pressure is on Lawrence to be very good since Dallas could have had two players in 2nd and 3rd round picks.

    I think keeping that 3rd round pick and getting a second starter was the better move but we will see how it goes.

    The Jones approach the draft like they are just a player away from contention but it’s just not true.

  11. They did not get just one player. They got at least three sorry probably four. That does not count three that will come back from last year in Crawford , Jj wilcox, Ben bass.that gives them good players and depth. And in case you dummies don’t realize the facts sports illstrated gave the Cowboys the name AMERICA’S TEAM IN 1976. They took two polls one for the best liked and one for the most hated. Guess what we won both. We also carried the NFL in marketing for years. All teams shared the money equally until the last contract. The only teams that came close for a couple years were the raiders, steelers, and packers sorry pats you yanks still duck hind tit.

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