Greg Hardy’s accuser says he threw her on bed full of guns


The ugly charges against Panthers franchise player Greg Hardy continue to look worse, with his accuser now saying he threw her onto a bed “covered” with loaded guns.

According to the Charlotte Observer, the restraining order filed by Hardy’s girlfriend after his arrest on domestic violence charges includes the troubling detail of a large number of guns in his downtown condo, where the two argued in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The complaint said she was thrown on a bed covered “in assault weapons and/or shotguns.”

She said he told her all the weapons were loaded, and that he “threatened to shoot me if I went to the media or reported his assaults to anyone.” She estimated between 25 and 30 guns, including “AK-47s, automatic-looking weapons, shotguns, rifles and pistols.”

Hardy was released on $17,000 bond this morning, though he was banned from going near the accuser, his girlfriend since last September.

74 responses to “Greg Hardy’s accuser says he threw her on bed full of guns

  1. Another nut bag exercising his Second Amendment rights.

    Save us from them all.

  2. I call B.S. on this one. He would’ve been charged with unlawful poss of an assault weapon and various other weapons charges. No way he could hide 25-30 guns from police when they went there at 4:19 am.

  3. whatjusthapped says:
    May 14, 2014 12:34 PM
    He’s making Chris Cook look like a choir boy.
    Good job bringing up something that happened like 3 years ago. Cook’s charges were dropped btw.

  4. So….she took out a restraining order in September; which makes it easy to assume she knows he isn’t the most balanced person in the world, but she is still going to his house?

    I’ll never blame the victim; Hardy should not have laid hands on her, but if he’s treating you poorly why are you going to his house? The man is crazy, everyone watching the Panthers knows he’s crazy, it’s best to not poke the crazy person.

  5. Panthers should just toss him out, and finish with this. It’s ridiculous if it’s true. What is the matter with all these lunatics?

  6. Ugly indeed…sounds like Hardy was trying to end his relationship with her and she was determined not to leave without damaging his reputation and his bank account.

    She shows up at the courthouse with her sister and her lawyer.(This scenario is playing out like page from the Groupie Handbook)

    She’s probably not from North Carolina though because the crack about “the bed full of guns” doesn’t play here like it does in New York.I’m sure she thought the SWAT team would kick down the doors of his condo and confiscate his cache of weapon.

    One thing is Hardy’s favour is that he has a witness,hopefully he will chose a better class of woman in the future.

  7. The Panthers really need to step up here and stop this.

    I could be wrong here but if he kills someone, under NFL rules, he probably won’t be able to play on Sundays. Think that happened to some TE on the Patriots or somethin’.

  8. was he high on marijuana when this happened? because that is really what the league cares about.

  9. Shes told him plenty of times to clean up his guns before he throws her on the bed. Especially the automatic looking ones.

  10. Just as long as the second amendment is protected.
    That’s the most important thing here, right?

  11. This female idiot is claiming the guns look automatic. Being that she has no clue the difference between a rifle and shotgun. She would have ZERO clue on what makes a gun automatic or what it means to be automatic. And people just put 30 guns on the bed to store them. I call bs on this story

  12. Americas obsession with guns is embarassing.

    He has literally no need for more than 1 or maybe 2 and those would be for recreation…what’s he doing? Arming a militia?

    It’s stupid and the rest of the world laughs at us while we do it.

    We have no time for the obvious rights of all our people to be enacted or for ALL our schools to be fully funded but come after our guns?! Not on our watch! Merica! Freedom!

  13. I wonder about the guns, as his bail was only $17K….that sure doesn’t sound like a Gun charge to me.

  14. The BS meter is pegged. If she were thrown on 25-30 loaded guns, and none went off, or left a scratch, she’s one lucky girl.

  15. Chris Fialko(Hardy’s lawyer), told Tin(the female judge) that the events described in the warrant didn’t happen. He said Holder(the $$$ groupie) attacked Hardy and a friend, identified as Sammy Curtis, and that Hardy called 911 after Holder(the $$$ groupie) wouldn’t leave his home.

    Goodwin(Holder’s lawyer) also said Curtis(Hardy’s friend) held Holder(the $$$ groupie) down while Hardy made the 911 call, said to have lasted about five minutes.

    Fialko (Hardy’s lawyer)also said Holder(the $$$ groupie) called Curtis(Hardy’s friend) more than a dozen times Tuesday trying to get in touch with Hardy.

    Holder(the $$$ groupie) filed for a restraining order against Hardy on Wednesday(that’s today not in September 2013)

  16. People are questioning the guns, but do you really think he was stupid enough to have them around the house when the cops showed?

  17. I just don’t get the love of guns by an adult. These aren’t toys. Its positively absurd. You are (or supposed to be) a professional. What professional person has loaded guns laying on a bed? Or anyone with a functioning brain? Then again, anyone with the corn ball, lame “war paint” on his face before a game kind of answers the functioning brain and professional question.

  18. What is America’s obssession with cars? Why does Jay Leno need all those cars? You people are comical.

    It’s perfectly within his right to own as many guns as he wants. Criticizing a guy for how many guns he owns is asinine. Who are you people to judge him? Unless this woman has a federal gun dealer license or she worked in a gun store how in the world is she qualified to say what an automatic weapon looks like. Even the idiots on the news who show “automatic weapons” get it wrong 90% of the time. This sounds to me like she was throwing the guns accusation in there to make it look worse. If he beat her up, throw him in prison. Otherwise, move on.

  19. Why would he have all those wonderful guns laid out on the bed. Even more important… why chance damaging them by chucking a person onto them.

  20. Have some of you been even following this story before condemning this guy? Her lawyer has stated she was tossed to the floor in the bathroom in hurting herself on the tile bathtub. Now she states she was tossed on a bed full of loaded weapons. She has a restraining order prior to this date and is at his house at 4AM. He was the one that called 911. The more I read the more I’m leaning toward Hardy is more the a victim of a crazy ex or a woman after his paycheck. I don’t care how big he is . If he was being attacked and pushed her to get her off him he did what he had to.

  21. Incognito was suspened half the season for bullying. So I wonder if the accusations are true, how many games will this guy get. I’m going to guess 4.

  22. How about we trade the 2A for a moron’s ability to speak freely? Sound fair? Its funny how often “nutjob” is thrown around by those who do no actual research, act like everything is rainbows and unicorns, and guns just walk the streets freely on murdering rampages. Can’t forget police are to the scene so quickly you would think they time warped. BTW Senator Yee, California’s biggest proponent of gun bans has been indicted for weapons trafficking. Then there’s the fast&furious ordeal. Oh those crazy gun owners…. Now as for Hardy if this highly suspect story is true. Then he is not only stupid but incredibly lucky she didn’t pick one of them up amd shoot him.

  23. Since when is exercising your 2nd amendment constitutional rights equated with being a nutjob? You need to stop parroting the mainstream “presstitute” media and do a little research on the web.

  24. Only the cops and military should have guns.
    What’s the worst that could happen?

    Its not like ever tyrannical government ever in the history of man has saught to limit arms of those they wish to rule over.

  25. Heck, to all the Seattle fans, that’s nothing, compared to Colin Kaepernicks non-event in Miami.

    Come on Hawks put the tar & feathers down.

  26. Sounds like another incident embellished for the sake of a nice payday. “Bed full of guns?”…lol…really? How many is that? Are we talking real guns, paintball guns, pellet guns, airsoft guns??? Whatever…these guys do need to be more careful of the company they keep and perhaps there should be a segment on this in the rookie orientation. Kinda sounds like they need a refresher course on the “safe sex” talk from high school!

  27. Remember guns are like parachutes if you need one and don’t have it you’ll never need one again.

  28. Anybody can accuse anybody of anything,it doesn’t make it true…unless its espn

  29. Nothing wrong with the guns as long as they are handled in a responsible manner. Laying out on a bed doesn’t count. He should have used part of the 13 mil on a gun safe.

  30. These are the types of situations that makes me wonder why the NFL doesn’t discipline more harshly. If they want to go lighter on weed I have no issue with that. But the domestic abuse, drunken driving and any incident involving a gun needs swift and severe repercussions.

  31. wait, wait….. He abused her and then threw her on top of a pile of loaded weapons?!?!?!? Why does this not sound right to me? Wh0 would piss someone off, possibly hurt them, and then conveniently place them as close as possible to a pile of deadly weapons???? If any of this is true, he is lucky to still be alive.

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