Jason Garrett leaves door open for Miles Austin return


The Cowboys drafted Devin Street in the fifth-round and they’ve added a handful of other receivers as veteran or undrafted free agents, but the team isn’t ready to shut the door on the possibility of Miles Austin’s return to Dallas.

Coach Jason Garrett said that “we love” Austin and that there was “absolutely” a chance that the receiver could wind up back in Dallas at some point before next season gets underway.

“The economics of his situation really factored into the decision we made with him, coupled with his injuries,” Garrett said, via the team’s website. “We’ll look at the landscape when we get done. Miles is a guy that we have great respect for as a person and as a player.”

The speed of Street’s transition to the NFL will likely play a big role in determining whether or not there’s a future for Austin in Dallas. Austin hasn’t drawn much attention on the free agent market since being dropped by the Cowboys, so they may not run much risk of losing Austin to another team while they see what they already have on hand.

16 responses to “Jason Garrett leaves door open for Miles Austin return

  1. Eh, Give him a one year deal / insurance policy/mentor but as a 3rd, 4th receiver. Just get it through his head that it’s Bryant and Williams first buddy. If Austin plays great it’ll be because of less snaps which also lowers the chances of getting injured. Austin is a good football player but sorry to say, not a full time WR. Behind Bryant , the WR position lacks veteranship. Bring him back CHEAP.

  2. Will somebody (Jerry) PLEASE shut the door on Garrett? Ivy League smart and football smart are two totally different things!!

  3. As a Dallas fan, I do NOT want Austin back. Not because I dislike him, but because I don’t think its beneficial to have an oft-injured player stealing 1st team practice reps from a player you are trying to develop.

  4. do you really want a guy who doesnt fight for the ball anymore, go with the hungry new guys i like dez, terrence cole beasley and streets…hopefully theres a spot for a guy like l’damian too, want that guy to succeed somewhere

  5. The Panthers should already be in negotiations with him. You’d think!!

  6. Yes, it truly wouldn’t be the same not seeing Miles Austin standing on the sidelines in his street clothes….

  7. Miles Austin is a borderline number 1 receiver when healthy. It is unfortunate that he is rarely at full strength.

  8. I wouldn’t mind him coming back on a low deal because you do have to account for him out there. If on the field…IF….he could be a decent receiver. But I would rather see Dez, Williams and Beasley out there first. It’s never bad to have depth since the Cowboys are pass first. Depth has always been our issue everywhere, but I wouldn’t sign him over defensive players that can help.

  9. Since when does Jason Garrett have anything to say about the Cowboys? He doesn’t know what his crappy GM is going to do or say next…

  10. As I heard a coach say, “Your best ability is AVAILability.” So welcoming him back or whatever is irrelevant until he proves he can stay on the field. Simple as that.

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