Jimmy Garoppolo’s not thinking about replacing Tom Brady


The Patriots have already gotten to Jimmy Garoppolo.

The second-round pick, the latest ostensible heir to Tom Brady, said Tuesday he was trying not to think about replacing a legend.

I haven’t thought about it too much, to be honest,” Garoppolo said, via Tom Curran of CSNNE.com. “My main thing is, I’m a rookie. I haven’t earned any stripes. I haven’t done anything on the field. We had our first practice yesterday just the rookies. I still have a long way to go with that just to begin with.”

Garoppolo’s in a funny spot. Had he been drafted elsewhere — say, Houston — he’d be competing for a starting job right now.

Instead, he knows he’ll sit until there’s a calamity, the same way others before him have.

Garoppolo’s talented enough to deserve a chance. But he’s also smart enough to know at the moment not to talk about it.

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  1. I know I’ll eventually calm down about what a horrible decision it was to take a QB (any QB) in the 2nd round. Garoppolo seems like a likable guy and he’s certainly got the right mentality here. I hope I come to appreciate him over the remaining 50 years (at least) of Brady’s career.

  2. The NFL can be a funny thing, would Ryan Mallet have had a successful career if he had been given a chance somewhere. Lot of circumstances lead to a QB making it and unfortunately personal skill is not the only ingredient in the formula

  3. I think Garoppolo is going to be good. He’s big, strong, strong arm, he kinda reminds of Bledsoe a little bit, only a little more athletic. He’s also smart, because it didn’t take him long to figure out that BB runs a VERY tight ship where the media is concerned. IMO he’s in the perfect situation…he’s on a team that’s a threat to go to the SB every year AND he gets to learn behind one of the greatest QBs of all time. Oh yeah, and be coached by one of the greatest coaches of all time. Not a bad deal.

  4. Are you guys kidding? He has a chance. He just has to beat out Tom Brady. That’s all. If he plays better then Brady all camp and in the pre-season, then Belichick will think about putting him in if Brady struggles.

    That said… Brady will beat him out easily. Brady is still in the top 2 or 3 QBs in the league. It’s not even close between Brady and Mallet let alone Garoppolo. Garoppolo won’t get a shot because he won’t earn it. Same goes for next year too most likely, then we’ll see. You don’t “deserve” anything in the NFL.

  5. All it takes is one bad year from Brady at this point of his career, and he’s gone. Bill is not afraid to cut the cords. I doubt this will happen this quickly, but I wouldn’t be utterly shocked if this was Brady’s last year in NE, however 2-4 years seems more likely. The NFL changes quickly. No one would’ve guessed going into training camp in 2011 that Peyton already played his last game in Indy. I found it telling that the Patriots drafted 2 guys in the first two rounds that will not pay immediate dividends in Easley and Garopollo. They certainly were more investments for the future.

  6. If Garoppolo pans out as a quality backup that they think they can trust, there’s still a chance they trade Mallett to a QB needy team in August.

  7. .
    Garappolo is in a good spot for someone who played at Eastern Illinois. He can take a “redshirt” year to focus on his own development. Eventually Mallet will move on either by trade or free agency. The Patriots had to have a somewhat ready replacement.

    Too many quarterbacks like Ponder, Locker, and Gabbert seemed like they would have benefited from a year on the sideline.


  8. He has the advantage of playing for an organization that values competition regardless of your past performance.

  9. “How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?… Yeah… Coach woulda put me in fourth quarter, we would’ve been state champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind. “

  10. Sambaughslingers said:

    “The NFL can be a funny thing, would Ryan Mallet have had a successful career if he had been given a chance somewhere? Lot of circumstances lead to a QB making it and unfortunately personal skill is not the only ingredient in the formula.”

    So true, Sam. What would’ve become of Peyton Manning if he’d been drafted a couple years later only to take the unprecedented punishment dished out on David Carr? What if Carr had come up in the Patriots’ system before becoming a free agent? What if, like Steve McNair did, Vince Young had been an understudy for two years (as Jeff Fisher planned) instead of being a forced starter by the owner?

  11. What’s he going to say, really? “Yeah, I’m here to start.” Brady will actually have to play bad for anything to change, barring injury.

  12. All this hype over Garrapolo is going to do a lot of damage to Mallet’s trade value. Will the Pats get anything for him after making it clear they think of him as their #3 behind a rookie?

  13. Do something quality rookies don’t get a chance to do. Sit back, shut up and learn like Aaron Rodgers and Steve Young did (though Steve wasn’t a rookie). Save your body, learn the system and be ready when your chance comes.

  14. Unless Brady gets badly injured he has 3 or 4 years to learn the offensive system and show if he can be the next Pats QB or not.

    During which time Belichick may well take another QB high in the draft. The only thing for certain is that Tom will be a Patriot until he retires, and that Belichick will have Brady’s successor ready to go when the time comes.

  15. Taken in the 2nd round, this is Bill’s guy for post-Tom. Mallet may have been that guy but he came along a little too early. He’ll prove out somewhere this year or next.

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