Josh McCown in “comfort zone” throwing to big receivers


The Buccaneers signed quarterback Josh McCown as a free agent this offseason based largely on his play for the Bears while Jay Cutler was injured last season.

McCown thrived throwing to Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, a pair of tall receivers that win a lot of one-on-one battles with cornerbacks over the course of a season. Coach Lovie Smith said “that was attractive to us” when discussing McCown’s work with the Bears and the Bucs have tried to build their own version of what Chicago has at receiver.

They drafted wide receiver Mike Evans and tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins in the first two rounds, ¬†adding them to Vincent Jackson to make a trio of targets that are even taller than the Bears duo. McCown has gotten to work with the rookies a bit and says he’s feeling right at home.

“I’d be lying if I didn’t say there was a comfort zone in that,” McCown said, via the Tampa Tribune. “It’s very similar [to the Bears], at least on paper. There’s still a lot of work to do. We have to get out there and (Evans) has to learn the offense and we have to start building together, but it was good.”

The Bucs were quick to name McCown their starter over Mike Glennon after signing him, so it makes sense to build an offense that suits his strengths. If that comfort zone stretches into the season, the Bucs passing offense probably won’t finish 31st in the league again.

23 responses to “Josh McCown in “comfort zone” throwing to big receivers

  1. Those will undoubtedly go down as the most hideous sports jersey of all time.

    I feel like my 80’s alarm clock is going off.

  2. All they’re missing now is Trestman. Then again with Lovie the offensive guru they should light up the scoreboard like a pinball machine!

  3. Being first a Bears fan, and second a Bucs fan…why is it I have to deal with Lovie all over again??? The man should have nothing to do with the teams offense!

  4. The uniforms look like the producers of the movie “Rollerball” had a yard sale.
    Definitely willing to give this coaching staff a chance considering the last two head coaches…

  5. of course he’s in his comfort zone, big receivers means accuracy is not as critical….

    bucs will finish the season 3rd or 4th in the division this season, mark my words.

    dont believe the hype!

  6. mccown knows it’s not trestman’s offense and that he will not be calling the plays right? and just because he named tedford oc that does not mean he has the green light to run anything other than get off the bus running attack that is the lovie smith offense. how many different ones did he employ with the bears?

  7. What a great offseason/Draft. The bucs are the favorites to win the division IMO. Best defense all around now since Hardy decided ne an idiot. Now if Carl nicks comes back healthy the line won’t be much of a concern. 10-6 or 11-5 easy. The saints, panthers and falcons secondary can’t match up. I hope Glennon beats out Mccown though he has pure talent

  8. Joe Flacco wishes he could have a bunch of tall receivers and who can jump really high.

  9. All those years with the Bears that Lovie tried to force fit 5’10 Devin Hester as a #1 WR… Maybe he finally learned something watching the Bears offense finally click during his (paid) year off last season?

  10. The offensive line in Tampa looks like a typical one Lovie maintained in Chicago – terrible. Josh had a few “close my eyes and throw it up for grabs” moments behind a good o-line in Chicago last year, gonna be a different story for him this time around in Tampa. Josh is a great teammate and wish him all the best but be prepared….

  11. I like Josh and am glad he had one last chance to get a pretty decent sized contract. But, he will never earn it. If watching Lovie for all those years taught me anything, the man thinks offense only exists to let his defense rest. It won’t matter who the o.c. is, it won’t matter who you think you have on offense, it won’t be pretty to watch. And that line is going to get McKown killed.

  12. The Bucs are now a matchup nightmare for the rest of the NFC South! 2 – 6’5″ WR’s (Jackson & Evans) who can not only leap, but who both have great hands and run in the 4.5’s (I also like rookie Robert Herron as the “Wess Welker” type of speedy slot guy)…2- TE’s (Jenkins at 6’6″ and Tim Wright at 6’4″) who can both get down the field and catch…Doug Martin, Chris Simms, Mike James and Bobby Rainey at RB…if the Bucs can solidify and stabilize their O-line, they are going to cause a lot of sleepless nights for the D-coordinators in Atlanta, Charlotte, New Orleans and EVERY other NFL team they play…the potential is there for this team to be scary good! Kudos to Coach Smith and Jason Licht for dedicating all their draft picks this year to fixing an offense that had too few weapons last season!

  13. It’s one thing to have a bunch of big receivers but McCown better hope that his o-line can come through. He benefited from the Bears revamping their offensive line.

    He couldn’t have played as well as he did with the o-line the year before Trestman.

  14. As a long suffering Bucs fan, my only comment is this. Leave those uniforms in training camp. They make grown men appear to be wearing their feet pajamas to work. With that said, a winning season may change my mind…

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