McCarron not happy with reports he rubbed teams the wrong way


During former Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron’s five-round slip-and-slide into Saturday, a report emerged that McCarron had rubbed teams the wrong way during pre-draft interviews.

That report rubbed McCarron the wrong way.

“It [stinks] that it hurt me like that, but at the same time, I feel like God had a plan,” McCarron told reporters Wednesday, via Coley Harvey of  “Everything’s going to work itself out.  I’m happy, and hopefully at the end of the day I’ll get the last laugh.”

For now, teams continue to laugh at McCarron’s belief that multiple teams told him he had a first-round grade, and that he expected to be picked between selections No. 16 and No. 35.

Based on Harvey’s article, it appears that McCarron was a bit more discreet on Wednesday regarding what he was told about when he’d be drafted.  And he tried to address the notion that his confidence came across as arrogance.

“I guess when teams met with me, they wanted me to say I’ll be a third-round guy and a mediocre quarterback,” McCarron said.  “Maybe I was too honest or something. I’m an honest person and I say what I feel.  That’s how I feel about my play.  If that turns a team off, then at the end of the day, to me, they didn’t really want you.  I was myself.”

The Bengals disagreed, passing on McCarron four times before taking him with the 164th overall pick.  If the Bengals hadn’t selected McCarron then and there, it’s unknown how long his free fall would have lasted.

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  1. Wow, a person who is confident and doesn’t backtrack on what they originally say? I already like this kid, I wish him the best

  2. You can be confident AND humble. It is not black and white. Of course a team does not want you to come across as expecting to be a late-round pick. They also probably aren’t thrilled when a guy thinks he is the next Manning or Brady.

  3. What’s he supposed to do? Act timid with low self esteem and no confidence? The guys a winner and I would love to see him on the dolphins pushing Tannehill. I bet he can connect with a wide open Mike Wallace

  4. As a Bengals fan. Welcome aboard AJ.. let’s all hope the red Ryder BB gun. If he does flop let’s hope ings early before playoffs. 3 straight years starting should have better play making abilities. I don’t want too see him crap out but, if he is going too hope he Flops early and you get a chance to play. This guys was winner at bama and IMO I think a lil coaching he can be in cincy!

  5. A.J. may have the last laugh, since he got picked by the bengals, and Dalton is the only thing preventing them from getting past the 1rst rd. of playoffs. If they finally get smart and realize Dalton is the problem, after another playoff collapse this year AJ may be starting in 2015. Overall, the kid seem like a bit of a tool, whose ego doesn’t match his skill set. That’s what happens sometimes when you have a hot girlfriend and people tell you that your awesome. Some guys get caught up in their own hype , others just go out and ball, letting their actions speak for themselves.

  6. There really isn’t anything about this guys ability that jumps out at you, but at the same time he isn’t really lacking much either. He easily flys under the radar ability-wise, but as far as leadership skills, and being a flat-out winner that gets the job done…AJ McCarron is very reliable. He will prove to be a steal in the 5th round, and maybe this will bring his effort to a whole new level to prove he belongs.

  7. The bad news for McCarron is that he’s going to be a backup and his girlfriend is just getting started cashing in on her short window of opportunity. She won’t be sticking around long. She’s got to parlay what she got now, before the bloom on the rose starts to fade. She’s got power and influence, and she won’t be able to stand not using it. She’s gone. She’s going to want to see what else she can do. I’ve seen this movie before.

  8. Yeah because who wants a confident Quarterback? I think the Bengals got a steal that will be starting sooner than most might think.

  9. Enough about god. And the idea that because you come from a great program, great national wins, great story, etc. Doesn’t mean your not responsible for how you ‘come off’ to other teams.
    Take one instance in Tom Brady and Tim Tebow.
    One of them, you could not have scripted a better college career, it was of ‘biblical proportions’ and yet a difficult NFL career, even compared to a QB you went up against. Who also by the way breaks every rule against vanity in the bible allowed. I don’t see a lot of real QBs in the NFL who default to: Gods plan. Not that AJ is not a stand up guy in many ways. It’s just the reality.

  10. On one hand I’m glad he seems to be more honest rather than the 1000s of boring interviews players give when they tow the company line

    However the ‘god has a plan’ stuff is laughable. Wonder if god has a plan for AJ to share his contract bonus (even for lower drafted players) with people who need money much more than him.

    What a surprise. God doesn’t have than plan for him !

  11. God had a plan? Yeah right, A.J., just like the plan all 32 GM’s had by repeatedly passing on you until Cincy finally flipped you a bone late on Saturday. God had a plan for fellow SEC great Timmy Tebow too…..

  12. Not really sure you can say that “the Bengals passed on him” when they were addressing actual needs. QB wasn’t a priority.

  13. I root for a team that needed a good lower cost backup QB. However, while AJ has the skills and ability, I didn’t want our good young QB to have to sit in the same room as McCarron every day.
    AJ comes across as a totally obnoxious A class A-hole. He could be a good player but it is obvious to anyone who watches him in an interview for 5 minutes that his personality grates on most people and the really funny thing is that he is totally oblivious to it. People don’t change their personality. He is what he is.
    Bengals got what appears to be a good value draft pick, but he will probably drive Andy Dalton crazy. You can expect the team to drop badly.

  14. He is upset about reports of rubbing teams the wrong way so he fixes it by rubbing more people the wrong way

  15. No one will ever accuse this guy of excessive humility. He is a game manager and a pretty good one, but first round picks are for playmakers.

    I had a grandmother that was the nastiest woman ever and she used to say the same sort of thing. ” I don’t know why everyone gets mad at me, I just tell the truth” When I was 8 she told me I was her favorite because no one else loved me.

    Keep up telling the “truth” AJ. When you are assistant manger at a Footlocker it will serve you in good stead.

  16. He won a lot at ‘Bama, but never really made us say, wow! Several times he was out-shone by the opposing QB. Can’t speak to how he came across to NFL clubs, but was probably labeled as a ‘system QB’.

  17. He’s marrying Katherine Webb, so how bad could his life be regardless of how far he fell in the draft? She’s as gorgeous as Mus said she is….

  18. This is reminiscent of a scene from the movie Lost in America where job seeker Albert Brooks screams at a prospective employer after a failed interview, “What’s wrong with you! Can’t you see I’m a people person?” Best of luck to you.

  19. How much farther could he have fallen? Um, let’s see. He was drafted in the fifth round so I will guess he would have been taken in the sixth or seventh round or signed as an undrafted free agent.

  20. Unfortunately he’s stuck with us. A team that is so blind that they think Andy Dalton is worth giving a contract extention now. Guarantee they overpay for Dalton “just in case” he has a breakout year this year. He’ll have the same year he’s been having. Good regular season with a couple hickups in primetime games (by hickups I mean a disappearing act in primetime games like always) and then a choke job in the post-season. And we’re going to extend him. nothing like being happy with mediocrity. Guess that’s why Marvin has a life long job here.

  21. When he makes a comment like ” I’ll get last laugh” , that comment in of itself indicates a selfish nature and underlying lack of true self confidence

  22. “It [stinks] that it hurt me like that, but at the same time, I feel like God had a plan,” McCarron told reporters Wednesday.”

    Of course He does. God is an Auburn fan. Enjoy clutching that clipboard for 4 years, chump. WAR EAGLE!

  23. If coaches thought he was good enough none of that would have mattered. They obviously don’t think he’s bound to be a starter. He can prove everyone wrong if he plays well. The Cinci fans are almost done with Dalton, so McCarron will get a chance to compete.

  24. He just needs to realize that being candid is measured by who you are. What he said is not outrageous, but he is not Johnny, so he cannot act as confident as Johnny.

    It upsets our preconceived perception of who McCarron is. It goes to show that when we form an image of a player over his college career, we can’t handle him being other than what we thought he was.

    So, right or wrong, the media prints a negative story (true or not) and it takes off. I think McCarron is more naive, than anything else. He actually thinks his college winnings matter. He is shunned, while Johnny (look at me) Manziel, is embraced.

    It could cause a little professional envy. He would be wise to keep i=his head down and work hard, letting his play do the talking.

  25. Your NFL ceiling is what turned teams off, not your honesty. These guys see system QB’s come and go all the time.

  26. Best part of playing in Cincinnati = Skyline Chili.

    Worst part = those ridiculous tiger helmets.

  27. AJ McCarron draft analyst:

    1st round girlfriend
    3rd round college win/loss ratio
    4th round qb skill set
    7th round egotistical attitude
    Undraftable chest tattoo

    I think he should be happy with his 5th round selection

  28. Why do I have a feeling that if Andy Dalton gets hurt that he may not get his job back.

  29. He’s too used to throwing the ball behind All-American O-lines; it’s not like that in the NFL. Way more talk than talent in this guy.

  30. hate to break it to you son, but in the nfl your team won’t have a talent edge at every position like at alabama. if you and manziel swap teams the last two years, who wins both games? not your team, thats for sure….

    tim tebow won championships with superior college squads but was exposed at the next level. this kid has been rated as similarly talented. lets see if the outsized confidence is misplaced…

  31. This guy’s attitude is ten times worse than Manziel’s. Hey AJ… Look forward to you joining that long line of recent Bama QBs that excelled in the NFL…….

  32. Which option best describes AJ McCarron’s mindset?
    A. If you can do it, you don’t need to brag.
    B. It’s not bragging if you can do it.
    C. If you can’t do it, brag about it in hopes that people will believe that you can.

  33. Superficial beauty queens like Webb don’t marry just anyone. They want to be part of a power couple. McCarron’s time with her is running out. If she doesn’t get to end up with some famous NFL QB, at the very least she’ll just marry some multi-millionaire who can buy her anything she wants. Right now, McCarron doesn’t meet any of that criteria.

    “Chicks dig dudes with money”
    -Office Space

  34. I’ll bet if he was a showboater or shoplifter, he would have been a first round pick.

  35. The 3 QB’s drafted at the top of the draft are garbage, and this kid is going to be like Brady, teams were stupid to pass on him. Besides that who wouldn’t be better than Dalton in the playoffs?

  36. McCarron should remember: 1. A LOT of successful players in the NFL played at nowhereU. and have gone on to excel, 2. Those players and most everyone else are not impressed by his college pedigree or his hot girlfriend, 3. If an NFL QB rubs his teammates the wrong way, especially his O line, he might end up in a motorized wheelchair. Best of luck as a journeyman backup QB, punk!

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