Patrick Peterson takes notice of Joe Haden’s contract

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Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson has taken notice of the contract cornerback Joe Haden got from the Browns.

Shortly after we reported that Haden had signed a new contract that includes $22 million fully guaranteed at signing and another $23 million guaranteed for injury, for a total guarantee of $45 million, Peterson had one thing to say on Twitter: The number 45 with five exclamation points.


Peterson also said in an interview on FOX Sports 910 that he expects to get a new deal done, although he acknowledged that with two years left on his current contract, the Cardinals can take their time about getting a deal done.

“We are in the beginning stages and we are talking right now, but when it comes down to negotiating both sides have to come to an agreement,” Peterson said. “I don’t know if a deal will get done this year, but I’m confident a deal will get done. But I don’t have a timetable for it. We will see what happens in the near future. I’m OK if it takes time because obviously I have two years left on my current deal, one year left on my rookie deal and then they picked up the option for a fifth year and we will see where it goes.”

The Cardinals don’t need to be in any hurry about giving Peterson a new deal: They get him for an absolute bargain of $2.9 million in 2014, and his fifth-year option is $10 million in 2015. They could then franchise him in 2016 for about $12 million and could even franchise him again in 2017 for $14.4 million. Peterson would get a lot more than a four-year, $39.3 million contract on the open market, but the Cardinals have the leverage to hold onto him for $39.3 million over the next four years if they so choose.

Given that leverage, it will be interesting to see if Peterson can still get a deal that’s in the range of Haden’s and Richard Sherman’s — a deal that’s worthy of five exclamation points on Twitter.

37 responses to “Patrick Peterson takes notice of Joe Haden’s contract

  1. There should be salary caps on positions. No way corners should make qb money. If your team had 3 good corners that they wanted to keep well that’s half the cap. Ridiculous.

  2. He shouldn’t even be thinking about a new deal with 2 years left on the table. Just report to camp young man.

  3. Revis, Sherman & Peterson are all higher profile players on better teams than Browns, but receivers say Haden is every bit as tough a matchup for them as anyone in the league.

  4. @daburgher…

    What kind of non-sense are you talking about, QB or not if He is the best player then pay him as such… Richard Sherman already told y’all about respect is equal to the amount you get paid…and I’m pretty sure Patrick Peterson is well respected…Indeed…

  5. He seems all about the money. High potential to mail it in after he gets paid. Beware

  6. daburgher, there is no way a QB is worth 20 mil a year either. But teams will pay 20 mil for a QB and will pay 10-13mil a year for a CB. At least Cleveland doesn’t have a QB that requires 20 mil.

  7. I would so much rather have Peterson on my team than Sherman.

    1) I’m pretty confident he’s at least as good a cover man, if not better.

    2) He adds value in the return game.

    3) He seems level-headed; a good locker-room/community guy.

  8. ‘And all those exclamation marks, you notice? Five? A sure sign of someone who wears his underpants on his head’

  9. Regardless of these big corner contracts in the next couple of years the word of the day will be…restructure.

  10. Get all you can, PP! Drive up that salary cap hit so high that the Cards won’t have a real QB for another decade!!!! All hawk fans are pulling for you to get that 60 mill guaranteed.

  11. @root4cleveland
    Sherman is a good locker room guy, he has never caused any problems inside the Seahawks’ locker room. He just talks alot to his opponents, that doesn’t mean he’s a locker room cancer. When you watch therealrobreport he actually seems like a good guy and well liked. Now back to the Peterson-Sherman comparison, Sherman is a better cover corner but Peterson is a much better athlete and even Sherman has said this. What I don’t like about Peterson is that he seems to be in it for the money only and looks like a future Darrelle Revis who wants to renogiate his contract every year.

  12. petecarrol: Peterson IS being “mindful of his own destiny,” because he realizes that Haden’s “destiny” is inextricably intertwined with his own. Haden’s and Sherman’s contracts have set the market for top corners in the league, of which Peterson is one. If Peterson gets “franchised,” those salaries will help determine what Peterson will get paid. Of course he should be interested in what Haden got.

  13. I just wonder when teams r gonna stop making players the highest paid in nfl history and just pay um what the last guy got, why do they always have to one up the dude b4 um….eventually contracts r gonna b so huge for the star players that ur only gonna b able to afford one!!!!!

  14. Zona is facing cap issues.

    Fitz has a $23mm cap hit in 2015, and $17mm in ’16, ’17, ’18. He’s already restructured twice. Add in Peterson who will be on the books for $10mm hit in 2015 and they are in trouble.

    PP has 2 years left on his deal, which was lucrative to commence and he’s already barking about a new deal?

    Surprisingly, the only area that Sherman kept his mouth shut about was wanting to get paid.

    Peterson has the “it’s not fair” syndrome and I’m going to take my ball and go home. The Phoenix rises and crashes quickly in the desert

  15. This is getting ridiculous … As much as the athletes today should be paid well I’m not sure that anyone is worth a million a year let alone 15M! ….

  16. So who will ultimately pay for these monster contracts?.. think about before you shoot your mouth off about paying the man. Capitalism also takes the consumer into account… if the consumer is priced out, how can u possibly continue to raise prices to cover an over inflating market?

  17. root4cleveland says: May 14, 2014 7:37 AM

    I would so much rather have Peterson on my team than Sherman.

    1) I’m pretty confident he’s at least as good a cover man, if not better.

    2) He adds value in the return game.

    3) He seems level-headed; a good locker-room/community guy.

    Google Lombardi Trophy

  18. When QB’s get the money no one complains they just accept it… now why shouldn’t we expect the ones who shutdown the QB’s (Corners/Safeties/Pass-rushers) to get paid and accept it, it is a QB driven league isn’t it?…Indeed…

  19. Need to save some CB money for A. Cromartie to be re-signed at CB#2 next year. A man needs to feed his families.

  20. Its funny how some folks bash Sherman for getting his money then praise Haden for getting his now want to bash Peterson, I agree NO DB is worth 10 mil or more a year UNLESS you stopping EVERY WR you up against to NO catches whethers its #1, 2 or 3 WR. Then you have people on here that say the most ridiculous things because they dislike teams or players and rate there teams Dbs high on these so called list too funny.

  21. Peterson is a fine player, and he’ll get his. Paying close attention to what everyone else gets is smart. Doing it in public is not, period. Doesn’t help him at all.
    Having an even better season this year helps. Sherman may be a loud mouthed dullard but he’s correct this time, like a broken clock-correct.

  22. luz56 says:
    May 14, 2014 9:58 AM

    This is getting ridiculous … As much as the athletes today should be paid well I’m not sure that anyone is worth a million a year let alone 15M! ….

    The players should get their agreed upon share of the vast revenue the NFL gets, and the market and talent evaluation decides who gets what.

  23. I’ve been to several Cardinals games and watched Peterson play live. He does follow the #1 WR on every play, but he rarely is in good position at the snap of the ball. Especially when the WR is in motion. If he had any type of technique or good instincts (instead of relying on raw athleticism), he’d be the best there is. He’s not. The Cardinals know he’s not. He also comes up short vs star receivers and gives up big games. Super athletic and has tremendous upside, but still unpolished in his game. The Cards are in a tough spot. They see his potential, but it’s hard to cough up $45 mil in guarantees on that alone.

  24. Maybe Arizona should think about that extra TD per game the defense allowed more then Seattle before their players start asking for the money the Seattle players are getting.

  25. This is a dangerous precedent. How can a CB like Haden make $45 million guaranteed? While he is one of the better CBs in the league, you can’t convince me that he is Sherman good. Now that Browns have signed this stupid contract, other CBs, including those just above average, will be seeking similar money.

  26. AZ a Cards fan…sorry Patrick. Not sure if you are at Haden’s level.

    Wow, sucks to be RB. RBs are becoming the red-headed step sister of the NFL.

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