PFT takes a look at the best unsigned veteran players


With the draft in the books and rookie free agency’s busy period having passed, it’s time to take another look at veteran free agency.

To that end, we’ve brought back our All-Unemployed Team for another season. We’ve beefed up the squad, adding more players at most positions in the belief that clubs who find themselves shopping this late in the offseason are likely looking a specific skill.

Offensive guard and center look like two of the positions deeper in unsigned talent than others, and there’s also help to be had at tight end, defensive tackle and cornerback. However, other positions are quite thin — and likely to remain that way until late in the summer, when rosters begin to be trimmed to the 53-player limit.

In the meantime, consider the All-Unemployed Team a free agency snapshot — a handy ready list of unsigned personnel.

18 responses to “PFT takes a look at the best unsigned veteran players

  1. Julius Peppers should be on this list, but the Packers think a 35 year old man that has significantly got worse since he left Carolina is a “solid pick up.” The past four years packers fans have been calling him washed up and now he is the best player in the NFL….cheese brain logic!

  2. I understand bears fans frustration with peppers since he was schooled on the block by Kuhn in the winning play that sealed the bears fate on their home turf. But packer fans understand that it’s a surprising sign by Ted since he’s very conservative during free agency, and it’s easy to be hyped on a player such as Peppers. But don’t worry, we know that Peppers is old and his effort and play have been areas of speculation. That’s he’s an experiment that will only stick around for two years (if not only one) and we signed him at a good price that doesn’t put us in a hole. Here’s to dominating the bears and the north in 2014.

  3. Just because the Bears were stupid enough to wildly overpay Peppers doesn’t mean he’s washed up. Still had 7.5 sacks despite being the only pass rushing threat the Bears had last year.

    BTW, he still counts far more against the Bears salary cap this year than the Packers. Think about that when he’s turning Cutler into a little brown stain in the grass.

  4. Peppers was ineffective in Chicago, because he was playing for Chicago. That’s all. And is he an upgrade over last year at that position? Yes, so what is the downside? There isn’t one. You’re welcome.

  5. Tight end Ben Hartsock once saved a teammate from potentially choking to death. Someone should give him a flier this summer for his blocking prowess.

  6. Can’t believe you included Desmond Bishop. Not only did he look totally lost all last year, he did so on one of the worst defenses in the NFL.

    Let’s face it, when you are playing for the Vikings, its already the end of the road, next stop is Canada or retirement.

  7. Peppers still has gas in his tank, but 14 mil was a business move to let him go. Bears upgraded their d with the money saved. a lot of new faces and great trade off with J Allen who is 3 years younger and cheaper then Pep, and he owns the Packers, Rodgers will have a lot of grass on his helmet. Bear down

  8. Desmond Bishop looked lost all year last year? You obviously don’t watch or know anything about football and spend too much time trolling here. He only played in 4 or 5 games before tearing his ACL and being put on the I.R. for the entire season. I think he only started one game and had very limited play in the others. If I remember correctly, he was injured in the only game he started.

    So…how does one look lost all year when only appearing in 25%-31% of the season? He had limited play in those games on top of that.

  9. See, when Peyton finally decides to retire… The Broncos will be left with NOTHING.

    Beware Keenan Allen, Donald Butler, Melvin Ingram, Corey Liuget, Ladarius Green, Vincent Brown, and the list goes ON, AND ON, AND ON! They will still be here, LONG after Grand Pa Manning goes night night!

  10. Peppers has only $2.5M guaranteed each year over three years. Allen has $4.0M guaranteed each year over four. Math never was a big subject for Viking fans.

    Plus, Bakhtiari owned Allen in two head-to-head match-ups last season…especially on the inside run game. Packer runners averaged six yards per carry behind the right shoulder of Bakhtiari, and gave up no touches on Rodgers…..a rookie playing a new position by the way.

    Yeah, the Packers are shaking in their boots just thinking about Jared Allen. Uh huh.

  11. If Bakhtiari controlled Allen, he was only continuing the play of Chad Clifton, who always stoned him totally, sometimes on one leg. Whatever success Allen had was against Marshall Newhouse or some injury fill-in.

  12. All you cheese heads that think Peppers is the answer are going to be very disappointed. No, I’m not a Bears fan either. If you haven’t been watching the last few years on how Peppers isn’t beating anyone but his-self are delirious.

  13. Favre was not playing well in his twilight years but excelled in one season in Minnesota. Motivation for revenge will do that sometimes. Peppers wants a ring and knows he has a good chance of getting one in Green Bay. He will be a beast and everyone in the division knows it is possible .

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