Report: Taylor Martinez fails physical with Eagles

Getty Images

The Taylor Martinez era has ended in Philly.  There was one?

According to, via, the former Nebraska quarterback failed a physical with the Eagles.  As a result, his contract has been rendered null and void.

The problem was a foot injury that wiped out most of Martinez’s senior season with the Cornhuskers.  He was slated to play receiver or defensive back with the Eagles, and he was regarded as a long-term project.

Martinez’s father told that Martinez will now undergo surgery to repair the injured foot.

“We can’t believe it,” Casey Martinez told the website.  “The Eagles treated him great the brief time he was there. It’s crushing. It was a perfect fit for him.”

In theory, Martinez could attempt to return to the NFL after getting his foot fixed.  But his steep uphill climb to play in the NFL has now gotten considerably steeper.