Vikings aren’t worried about Teddy Brrrrrrrridgewater’s hands in the cold


The Vikings might have some concerns about their small-handed first-round quarterback, but they don’t think his ability to throw passes outside in the cold are would be one of them.

According to Matt Vensel of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Bridgewater didn’t play a single game below freezing during his college career at Louisville. He only made 11 starts when it was below 50 degrees, and completed 63 percent of his passes with 20 touchdowns and nine interceptions in those games.

Of course, Bridgewater started wearing gloves to protect his 9 1/4-inch hands, and will definitely want them since the Vikings play the next two seasons outside while their new dome is under construction.

“I think it won’t be a big adjustment at all,” Bridgewater said. “I think we’ll be able to use that to our advantage here in Minnesota. It’s a mental thing and I’ll just block it out and continue to play.”

Of course, if he starts floating passes in November and December, gloves or no gloves, you can bet it will be an issue he has to address again.

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  1. Shouldn’t be worried at all anyway, not like he’s going from no gloves to wearing gloves.

    He’s used to it, status quo.

  2. Forget about his hands, its the noodle arm in the weather that is disconcerning… the vikings drafted desperate, plain and simple. At least they were smart enough to not use their top 10 pick.

  3. I wonder how many times he’ll fumble when hit from behind, a la Daunte Culpepper?

  4. They made a good point saying we have to play a lot of outdoor teams anyway so it didn’t effect us drafting him. These two seasons outdoors will be good practice for him anyway and just make him that much of a better qb. His hands are just a bit smaller than Aaron Rodgers’ hands so I’m not to worried about it.

  5. Teddy and his mini-me sized hands are only one reason this pick is a bust. The guy lacks intelligence needed for the position. His teammates and fan base just haven’t figured that out yet.

  6. Teddy Bridgewater threw 13 TDs & 0 interceptions while in the red zone last year.

    He was the #1 ranked QB in college against the blitz with a passer rating of 130.1 and 16 TDs / 1 interception.

    For everyone questioning his hand size, they are only 1/8 of an inch smaller than Aaron Rodgers, so you can throw that criticism in the garbage.

    He is also the smartest QB on the field and has executed looking off safeties and gets to his 3-4th progression while staying firm in the pocket.

    For people questioning his arm strength, he had the highest velocity of all QB’s in this NFL draft according to a Sports Science test.

    Teddy Bridgewater will be a successful QB in this league.

  7. Aaron Rodgers’ hands are 9 3/8″- 1/8″ larger than Bridgewater’s. Seems to me he hasn’t had any trouble throwing in cold weather.

    This is not anywhere near the issue it’s being played up to be.

  8. He didn’t start in the 2012 Big East Championship due to a broken hand, but he came in and finished the game to lead his team to a BCS bowl game. It was well below freezing at kickoff and dropping, I was there (Rutger alum). Skew the stats however you want, but 20-28 with 2 TDs won them the game.

    Never mind the fact that he hopefully won’t have to play for 1-1.5 of the 2 seasons they’ll be at the university playing outdoors.

  9. His hand size is about average for NFL quarterbacks. Romo has 8.8 inch hands, Vick has 8.5-inch hands, Kaep has 9.13 inch hands, RG3 has 9.5 inch hands, and Aaron Rodgers has 9.38 inch hands.

  10. Anyone who doubts Teddy Bridgewater’s abilities knows nothing about football or is a Packers fan.

    Which basically means the same thing.

  11. I think the size of Bridgewater’s hands wouldn’t even make the top 20 problems he is going to have at the NFL level. Accuracy on passes over 15 yards, where he ranked dead last among the QB’s drafted might be a place to start. Teams are already crowding the line of scrimmage because of Peterson so if you can’t back them off with the threat of a pass, you’re screwed.

    Seems to me that was the problem with that noodle armed Ponder. Let’s face it, Spielman has never drafted a successful QB and 2104 wouldn’t change that one either.

  12. Kaepernick’s hands are even smaller than Bridgewater’s, not that he’s played well in the cold, but look at him for comparison being 1/8th of an inch smaller than Teddy.

    Packers brass believe a QB should have bigger hands to play well in the conditions. We’ll see how the Vikings brass decision to draft a QB with small hands works for them. I’m sure their private workouts with Bridgewater were at less than balmy temps to test that theory out? Oops. So, how will he do since he’s never been tested?

    Given Vikings history, I’m going to guess…not well.

  13. Spielman finally hit it on a QB. See ya’ll in STL Week 1.

    “Bridgewater, deep left to Cordarelle Patterson……………………………….Touchdownnn!!!”

  14. The most telling of all signs in how this was a poor pick for the Vikings is the new release of the Vegas odds for Super Bowl champ this coming year.

    Opening odds from early March 2014 had the hapless Vikes at 60/1

    After the draft, the odds are now a staggering 100/1. (Don’t worry, the Jags, and only the Jags are worse, at 200/1!!!)

    That Spielman is one crafty sumbitch. Almost makes you wonder if he’s employed in a cash position by the other 3 teams in the NFC North.


  15. I see the Las Vegas odds makers have been impressed with the Vikings draft, and the impending “dynasty”. They revised the odds of the Vikings winning the super bowl from 60/1 to 100/1. So Queens fans, don’t bet your welfare check on championship #1 this year.

  16. Hand size, Height, Weight, College stats have been proven to be just numbers when entering the NFL. Most of the biggest busts were picked due to those things. We will know what type of QB he will be once the season is a few games in, until then he is “unknown with potential”. Same as any other player drafted.

  17. Stuff like this is BS. Everybody gets cold when the TEMP drops, no mater where your from or how used to it you are. Cold is cold. I live in Texas, my good friend is from Minnesota. He’s been here 5 years and can’t stand it when the temp drops below 50. Its all relative.

  18. It’s obvious that Packers fans are scared about the Bridgewater pick, cuz they’re dreaming up issues (small hands, noodle arm, etc.) and crying “bust” before the man has even thrown his first NFL pass. They have recurring nightmares about the Vikings owning the division for the next 10 years while the Packers are relegated to also-rans (as happened in the quarter-century prior to Favre’s arrival in GB).

  19. RW3 has freakishly huge hands, and he dropped the ball on the first play of the NFC Championship game.

    Teddy does not have “small hands”, but I wouldn’t worry about “floating passes”, I’d worry about drops…that ball is going to be harder to grip in November and December

  20. Those that keep talking about Bridgewater not being able to be a good QB in the NFL, because of small hands, are proving they don’t know anything about football. Somebody, that they think actually knows something, said he has small hands. Not being able to think for themselves, they just keep regurgitating the same crap over and over. Doing nothing but making themselves look dumber every day, if that’s at all possible. Just as bad are the ones saying he can’t do well because of his Wonderlic score of 20. Marino had a lower score, Ponder and Gabbert blew the test away. Those are just 3 examples proving that the Wonderlic says very little about how well somebody will do at QB. They’re also just 3 examples proving the negative posters know nothing when it comes to football.

  21. This is going to be a seamless transition.

    The Great and Powerful Ponder is going to teach Bridgewater everything he knows.

    A match made in heaven.

    Too much quarterback talent for one team.

    The rest of the league is quaking with fear.

  22. I can’t image why NFL teams don’t recruit their scouts here. Look at all the people who can tell when a player is gonna be a bust before he even goes to a pro practice. Teams spend millions of dollars trying to do just that and they could get it here for free. Prove ’em wrong Teddy! Go Vikings!

  23. LOVE the puke posts……THEY ARE SCARED!!!!!!

    Puke fans know all they got is weak collarbone Erin………season is lost again without him, with him, close to .500.

    Vikes and Slick Rick moving upward and ready to pad our already wide lead in the division as far as Champs.

    Vikes: 18
    lions: a few.

    Everyone races to catch us, but now we go for the bigger lead with Zimmer- a coach with balls, goes for it!!!!!

  24. What a story about nothing. You don’t see any articles about Caepernick’s hands and his are smaller than Bridgewaters. Bottom line, if you have 9″+ hands you can easily handle a football without worry of dropping it. This is what happens when there are 6 months between the end of the college season and the draft and people analyze every detail. The top prospects at the end of the season always fall while those not as good suddenly look not so bad and rise. All I know if is if the draft was held at the end of the season, the Vikes would have had not shot at getting both of their 1st round picks.

  25. How big were Flutie’s hands?

    Didn’t seem to be a factor in NJ, Chicago, Buffalo, New England, Calgary or British Columbia?

    Had to be a cold weather game or two along that route…

  26. Since the inception of the NFC north division, the packers have won the division 7 times in 12 years.

    This is fact.

    Minneanderthals pick and choose their history and place greater importance on the 70s and 80s than any other years. I wonder why that is?

    Oh yeah, it’s the only time their team was relevant.

    And the next time won’t be any time soon.

  27. I remember when packer trolls called bust when the vikings traded up for “the next Troy Williamson” aka cordarrelle Patterson. I guess if you keep predicting the vikings picks as busts, you should get one right eventually. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait til next year at the earliest, cause Barr and bridgewater were great picks

  28. No one had a worse FA then the Vikings. No one made worse picks then the Vikings during the Draft. I weep for my Vikings. Tavaris Bustwater will be a huge flop. We will finish in the cellar at 6-10. Spielman will finally get the axe. Then, finally, Purple and Gold Confetti will be falling all over MN.

  29. A better QB then people are giving him credit for but a warmer client or dome doesn’t hurt any QB.

  30. He has to wear the gloves. The gloves contain custom fingertip extensions. His hand size is actually 6-3/8″.

  31. I just hope Teddy gets to spend some quality time with the greats while on the road!

    1. meet Barry S. about juking
    2. meet Mike S. about the eye of the tiger
    3. meet Reggie W. about diet…

  32. Hand size measurements are taken with the palm down, fingers spread wide, measured from tip of pinky to tip of thumb. I don’t know where some of you are getting your information, but Rodgers’ hand size is 10.125, which is 10% larger than Teddy. That’s a lot.

    But the good news is he can text faster than anybody else in the locker room!

  33. By the way….Favre (10-3/8″,) and Culpepper (9-1/2″.)

    Teddy (Tiny Tentacles) Bridgewater should be fine. I think.

  34. No worries by the time the weather gets cold ,the vikings are out of playoff contention anyway.

  35. Small hands are a big plus in Minnesota. Less pain when he’s thrown down onto the rock hard frozen tundra that’s euphemistically called a “heated playing surface”.

    But look at the bright side, Teddy. You can go ice skating on the streets to occupy those looooong, idle days of January.

  36. Bridgewater will do fine. If we see him this year its because he beat out the other two. If he sits… he’s still learning. Norv will bring this guy along and develop him. Zimmer will improve our terrible D and the team will improve.

  37. Take a piece of 8 x 10 paper and put your hand on it and measure 9 1/8″. Thats right, your hand is tiny compared to TD Bridgewater. A little perspective for ya’ll.

  38. If Teddy was faster in the 40 and had better hands, I’d call him “Kordell 2.0.” As it is, I don’t expect him to be in the NFL beyond a year or two, especially in Minneapolis.

  39. so much has been made of the size of Teddy’s hands. so i checked it out.

    according to the combine results his hands are 1/8 of an inch smaller than bortles and bigger than Carr’s and Garropollo’s. how bout we talk about things that are actually relevant instead of continuing to harp on this non-issue.

  40. Of course they are not worried hes gonna be riding the pine behind christian ponder. Must hurt to be a vikings fan zero superbowl titles compared to New England

  41. This concern is backwards. It is easier to throw in the cold with a glove. So Bridgewater is in better shape than bare handed QB’s, who often use a glove in a cold game, not worse. I would be more worried about him playing in HOT conditions, such as an early season outdoor game. Gloves in hot weather mean your hands are sweating and wet.

    And his hands aren’t even that small. He has what are considered NFL average 9 1/4″ hands. And considering his college accuracy and low fumble rate I don’t even get what the worry is about.

    Because he throws with a glove, people like to highlight his hand size as more than it is. As if he needs the glove because his hand is small. His hands are 1/8″ smaller than Bortles. Non-issue.

    The reason he throws better with a glove is, at this point, probably mostly due to the fact that he’s been throwing that way since high school.

  42. Why don’t they just take him down to the cafeteria’s walk-in freezer with a ball and someone to catch tosses and take hand offs to get him gradually acclimated until they can actually practice out of doors in freezing weather?

  43. I was born in Minnesota and still live here. Often the talk in December is if there will be snow for Christmas. It’s usually a 50-50 crap-shoot for that. To think that cold weather will affect most of Minnesota’s games is ignorance talking. It doesn’t get really cold until mid-to-late December.
    Like Bud Grant used to say, both teams play under the same conditions. No big deal. That’s why they have side-line heaters and heated playing surfaces. A new field is being installed in TCF Stadium to prepare for the cold weather. The cold is a trumped up issue by cellar-dwelling frat-boys, that is GB fans.

  44. Bridgewater will have problems throwing in 70 degree weather too, because he isnt a very good QB. I saw highlights of him in a september game against some scrub school, his WR was wide open in the end zone with no defender in the picture, by the time the pass arrived it almost got picked off.

    Good luck with this pick Vikings. Barr on the other hand was a really good pick. Hes a beast

  45. Per the combine records Jay Cutler is 9 3/8″, Aaron Rodgers 9 3/8″ Bridgewater 9 1/4. so for those of you that cant do fractions. 9 1/4 is the same as 9 2/8, 9 2/8 is 1/8″ less than either Cutler or Rodgers that being said if we are measuring talent by hand size everyone in the NFCN should just give up cause Staffords hands measure 10″ I know I will help with the math again. Staffords hands make him exactly 5/8″ Better than Cutler or Rodgers. I guess I am just gonna be a lions fan cause hand size doesn’t lie!

  46. Teddy’s hands are the same size as Aaron Rodgers. Larger than Kaepernick. He’ll be fine.

    Heath Schuler had some of the largest hands of any 1st rounder ever. Christian Ponder’s are a full inch larger than Aaron Rodgers’. How is that working out for him?

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