Will Hill tells teammates he’s “been clean”

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Giants safety Will Hill is facing the third suspension of his brief NFL career because of a violation of the league’s drug policy, a penalty that would threaten his future as an NFL player because of his inability to stay on the field to help his team.

No details of what caused the suspension have come to light, although police said they smelled marijuana in Hill’s car when he was arrested last year for failing to pay child support. Hill hasn’t been talking publicly about the suspension or the cause, but he has told his teammates that he hasn’t done anything to trigger another suspension.

“Will is a guy that has definitely had his struggles, as well as anyone of us within this league,” Giants safety Antrel Rolle said, via Jordan Raanan of NJ.com. “Right now, I’ve spoken to Will several times and he’s said, ‘Antrel, I’ve been clean.’ Right now, I have no choice but to go off what he says. Until we find out otherwise …”

Raanan reports that the Giants were “crossing their fingers” that Hill would stay out of trouble this offseason, which leads him to write that “the problem with NFL rules” is that Giants coaches weren’t able to monitor Hill more closely. Rolle has a different view, however, and puts the onus on staying clean on Hill and Hill only.

“At the end of the of the day, an adult has to be an adult,” Rolle said. “Will has to be accountable for his own life. Will has to be smart enough and alert enough to know the dos and don’ts of this league.”

There have been other complaints about the rules limiting contact between coaches and players in the offseason, but Hill’s history of issues with drugs date back to college and we’re more inclined to take Rolle’s view that the responsibility for Hill’s behavior lies with Hill.

15 responses to “Will Hill tells teammates he’s “been clean”

  1. If some of these players are willing to throw away millions for weed then they deserve the harsher penalty available on stupidity alone and I say this as someone who is in favor of legalization.

  2. Played quite well last year, some great flashes and plays, but I wouldn’t want Hill on my team anymore

  3. Some people just can’t get out of their own way…..

    He knew the substance is illegal in 48 states, and is banned by the agreement between the NFL and the NFLPA.

    He knew that he would be tested as a repeat offender, yet still put himself in the compromised positions.

    Epic Fail

  4. This is when we really miss a super leader like Tiki Barber. The Giants have not been the same since he retired. No one has filled his enormous shoes.

    It doesn’t make a difference that Will Hill’s career is over. The Giants are in a 5 year rebuilding mode and Hill would have been gone long before it ended.

  5. You all missed the thing that bothers me the most – arrested for failing to pay child support. Good god, how many millions does a guy have to earn before he steps up to his responsibilities? IMHO, he should never be allowed to play in the NFL again.

  6. You can’t say he should never be allowed to play again.If that was the case half the league would be banned,players have dui arrests,domestic violence,Ray Lewis was involved in a double homicide.With that said he must take responsibility for his actions.It’s a privilege to play in the NFL and if he’s dumb enough to throw it away that’s on him and the team must move on.

  7. Yes, I can say he should not be allowed in the NFL. I personally feel that people that harm women or children should not be given the priviledge of earning millions of dollars. The NFL should institute a policy that says if any arrest with conviction concerning abuse of others is on a potential draftee’s record, he should not be allowed to participate in the draft.
    Considering that only about 3-500 players are drafted out of tens of thousands of potential players, it would not be a big step to start eliminating classless people with dubious moral and ethical makeups.
    Granted, the biggest, baddest dudes may not make the cut, but the entertainment value would remain about the same as the limitations would be felt by all teams.
    Don’t let greed overtake compassion!

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