49ers sign Carlos Hyde, Dontae Johnson


The 49ers have two more draft picks under contract.

Tailback Carlos Hyde and cornerback Dontae Johnson signed four-year deals on Thursday, the team announced.

The club’s second-round pick, the 6-foot, 230-pound Hyde rushed for 3,198 yards and 37 touchdowns on 523 carries in four seasons with Ohio State (2010-2013). He also caught 34 passes for 271 yards and four TDs. Hyde will likely vie for carries behind starter Frank Gore this season.

A fourth-round pick from North Carolina State, Johnson (6-2, 200) recorded 217 tackles and three interceptions in his career with the Wolfpack.

“Runs 4.44, verified. Has played safety. Has played corner. Versatility. Intelligence. Very smart football player and an A-plus-plus character guy,” 49ers G.M. Trent Baalke said of Johnson after the draft, according to the club.

Baalke has indicated Johnson will play corner for San Francisco.

The 49ers have now signed 5-of-12 draft picks. Safety Jimmie Ward, the club’s first-round pick, is among the seven selections who have yet to reach a deal.

16 responses to “49ers sign Carlos Hyde, Dontae Johnson


    ummm…the team with the Lombardi Trophy and the QB that doesn’t fold like a wet napkin in big games

  2. Hyde may be ok. Seattle has a run weakness on D, but no rookie is going to do anything. Santa Clara 49er fans, how old were you when Youngs squad beat the Chargers for a title? Philly went to a ton of NFC Champ games and at least a Superbowl. Are u ladies going this season?
    Go Hawks!

  3. Seattle’s a miserable place where the rain is incessant.

    Yes, they can win the next 10 SBs, but they will never have it better than us or anyone for that matter.

    There’s a reason Seattle is synonymous with depression.

  4. Funny, how the niner fans use a slogan that didn’t work for them…
    Most teams throw out slogans that didn’t work.

  5. We get it Seagull fans you’re the the little brother that finally got over, with that said its time to find a new wagon to jump on because the wheels on that wagon of yours will be coming off in a few months. 49ers take the division back no question!


  6. the seahawks literally won the superbowl due to the refs last season…and thats literal. if the 49ers would have beaten the saints which they should have. (bum call on roughing the passer) seattle would have never had homefield advantage. lets not even talk about the refs during the nfc championship game…we all saw that one. the truth is…seattle is no better than the niners. so yea…id say its quite possible for the niners to win the bowl this year. yall did whip on the broncos though…lol afc is a joke. and the NFC west is nothing to snicker at. AT ALL.

  7. We have a loaded group of Running Backs. Even sending LaMichael elsewhere there is a logjam… At lease Frank should be plenty fresh for another deep playoff run. In fact, I dare either of these two young guys to beat out Frank or Kendall. Learn how to pick up blitzes and you will have a long and successful run with the red and gold.

    Go Niners!

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