Browns announce addition of Earl Bennett


The Browns might not have nearly as much quality on the field, but at least they have quantity at wide receiver.

To go along with the reports earlier this afternoon that they had signed Miles Austin, the Browns announced they had reached deals wide receiver Earl Bennett along with defensive lineman Elhadji Ndiaye.

Bennett was released by the Bears in March after six seasons, but had tailed off in recent years.

He and Austin give the Browns some experience at the position, but nothing approaching the kind of explosion they’ll lose if Josh Gordon’s suspension isn’t successfully appealed.

18 responses to “Browns announce addition of Earl Bennett

  1. “The Browns might not have nearly as much quality on the field…” is this dude for real? Browns have talent out the wazoo.

  2. I think it was a poorly worded reference to Bennett and Austin not being anywhere near as good as Josh Gordon.

    But then again… they do like to take their swipes at Cleveland, so maybe I’m wrong.

  3. It is not a poorly worded reference actually a compliment to Gordon. Miles Austin and Earl Bennett aren’t anywhere near as good as Josh Gordon who led the league last year. In his best year Austin didn’t come close. In his best year Bennett did half what Gordon did last year. Gordon call play ball. Own it Cleveland!

  4. I’ll miss Earl the Squirrel in chitown. When he was healthy enough to be on the field, he was money on third down. Here’s to hoping Wilson works out for us, good signing for Cleveland tho.

  5. Cleveland is doing a pretty good job at pouring together a nice team. Superstars don’t always equal success. Josh Gordon was one of the best receivers last Dragon worth superstar stats but it wasn’t enough. With or without him Cleveland definitely has a much better balanced team this season. A very good defense and a potential good offense. I don’t know much about how their special teams performs but anyone who knows anything about football understands that all three of those must must be good for success. The Brown’s biggest question mark is at quarterback. If Johnny works out then Cleveland will challenge in the division. As a Raven fan I’m looking forward to our first draft pick Mosley getting reacquainted with Manziel. If they weren’t in our division I’d wish Cleveland well but I’m definitely wishing they beat the Steelers

  6. The only reason he tailed off as the story says is because with Marshall/Jeffery the best 1-2 punch at WR in the game, Forte great out of the backfield catching and a TE that can finally catch balls in Chicago there just wasn’t much to go around to Bennett. He was a solid #3 for us last year and on a team like Cleveland he could be a #2 especially if Gordon is out. If he starts I see him easily getting 60+ catches and 6-8 TD’s. Solid pickup by the Browns.

  7. Boy this was another stellar signing. LOL. Maybe Farmer you should have thought of this when you had Sammy Watkins fall to you at 4

    Stupid is as stupid does. Same old double digit loss Browns. They will make it 7 in a row this year. Great organization

    They can screw anything up. Just like they passed on Julio Jones. Great job Browns

  8. Seattle was 26th in the league in passing last season.

    Cleveland was 11th…

    The fact that we are getting solid WRs that don’t have drug problems is a good idea.

  9. The fans in Cleveland will love Bennett. While he was here in Chicago, he is one of the best over the middle receiver’s you will see. Not afraid to get hit.
    He was injured 2 season ago, when we drafted Alshon Jeffery’s to go with Brandon Marshall. Bennett started seeing less time on the field because of Jeffery’s play. Last year we drafted another receiver named Marquess Wilson that is a clone of Marshall and Jefferys.
    Bennett was the odd man out. But it is not for a lack of talent. Has great speed and hands, will catch everything thrown his way. Some of them unbelievable. Wish all the luck to him.

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