Darren Sharper won’t face charges in Miami


Former NFL safety Darren Sharper remains in jail on charges of rape in California and faces similar charges in Arizona, but he no longer faces them in Florida.

USA Today reports that authorities in Miami said Thursday that Sharper will not face rape charges there, although they left open the possibility of pursuing them again in the future if more evidence comes to light.

“It is one on one allegation. It is a delayed disclosure. The subject has made no admission …  No physical evidence,” the assistant state attorney said in explanation of why they will not be making a case against Sharper. “Inconsistent statements made by the victim regarding knowledge of the people she was with night/morning of the incident as well as her description of the sex itself. No corroborating witnesses, despite detective’s best efforts to locate the people the victim said were present the night/morning of this incident.”

A judge in Arizona recently ruled that Sharper should not be released on bail, a ruling that California is following after a ruling by a judge there. Sharper is expected to be tried initially in California and has also been investigated on similar allegations in New Orleans and Las Vegas.