Dre Kirkpatrick not threatened by arrival of Darqueze Dennard

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When the Bengals drafted Dre Kirkpatrick in the first round of the 2012 draft, he was expected to inject youth into an aging cornerback corps with Leon Hall coming off of an Achilles injury.

The Bengals picked another corner in the first round this year and the arrival of Darqueze Dennard is again seen as an attempt to bring down the age of the cornerbacks with Hall coming off of an Achilles injury. While the maxim says that you can never have enough cornerbacks, doubling down on first-round picks could be construed as a disappointing development for Kirkpatrick. Kirkpatrick doesn’t feel that way, though.

“I actually was telling them that we needed a corner,” Kirkpatrick said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer. “A guy that can come in and learn because we obviously know that some of the guys are up in age and they don’t have that long to be here, but while they’re here they’ll make the best out of it. I was happy we got a corner.”

The Bengals may have still taken a corner if Kirkpatrick had done more in his first two seasons, but he didn’t make it all that tough a decision. Kirkpatrick didn’t see much playing time until Hall was injured last year and didn’t make much of an impression once his snaps did go up, leaving the Bengals unsure if he was overwhelmed or still catching up after losing most of his first two offseasons to injury.

He wouldn’t be the first corner to make a slow transition to the professional ranks and he’s still 24, so it would be unwise to totally write him off. The first two years created doubt, though, and that’s one of the reasons that Dennard landed in Cincinnati.

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  1. It’s no surprise that this kid cant learn the game in the NFL. If you follow him on Twitter, you’d see that he’s primarly worried about his “shoe game being tight”. Guess all that money he got diverted his attention to shoes like a woman would do. If he put half as much attention to his on-field game as he does his shoes, he’d be alright. If he doesn’t do anything this year, he’s an official bust. Guys know they can pull a double move on him and they’ve got him. He looked absolutely foolish on double moves last year. The future is not looking bright for him.

  2. Dre might be a bust, but he was a free bust. He was the pick the Bengals fleeced from the Raiders in the Palmer trade.

  3. It’s way to early to consider Dre a bust. I disagree somewhat with this article, because toward the end of the season Dre was playing pretty good ball. Dre could have had 20 INTs this season and the bengals still would have took a corner because of Leon Hall.

  4. It might have been worth noting that Kirkpatrick’s development has been stunted by knee injuries. Three INTs in 19 games isn’t bad. (Then again, 19 games in two seasons is disappointing.)

  5. I’m a ‘Dre Kirkpatrick skeptic’.. but… I can’t definitively call him a bust.

    Dre is not a #1 or #2 NFL corner… but… in this modern pass happy NFL… you need cornerback depth that includes underachieving, mediocre #3-#4 quality Dre Kirkpatrick’s of the NFL.

    Sure… would you prefer FIVE #1 quality corners.. but… the 2013 Cincinnati Bengals had the NFL’s 5th ranked PASS Defense WITH Dre Kirkpatrick (… and… WITHOUT All-Pro Leon Hall).

  6. Dre, in limited playing time, tied as the team leader in interceptions. The road has been bumpy for him thus far but I think his prospects are looking up. He is far from a bust at this point.

  7. Terence Newman is 36 and going into the final year of his contract. Kirkpatrick will probably replace him as the starter for 2015 and maybe in 2014. Dennard was drafted as Leon Hall’s heir. Hall is only 30 but has missed large parts of the season 2 of the last 3 years with a pair of achilles injuries. A team can never have too much talent at CB and the Bengals have 5 first round picks with Dennard the lowest picked at 24.

    If Atkins is back to full speed by the end of the year the Bengals should have a formidable pass defense again.

  8. After this season the starting 3 CB’s in Cincinnati will be Hall, Dennard & Dre in the slot w/ Pacman serving as the 4th CB & Punt Returner.

  9. You can’t count out Pacman that quick. He’ll be playing corner again this year. Say what you will about him and his past but he can flat out play ball!

  10. spungy says: May 15, 2014 8:06 AM

    Dre might be a bust, but he was a free bust. He was the pick the Bengals fleeced from the Raiders in the Palmer trade.
    It’s not a fleecing if the picks are wasted. Bernard looks pretty good, but if Kirkpatrick busts, the deal loses some shine. The only chance Oakland has to put any gloss on the trade is if Michael Rivera and Shelby Harris both become Pro Bowlers.

  11. There aren’t too many CB’s in the afcn that look good, having to play Ben 2x a year. But then again, they get to play Flacco and Dalton, so it’s more than a wash.

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