Greg Hardy’s 911 call presents another version of domestic dispute

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The 911 call Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy made during his domestic dispute with his girlfriend paints a different picture of the incident that landed him in jail.

The transcript of the recording, provided by Black and Blue Review (audio at the link), details Hardy’s version of events.

At one point early in the call, Hardy made it clear his girlfriend (who is not 6-foot-4 and 290 pounds) was the aggressor, and was trying to enter his apartment and hit him with her shoe.

She’s hit me in the face twice,” he said. “I’m trying to stay away from her. Can you please send somebody to help me? . . .

I don’t need medic. She hit me in the face. I’m not bleeding or anything, it’s a little swollen, but I’m fine.”

The call has the clear sounds of the kind of altercation you expect at 4:18 a.m., when both parties have been drinking. But it paints a different picture than his girlfriend’s attorney painted in court documents, saying Hardy pushed her onto a bed full of loaded guns.

There was another 911 call from the concierge in his downtown condo building, which including a woman yelling that she heard the incident, and the the woman was being beaten.

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  1. This is why people shouldn’t rush to judgment. Maybe he beat her up and maybe he didn’t, but until all the facts come out we wont know for sure. Most commenter’s crucified Hardy, but now it comes out that HE made the 911 call. It’s kinda like the Kaepernick incident, everyone crucified him too, only to find out a few days later that not only was he probably not involved in any malfeasance but he might not have even been there. Again, both of these guys might be guilty as sin, but we won’t know FOR SURE til the ALL of the facts come to light.

  2. It’s not really different – his call was first – she got in the door – he finally gave in and threw her on the bed – guns might have been there all day

  3. He can get to the QB, so he’ll always have a job. Maybe not a Panther, but he’ll be fine as long as he leaves her.

  4. Sounds like a man who knows he has screwed the pooch and is attempting to get this monkey off his back and shift the blame, the first one to call 911 isn’t always the victim.

  5. Given how many true victims there are, we always want to rush to the aid and protection of women in these incidents. But is it really so hard to believe that a woman could either have lost it or perhaps even tried to set up a man to look like he abused her? Especially a large man who has a lot of money? After all, there are women out there who will tape you and then release it in order to ruin your reputation, as we’ve recently found out.

  6. The whole “throwing her onto a bed of loaded guns” sounds like fantasy to me. If you were planning a way to get back at a man who could be hurt in the media, you could not come up with a better more unprovable offense than that.

    Innocent until proven guilty, friends. Even in domestic abuse cases.

  7. Sounds a little fishy to me. If he threw her to the bed of guns why didn’t she tell police when they arrived that night? None of it makes sense.

  8. I have a friend who called 911 and the cops got to his house and put the cuffs on him. Same situation, she was trying to get in and he didn’t let her and it was his house. He explained to the cops who then put the cuffs on her…and then the baby started crying so they took the cuffs off of her and back on him. She ran into his house, grabbed a container of bleach and threw it at him while he was handcuffed.

    In this world there is one true thing you can almost bet on, 911 is called they are going to assume the male is guilty first, even if he is the one who called.

  9. How can you respect anyone that hits a woman ?? They better start making an example of somebody before it’s to late

  10. If I ever become rich/famous I am going to video tape my whole life. Better to be held liable for things you actually do than at the mercy of any made up story someone can spin if they are mad at you.

  11. Guess he’ll have to end up like the late Fred Lane before people don’t drag his name through the mud before knowing any of the facts. Right, folks? I’m glad everyone got on their soapbox yesterday to condemn him though. Good job.

  12. I’ve see this guy on tv and seems like and articulate intelligent man was kind of surprised when I heard this story especially about the arsenal he had but just goes to show can’t take these story’s with more that a grain of salt and that lawyer should be disbarred if it’s ever proven that Hardy did nothing wrong

  13. Jon Beason was arrested for assault back when he was with the Panthers and many people were quick to vilify him. Then it turned out that the accuser was a con artist.

    But the court of public opinion will always find their own initial verdicts before many facts are presented.

  14. “restraining order dismissed. accuser didn’t even show to court proceeding. she must really be fearing for her well-being.”


    Exactly.. the restraining order was dismissed because she didn’t show up for the hearing, but she made sure to show up on to the court house for the first hearing when she wasn’t even supposed to be there, with her arm in a sling, after she refused medical help the night the cops showed up. I find it funny also that the girl’s lawyer dropped her.. it’s the first client he’s dropped in almost 20 years. Right after the judge granted him his request to no longer represent her, he was shaking his head and court was dismissed. This girl is so full of crap, she just wants a payday and even her lawyer isn’t willing to help her out cause he knows she’s so full of it and has no evidence.

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