Jaguars release quarterback Matt Scott


The Jaguars found a quarterback of the future in the draft, so they keep jettisoning quarterbacks of their past.

The Jaguars announced that Matt Scott was released Thursday in advance of rookie minicamp, via John Oehser of the team’s official website.

Scott spent last year on the Jags practice squad, after hanging around camp with the likes of Mike Kafka and Blaine Gabbert.

With Blake Bortles chosen with the third pick, any snaps that go beyond him and interim starter Chad Henne will be extraneous.

17 responses to “Jaguars release quarterback Matt Scott

  1. QB out of AZ in last years draft. I actually remember reading some good stuff about him and that a few teams were interested. Not sure anyone can be successful in JAX though…they seriously lack talent.

  2. never heard of this guy, but i suspect if the texans signed him it would improve our qb situation.

  3. Take notes Tom Savage. This will be you in a year.

    Last year we had the likes of Trent Dilfer and Rob Rang comparing Matt Scott to Russell Wilson. Saying he could go in the middle rounds. Goes undrafted and then released a year later.

  4. This guy could have done better, but he’s more talented than Mike Kafka.

    He was better as a QB coming out than Kafka.

    Scott should go to a QB needy team like Oakland, Tennessee, or an empty depth team like Detroit, Carolina, San Diego.

    Otherwise, he’s done.

  5. He’s more talented than Mike Kafka? OK. But then, who is Mike Kafka? LOL

  6. Haters can’t help it, can they? No matter, it wasn’t the Bortles signing that caused Scott’s release, it was picking up the U’s QB Stephen Morris (a UDFA steal btw) that made Scott ‘surplus to requirement’….

  7. Matt Scott? Mike Kafka? Stephen Morris? The “empty depth” Panthers have former pro bowler Derek Anderson as their back-up. And instead of playing musical QB’s, he has been there 3 years. Solid QB with years in the same setting. Now THAT”S what I call a back up!

  8. Kafka hasn’t been a Jag for a while. Ricky Stanzi and Stephen Morris are fighting for a spot. There can be only one.. clipboard holder.

  9. QBs like Scott are needed for training camp. You can’t just have the starter and backup warming up the WRs.

  10. I thought the Jags should have given Scott a shot the last 4 games of the season. He had a productive preseason and it wouldnt have hurt to see if there was anything there with him. Wish him the best.

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