Mike McCarthy on Jermichael Finley: Hopefully, he’ll be a Packer


After the Packers drafted tight end Richard Rodgers in the third round, General Manager Ted Thompson said that the move did not shut the door on the possibility that tight end Jermichael Finley could return to the team before the start of the season.

Finley remains a free agent as he waits for medical clearance after last year’s spinal cord injury and subsequent fusion surgery, something that’s far from assured after such a serious injury. Coach Mike McCarthy shares Thompson’s hope that Finley will make a full recovery, but went a bit farther when it came to Finley’s possible future in Green Bay.

“In my mind he is a Green Bay Packer — hopefully,” McCarthy said on SiriusXM Radio with Rich Gannon, via ESPN Wisconsin. “[Finley] is going through a tough medical situation. I think we all recognize that it was a serious injury. My understanding is he is doing everything and beyond to get himself ready. We’ll continue to watch that.”

All talk about Finley’s return to the Packers or signing anywhere else will remain hypothetical unless he gets the medical news he hopes to hear and the Packers may be a tougher physical than others based on their responses to players with these kinds of injuries in the past. If Finley does get the green light, though, a return to the Packers might work out well for him because of the limited time he’ll have with a new team and his familiarity with the offense in Green Bay.

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  1. If Finley is back in Green Bay….a huge IF. This could be 1 of most explosive offenses the Packers have ever had. With Bulaga back at RT, Barclay was a liability. But as the Packers have shown in years past it will come down to defense. They can score TONS of points and it will all be meaningless in January if their defense plays like trash.

  2. As a vikings, I hope he signs with the pack. Dude can’t catch and on the rare occasion he gets a first down he’ll give himself whiplash from his overblown celebrations.

  3. Having Finley would be a huge plus for the offense after losing Jones but I don’t think Finley will be back in Green Bay after talking about the giants and sea hawks in recent months.

  4. If I had to do the math on this I think it would be pretty easy to come to the conclusion that the vikings are a horrible football team which has been proven by the fact that they haven’t won a single super bowl in 53 years of existence.

  5. For those that follow this closely, it is almost a guarantee that Finley will not be back. The Packers view these neck injuries, especially the location of Finley’s, as career ending. They cut an All Pro Safety in Nick Collins for essentially the same injury.

    If Finley wants to risk it, it will be with another team other than the Packers. While Finley enjoyed the two easy wins against the Vikings each season, he will have to live with playing more competitive opponents on his next team.

  6. I’m hoping David Wilson gets his MRI which will clear him to play, BUT the giants doctors will have to agree.
    Finley is older and not being a doctor, one has to agree no matter what, that is it more likley or less likely, either can play without risk that one hit could not just end there football life, but much more?

  7. I remember Mike McCarthy choking up when he announced they were letting Collins go, saying if he were his son, he wouldn’t let him play. Finley is not much different in that they were raw talents that were drafted and developed into damn good ball players. I just really don’t see him playing another down in green and gold.

  8. “In my mind he is a Green Bay Packer — hopefully. If not, well get somebody cheaper to drop balls.” McCarthy said

  9. The guy obviously is an idiot to play given his injury history. He belongs with the packers.

  10. I just do not see any other team jumping on his bandwagon if he comes off injury list. I think the draft passed him buy on this. If your not set at TE now when?
    I think MM likes to keep players because he hates the coaching part of the game. If you guys know the routine it makes it easier. So you tend to keep the losers like Datone, Perry and Worthy (the three bustkateers) around longer.

  11. im glad Brett Favre is retired. hes the only qb who gave the niners big problems. China doll rodgers, not so much. in fact niners always look forward to an easy win when facing the rodgers led packers.

  12. If he can get the 100% clear from the doctors….

    It seems like the Patriots would be a good fit later in the season…

    The Patriots didn’t draft a TE and they didn’t sign one either.

    Between Gronk and Finley…hopefully one can stay healthy for the entire playoffs.

  13. Spending a 2nd on a WR, a 5th on a WR, a 7th on a WR and a 3rd on TE is not a good way to fix your defense… how did scoring the most points ever work out for denver?

  14. This looks like a similar situation that the Packers had with safety Nick Collins a few years ago…severe neck/spine injury that is too risky to chance due to the serious potential it could have on a person’s health for the rest of their life.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if this injury ends Finley’s career. After all, health and life, especially for his family, are more important than football.

  15. If Finley is cleared and the Packers want him back, he will be a Packer next year. The Giants and Seahawks and all that will have a chance if the Packers don’t make an offer at all.

  16. Being that Thompson and MM said they want him back with Finley stating he wants to remain in GB there is a pretty good chance he will be resigned if given medical clearance. As far TT shying away from neck injuries its far from that black and white. Collins was never brought back because he was never cleared but Richardson had fusion surgery and received clearance so he was brought back. Im sure they will err on the side of caution though.

    For those feasting on his injury get a life. This man has a wife and kids and to make light of it shows a real lack of class.

  17. Finley just turned 27. He’s young but his injury was to a portion of the neck that makes it almost impossible for him to be cleared. Richardson had fusion to different bones. Collins had the same ones fused as Finley.

    The issue, as I understand it, is that with Finley and Collins the risk was/is that the nerves most likely to be injured because of the fusion are the ones that control breathing.

    Richardson’s risk is to lower motor nerves. he might be paralyzed but he isn’t going to get hit and stop breathing.

    I just can’t see any team signing Finley even if cleared to play. The risk is that they cart him off not on a gurney but in a casket.

  18. It’s hilarious hearing Vikings fans talk about how they hope Finley signs with the Packers because he supposedly drops everything.

    Especially when Finley has destroyed the Vikings many times and Kyle Rudolph the red nosed reindeer has a higher career drop %.

  19. And the difference between Nick Collins injury and Finley’s is that Finley made a choice to have it done to add extra protections even though it wasn’t necessary. Collins only chance to ever step on a football field was to get the fusion done. Big difference.

  20. A lot has changed in the field of medicine as well since Nick did his thing compared to JM.

  21. I don’t know that the Packers are “more careful” than any of the other NFL teams. Yes, they have traditionally not cleared most players after serious neck injuries, but those players also never went on to other teams either.

    Also they did clear Sean Richardson to play last year, after having suffered a somewhat serious neck injury earlier.

  22. If he really has a 10 mil insurance policy, they’re not just going to give it to him just because he got hurt, he has to prove he can’t play before he gets his insurance money.. If he does get cleared I hope he comes back to the Pack.

  23. I’d love to see him back with the Pack, but worse case he can always go to that retirement home for Packers in Minnesota that Adrian Peterson volunteers at.

  24. Much to their credit, the Packers have been very conservative with players with these types of neck injuries. I like to think that it is both to protect the player from a paralyzing injury, and also protecting the team’s interests.
    That said, how bad was Johnny Jolly’s neck injury?

  25. Let him go. He dropped the ball too many times. I don’t care how athletic he is if you can’t count on him to the catch easy ones. With the 7th most cap space in the league why not go sign a veteran that has sure hands and has been there before? Dallas Clark, perhaps? It could do the young guns well.

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