Report: Hernandez indicted for July 2012 double murder


If Aaron Hernandez killed Odin Lloyd in June 2013 to avoid scrutiny for the July 2012 murders of Safiro Furtado and Daniel Abreu, it didn’t work.

The death of Lloyd, whom Hernandez perhaps was hoping to silence about the drive-by shooting that killed Furtado and Abreu, resulted in Boston police focusing on Hernandez as a suspect.  Now, according to Ted Daniel of FOX 25 in Boston, Hernandez has been indicted for the killings.

It means that a grand jury has concluded based on a one-sided presentation of evidence from prosecutors that sufficient evidence exists to believe that Hernandez is guilty.  At trial, Hernandez’s interests will be represented by lawyers who can secure his acquittal merely by creating “reasonable doubt” regarding the prosecution’s case.

The Furtado and Abreu murders happened before Hernandez signed a big-money, long-term deal with the Patriots.  If he’s convicted, the team could end up successfully cutting off any remaining guaranteed payments due to Hernandez, including the final installment of his signing bonus.

Hernandez now faces three murder charges, which will entail at least two high-profile trials.  No trial date has been set for the killing of Odin Lloyd, and Hernandez has been jailed without bail since late last June.  He’ll undoubtedly continue to be held without bail pending the outcome of both indictments, even if he’s acquitted in the first case that actually makes it to court.

89 responses to “Report: Hernandez indicted for July 2012 double murder

  1. It’s a real shame that the new england patriots organization put the citizens of Greater Boston at risk by employing this loser.

  2. I hope kids everywhere see this and learn from it.

    Sad story, even sadder “Human Being” in Hernandez. Just sad. It takes a certain kind of horrible to kill that way.

    He’ll end up dying in prison.

  3. I have loved to be a fly on the wall for that awkward moment when his lawyers realized that maybe Aaron left out a couple of things after their first Q&A with him.

  4. Why would Hernandez waive his speedy trial rights? Seems like his lawyers might have served him poorly, they probably wanted the excitement to settle down before a trial but ended up getting their client held without bail.

  5. He had it all and threw it away…for what? To impress his gang friends? What a waste. Have fun doing life in prison, hope it was worth it.

  6. It’s not what you know.. It’s what you can prove! As of now it’s all speculation. No murder weapon produced & no witnesses. Desperate attempts to lock up family members & add additional murders just to keep him w/o bail w/no evidence. Hate to say it but the prosecution sucks & has no kind of evidence. Sad attempts to make him guilty by public opinion w/o evidence. Hernandez walks on all three homicides. Smh.

  7. Patriots should not be responsible for anything having to do with this guy. And I am not a Pats fan. This is ridiculous. No way they knew his lifestyle. Yes, maybe we can get on them for not doing enough background check prior to signing him, but we can’t blame them for this. This guy is a monster who will live in a cell for the remainder of his life.

  8. Yeah but nobody disrespects him. That is what is important. Freedom, wealth, good fortune; what are they worth if you let somebody disrespect you?

  9. Karma for the negative Ray Lewis video played at Patriot Stadium by Kraft and the Patriots before the the Ravens playoff victory 2 years ago.

  10. I’m really glad he is getting his due, not because I dont like the patriots, but because it shows you are still accountable in America no matter how rich and famous you are.

  11. Imagine giving this man a high five after a win. Or hugging him on his birthday. Or sharing Thanksgiving dinner with him. Or even being next to him. And you’d never suspect he was a killer.

    And people wonder why you can’t truly trust anyone you meet.

    They say, That the world should be more “giving and accepting of others”

    Please. I value my life. I’d like to keep my life vermin-free thank you very much!

  12. really, who didn’t see this coming?

    Hernandez is in a canoe heading down a brown colored river and he lost his paddle a long time ago.

    The Hernandez situation is a crying shame of what could have and should have been. Hopefully his life story will serve as fair warning to those in the NFL that think its cool to be a “baller” instead of a professional football player that its time to grow up.

  13. He still will walk. They wouldn’t let a high profile case like this sit a year (with no trial date set yet) if they had slam dunk evidence.

  14. hernandez is sitting in front of a fan and the law enforcement community is tossing fresh cow pies into the fan NO WAY does he avoid it all!! if anything the trials will last 4-5 years before we even have to worry about him getting found not guilty (which most likely won’t happen anyway) so his freedom is even less likely then ever. if i were the prosecutors id wait on the trials before making him face the assault charge in jail just to make his wait more painful, although at this point it is my belief that even hernandez knows he will not avoid the splatter of cow pies!!

  15. This guy was really bad news BEFORE the Pats drafted him so I don’t want to hear a peep from their scarimonious fans trying to explain this one away. Own up!

  16. As a lawyer, I’m sure that Florio knows that the prosecutor can get an egg salad sandwich indicted by a grand jury if he wants to. Hopefully the prosecution has more and better evidence concerning these two murders than they have in the Lloyd case, cuz when Hernandez was first charged, everyone, including me, thought it was a slam dunk. Far from it. The prosecution’s case in the Lloyd murder seems to be tanking big time.

  17. All these past years the media has made the Patriot organization out to be squeaky clean. but dragged the Dolphins through the mud for a year and half and ran Incognito off his team because he bullied the biggest 2-faced cry baby in the league. At least Incognito didn’t murder two people and then sign a big money Patriot contract.

  18. You just know the “concussion defense” is coming. The repeated blows to his head caused brain damage that made him a menace. He was a good kid until he started playing football. Football is to blame, plain and simple.

  19. All this charge proves is they do not have nothing on him and they need to come up with as much as they can and hope something sticks..I’m willing to bet all the tea in china he walks….

    And the reason is he did not do it!

  20. Just because the prosecution took a year to collect evidence in order to gain a formal indictment doesn’t mean the case has holes in it or their evidence is weak. It means they’re doing their jobs thoroughly. Most cases take at least a year or two before they can go to trial in order to build a case, get the indictment, select a jury, and ultimately go to court. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if another year goes by before Hernandez’s case goes to trial.

  21. Pats knew he was a character risk, took a chance.
    Can’t crucify them for it.
    But spygate coverup, they need to be punished still. All those SB wins have an asterics, for all eternity unfortunately.

  22. Come on people with the patriots way crap. How does any employee suppose to know that they are hiring a potentiol murderer. I’m not a pats fan but I think that’s just stupid. My prayers go out to all the famlies that have been effected by this.

  23. More crimes the DA has no eyewitness, no murder weapon and no hard evidence for.

    While I think he’s certainly guilty of the Lloyd murder, and possibly these 2, the DA is reaching without hard proof. He knows he’s in trouble on the Lloyd murder and could well lose the case so he’s throwing as much fecal matter as possible against the wall and hoping something sticks because if he doesn’t convict Hernandez on something his career is over.

  24. Not defending him but a Grand Jury indictment is a long way from a conviction. I have my doubts they will be able to convict him for the Lloyd murder let alone the 2012 murders based on the evidence made public. Defendants with money have lawyers who can make the cops and district attorney look like amateurs when there is no physical evidence.

  25. The Boston Police have an eye witness who survived the shooting. He looked directly at Hernadez when he fired the weapon into their car killing his friends. The victims are Cape Veridian and had real jobs.

  26. I just hope that this is a provable case.

    Odin Lloyd’s case has a missing weapon, but if they can find one this time they’ll have done New England a justice.

    I found it too troubling for him to own all those weapons illegally. I want innocent people out of jail, but Hernandez can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

  27. He had everything going for him. I mean, good career, and just by looking at his mom you could tell that he had a loving home.
    Why, why do this when you have just one life to live on this planet?

  28. Well, besides the usual juvenile comments here, he hasn’t even gone on trial for anything yet. He clearly was a moron and gangster wanna-be. But it doesn’t appear the prosecution’s case in the Lloyd murder is progressing well at all. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

  29. I love it . All the punks and pricks that came on here talking about the legality and his innocence……. hes going to pay for his crimes like he should.

  30. Might be easier to convict for the double murder first, then next case would be a slam dunk…

  31. “It’s a real shame that the new england patriots organization put the citizens of Greater Boston at risk by employing this loser.”

    Oh Rustbelt, I know you can’t help yourself when it comes to the Patriots but as a Bengals fan do you really have any room to talk.

    1990 Rustbelt. And you just lost Zimmer and Gruden. But hey you still have Dalton!

  32. I work in the private sector but in my line of work have partnered with DA’s offices and LEO’s on various things.

    The Detectives I’ve encountered from Suffolk County PD’s have always been solid investigators and I definitely would not want to be facing an indictment from Bristol County on a high profile crime. To call that DA’s office exceptionally thorough would be a serious understatement. You can bet that is why the defense team isn’t pushing for a speedy trial… I suspect that they have a mountain of evidence from discovery to sift through and try and plan for. Don’t mistake not hearing anything new about the Lloyd case for a lack of evidence. The gag order is the biggest reason you haven’t heard any more about evidence in the Lloyd case.

    Oh, and for those of you going on about the lack of a murder weapon, you are watching too many tv crime dramas. For a good DA the murder weapon is a “nice to have” and many cases without a murder weapon result in convictions. Add to that a defendant that tried destroying the hard drive of his home security camera footage and his cell phone before turning them over to police along with hidden vehicles and apartments and the lack of a murder weapon will be something that just fits in with Hernandez’s profile as a conspiring criminal when put in front of a jury.

    Contrary to popular belief circumstantial evidence can get a conviction, especially when there is enough of it to bury any semblance of reasonable doubt.

    The interesting thing is now that he’s been indicted for the double murder is that if keeping that quiet was the impetus for the Lloyd murder then the jury will likely see/hear evidence related to the double murder as well, since it goes to motive.

    Personally I think the road to reasonable doubt has a ton of obstacles. That doesn’t mean a conviction is a slam dunk, but I that the defense attorneys have a huge uphill battle here. But regardless, I think it will be very interesting when this gets to trial.

  33. Also, for what it’s worth I think AH’s lawyers knew this was coming…if not from the mouth of AH himself then the evidence they’ve seen probably told them this was something they needed to start planning for.

    As dentak said, it is going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.

  34. This means New England can now void the contract as he signed it under false pretenses giving them enough cap room to easily trade for Andre Johnson.

  35. Where’s Mike Pouncey with one of his ill-timed tweets of support for this psycho?

    If convicted of this charge, that’s nuts that a murderer was playing in the NFL and like the article said, he even got his big payday AFTER he became a murderer.

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