Rex Ryan: Geno tough to beat out, but Vick definitely has a chance


Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg recently said that Geno Smith would open camp as the starting quarterback and, by implication, is the favorite to start the season opener against the Raiders.

Vick’s said the same thing, but the questions continue coming. Coach Rex Ryan gave the same answer when he faced one during a rare appearance with Mike Francesa on WFAN on Thursday and added that he thinks it is going to be difficult for Michael Vick to change that.

“Geno Smith is going to be hard to beat out,” Ryan said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “He knows the offense forward and backwards.”

That wasn’t Ryan’s last word on the subject, however. Smith may be difficult to beat out, but he can be beaten out and Ryan added that Vick “definitely” has a chance to win the job during the preseason. The party line from the Jets has been pretty consistent on this front since Vick signed and the team seems hopeful that his presence and upgraded talent will bring more success for Smith in his second season.

That may not thrill Joe Namath, but it’s not hard to see why the Jets would want to see last year’s second-round pick wind up as the answer to their quarterback question.

22 responses to “Rex Ryan: Geno tough to beat out, but Vick definitely has a chance

  1. I wouldn’t be too worried if I were Geno Smith. Even if by some chance Vick won the starting job heading onto Week 1, it wouldn’t be long before an injury forces Geno Smith to step in anyway. I, like most people, expect Geno Smith to be the starter in Week 1 and the Jets are fully aware that their future doesn’t lie on the shoulders of an aging Vick. Geno will get his shot, but having a capable backup like Vick is very smart for the Jets…should something happen.

  2. big difference between saying Geno has a lead and “hard to beat”. Geno has done nothing so far that qualifies him as hard to beat

  3. The Jets should have just rode out last season with Sanchez. There were 5 QB’s selected in the first two rounds this year who are better than him. Vick is not the answer. The Jets are truly a mess. They could have had a franchise QB this year. Instead they are talking about going with an aging, injury prone Vick. Geno Smith may get better but he won’t get better sitting on the bench.

  4. Knowing the offense and running the offense are very different.

    Vick will be starter by week two…..

  5. Geno’s is only good in Philly for Cheesesteaks. This dude is a flop. Give the job to Vick already and stop playing around.

  6. Huh, it sounds to me a lot like that time John Elway said that “Tim Tebow earned the right to be the starting quarterback going into training camp”… Of course Tebow never made it to camp. Despite the quotes this may be a qb comptetion the Jets want Geno to win, but it’s up for grabs between the 2.

  7. Dan Reeves – fired
    Jim Mora Jr – fired
    Andy Reid – fired
    The above coaches started Mike Vick in their offense, all three were fired.

    If Rex can not see the handwriting on the wall for coaches that start Michael Vick, he deserves the same fate.

  8. Let Vick start the season, then when he gets hurt (we know he will) bring in Geno. The clipboard time will only help him.

  9. geno stinks I don’t think he is capable of being back up QB maybe practice squad they need to get another QB for when vick goes down I think brady Quinn and vince young are still out there

  10. If my last name is Boyd, first name Tajh, then I say forget these other guys I’m the best QB prospect and I’m going to prove I’m the best and force the team to have to play me.

  11. And this jet fans is why the jets are such a joke. Geno was the worst QB in the league last year with a low ceiling moving forward. Wrecks knows nothing about offensive football and get ready for more of the same pathetic excuses.

    1969 is as good as it will get.

  12. Being a rookie QB is tough enough in this league.
    Imagine if you never played in a pro style offense or took snaps under centre in college.
    Add onto that half of your receiving corp is added mid year and they are off the steerer or a practice squad (salas and Nelson)
    Add onto that even when your best receiver is healthy he is practicing with you once a week.
    Let’s see how Geno fares this year before make too quick a judgement.

  13. Well if I were a betting man I’d bet on history and history says that MV7 ALWAYS wins Pre-Season QB competitions! Say what you want about the mans durability but his ABILITY has always spoken for itself. Vicks best season statistically as a Pro was with Morninwheg and this style of offense, so I can reasonably foresee him playing back to close to that level. When Vick has good pass protection he is lethally efficient and can make all of the throws. Its when he doesn’t have good protection where his decision making seems to be a bit questionable. Vick kept Schaub(former ProBowler) on the bench in Atlanta, put Kolb and later Foles(Pro Bowl) on ClipBoard Duty in Philly. Moral of the story, probably won’t make a good living betting against Mike Vick not winning the starting job!!!LOL

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