Seahawks sign sixth-rounder Eric Pinkins


The reigning Super Bowl champions have signed the first member of their draft class.

The agents for sixth-round safety Eric Pinkins announced that their client has agreed to terms with the Seahawks on a four-year contract. Pinkins was one of nine players that the Seahawks added to their roster.

Pinkins has good size (6-3, 220 pounds) and put up great numbers at San Diego State’s pro day, but he isn’t going to be playing much safety unless something goes very wrong. Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor aren’t bad safeties to learn from, though, and Pinkins will be in a position to do that if he convinces the Seahawks of his value on special teams in the offseason and preseason.

That’s going to be the case for several members of the draft class as the Seahawks return a lot of the players that helped them claim the title last season.

23 responses to “Seahawks sign sixth-rounder Eric Pinkins

  1. This guy was only drafted becuz he’s 6’3 and the Seahawks think they can turn him into an All-Pro safety with some PED’s…. just like they did with the rest of their secondary.

  2. I read that Pete actually said they are going to try him at CB. The guy hits like a hammer and is built like a safety. Didn’t know much about him until I watched 3 or 4 of the draft tapes of him online. In one game he take out two people with hard clean hits, he struggles a bit in coverage but Kris Richard will coach him up.

  3. The 12th man is overrated. Any stadium could be built to have the sound driven back to the field…not impressed. Also, PED’s are cool for the sea ducks.

  4. Oh yeah…the 12th man is SOOOO overrated. Man, it really sucks having a fanbase that causes more false starts than any other stadium in the league and makes it virtually impossible for the opposing team to hear the play calls. They have absolutely nothing to do with the horrible 17-1 home record over the last couple seasons either. Dang that 12the man! Why any team would want rabid, game-changing fans like that is beyond me!

  5. Your stadium directly funnels the sound right back to the field was my point. Also, 10 years ago was the entire fan base so loud and crazy? Not so sure.

  6. Was the century link stadium the reasoner life stadium I’ve 3000 miles away was so loud Peyton couldn’t hear? Truth is Seattle is already loud and had been loud for decades but as the team has developed it’s become customary for Seahawks fans to be rabid at games now and people will tell you to yell if you aren’t . While design helps some . It’s not nearly as important as the fans actually yelling .

    Also theirs is currently only one player on the Seahawks teams who was suspend for anything . Only one guy on last years team was ever suspended for peds and none remain .

  7. Yeah, ask Denver about the 12th man noise on a neutral field… 12 seconds… 2 points….

  8. You can’t call yourself an NFL fan until you suffer a season cheering for the Vikings. It’s a hazing of sorts.

  9. The basic takeaway here is that the Seahawks have found a younger, faster Brandon Browner and he just signed up for 4 years on the cheap. Enjoy.

  10. Seattle Seahawks fans didn’t design the stadium. But we fill it with the noise. We were also the loudest fans in New York during the Superbowl. Matched up evenly in any field, the Seahawks fans will be louder than you.

  11. IF the stadium design has so much to do with it, then why didn’t your team construct the same design? The CLink was built over 10 years ago and there has since been many stadiums built.

  12. In 1988 or so Jon Elway complained that the Kingdome was too loud so they created a rule in the NFL that said if the QB can’t make his calls because of the loudness they could penalize yardage on the defense. This lasted 2 years until repealed for its idiocy. To which anyone who criticizes a fans right to cheer their team should be thought of as much. Seahawks fans are the loudest. Husky football fans are the loudest. It always has been and always will be. Kinda like climate warming.

  13. So, does Century Link Field, that is open on one end and has just half a roof, hold in more sound than all the domes around the league?

    Say what you want about the use of the “12th man” label, but Hawks fans are just louder and crazier than your team’s fans. Vocal cords are destroyed from yelling and hands crack open and bleed from clapping. This is what your kind calls “pumped in crowd noise”. We just call it Sunday at da CLink.

    I invite you to visit Seattle and experience Seahawks gameday for yourself.

  14. Yes the way our stadium is shaped was the reason why the first play of the Super Bowl happened at MetLife. 12th man is the greatest fanbase in sports and it hurts you to hear that.

  15. Go hawks. We won Super Bowl all other teams can piss off. Everybody hates the seahawks but love our players, coaches and front office when they are up for grabs? Bradley, Thurmond, browner, Clemons, Hutchinson and everybody else.

  16. hunst009 says: “Your stadium directly funnels the sound right back to the field was my point. Also, 10 years ago was the entire fan base so loud and crazy? Not so sure.”

    King Dome? Don’t know what that was? One of the loudest and most uncomfortable stadiums, even when the Hawks sucked! The noise in the stadium helped lead to the failed rule where the quarterback could step back from the line when the crowd was too loud – Seattle fans just got louder. The simple fact is, the fans earned CLink!

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