Shad Khan says there’s no more paid vacations in Jacksonville

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As owner Shad Khan tries to rebuild the Jaguars into a valuable commodity, he knows he has to fix their image first.

Perhaps nothing spoke to the last decade or so of frustrations like the comments of former cornerback Aaron Ross, who referred to his year there as a “nice paid vacation  to Florida.”

There’s no sense of entitlement anymore,” Khan said of his team now, via Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union. “You’re not going to have one of our ex-players saying he’s coming back from a paid vacation in Florida anymore.

“To me, when you come here [now], you absolutely feel the drive and the hunger, whether it’s on the business side or on the football side. You need that to become successful.

“Regrettably, we did have players who were really too comfortable – they didn’t have pressure [on them].”

Khan didn’t mention Ross by name, but he didn’t have to.

And while they’re still coming off a 4-12 season, there’s a stable base in place, and if quarterback Blake Bortles develops into a quality starter, they might become a team people actually want to come play for.

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  1. Ross’ one year in Jacksonville was under GM Gene Smith and coach Mike Mularkey. That year was a total and complete disaster.

    With GM Dave Caldwell and coach Gus Bradley, the organization had done nearly a 180. The culture has completely changed. And thankfully, they have actually drafted some good players.

  2. I like Shad. He’s a good businessman. And I think Caldwell and Bradley were good hires. But he should let those guys run the show and run their mouths.

    It’s not like Shad exactly has a record that backs up this tough talk. The Jags have not improved a whit under his ownership and Fulham were relegated this year. So…

  3. Hugh Douglas said the same thing, when he left the Eagles to play for the Jags, which was during the Del Rio era, if I recall correctly. A good coaching staff, with a professional environment, should eliminate this, and Bradley is a good coach. Sometimes you have to make examples of people, in order to send a message.

  4. Mr. Kahn has a serious approach, a good GM and a fine head coach. They finally seem to be going in the right direction. Good luck except when you play the Eagles.

  5. Aaron Ross showed no class when he made that statement on NFL Network. The hosts egged him on and thought it was hilarious. Ross must have forgot that the team allowed him to miss a portion of training camp to go to the Olympics to watch his wife win a gold medal..and how they were both celebrated by the Jaguars and the city upon their return.
    Khan, Bradley and Caldwell are changing the culture of the Jaguars. Players are already choosing to play in Jacksonville.

  6. Gus Bradley will make this team relevant. Competition will be real and the best players will play. He is a branch of the new coaching tree with Pete at the top. Just the first of many…

  7. I appreciate Shad Khan but it’s about time they actually show it on the field. Their franchise has been a laughter and deservingly so.

  8. I think the Jags are going in the right direction.

    I have never heard a bad word about Shad Khan.

    He is a self-made man, who understands the value of having good people.

    Plus he has the best Mustache of any owner in Professional Sports to boot!

    I hope the Jags make a turn around and become a playoff team again soon.

    I think they have the right people pulling the levers.

  9. Bradley is a Pete Carroll disciple. In Carroll’s system, the most important mental trait a player can have is a competitive nature. Time spent having to motivate players is time that could be better spent actually coaching.

  10. The problem today is owners have ADD when it comes to coaches, GMs, and “franchise” QBs.

    They pull the trigger on firing guys well before they’ve had enough time to build a team. They throw these QBs out there with little support, the QB struggles, and then they get thrown to the street. Between Cleveland, Jacksonville, and other teams that have gone through a list of QBs there have been more careers ruined by poor handling and WAY too high of expectations too quickly.

    I think it’s a joke so many teams think they will go from last to first and do what the Patriots do. Not going to happen without long term planning and time.

    Just look at Cleveland. EVERY YEAR it’s “this is our coach, he’s gonna do it this time” and “this is our QB, this is the guy we needed”


  11. Pretty lame and disrespectful comment by Ross – that’s a permanent dealbreaker type of comment. If I’m an NFL personnel guy, Ross is radioactive — I don’t want that malignant out-for-himself clown anywhere my team spreading his toxins.

    Good for the Jags to be rid of the cancerous tumor.

  12. I think they’re definitely headed in the right direction with Bortles, I have a feeling he’s gonna be pretty damn good. And I know its been said a million times on here, but Shad Kahn has a spectacular mustache and a glorious head of hair. To hell with the 70’s, the way he rocks it is timeless!

  13. I’m thrilled w/ Khanstruction, rebuilding the team through the draft, keeping team players like Henne, honoring guys like Meester & then drafting a replacement for him. Not whining about getting Blackmon back and instead drafting two WRs with potential. Getting Toby Gerhart in FA. I don’t care about last season’s record. That was last season. Let’s go get ’em!

  14. Well done, Shad! The owner of any sports team should be the one who sets the tone for the organization. Self-discipline and a sense of professionalism not entitlement appears to be Shad’s preamble. Good for him and good for the Jags!

  15. Oh yeah that’s gonna work? Just like the auto plants he owns, threatens to close the doors because they are losing money and goes out and buys a football and soccer team. Meanwhile we haven’t seen a raise in a decade and slowly our benefits are being taken from us each contract….gonna try real hard for this clown…

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