Source: League, union haven’t agreed to relaxed marijuana rules

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Earlier this week, Dan Graziano of reported that the NFL and NFLPA have agreed to adjust the rules regarding marijuana, pending an agreement regarding HGH testing.

Per a source with direct knowledge of the negotiations, the report is inaccurate.

The source explained that increased marijuana concentrations and/or decreased marijuana discipline have never been formally proposed by either side.  The possibility was mentioned only once during the discussions, and it is not part of the tentative agreement that hinges on the league and the union finalizing HGH testing.

“It’s not in there,” the source said regarding the information relating to changes to the marijuana rules.

That said, the current proposal does include the ability of the medical experts who run the substance-abuse program to adjust the time period that a player spends in the program.  Rather than relying on a specific duration (such as two years or, for a player in Stage 3, the rest of his career), the player could be removed from the program if/when a clinical determination is made that the oversight no longer is needed.

In theory, the current proposal could be modified to include, for example, an increase in the concentration for marijuana or a decrease in the penalties.  For now, though, the tentative deal does not include either of those things.

It’s possible that the NFLPA was simply floating the potential adjustment to the marijuana rules as a trial balloon to the media.  The better approach could be to simply make the proposal to the league.

39 responses to “Source: League, union haven’t agreed to relaxed marijuana rules

  1. Fix the rulebook first and the officiating system, I’m a fan and I don’t care about this stuff if they can’t get the games called fairly and properly.

  2. Larry King just tweeted about the absurdity of the NFL testing for cannabis at all.

  3. They should have a point system where crimes give you points and once you reach a certain level, then you’re suspended. Get suspended a certain number of times and you are out of the league. Staying out of trouble and doing charity work over an allotted time could lower your points. This could also add another element to fantasy football…which I am addicted to

  4. NFL won’t agree to exchange company pens with the NFLPA unless the NFLPA agrees to give Herr Goddell full, total and complete power as judge, jury and executioner in every and all proceedings.

  5. Can we get some info on what thresholds they are actually discussing? Its hard to analyze this story without knowing how many nanograms we are talking about.

  6. I really think the NFL is going the wrong way with this.

    I think they should add alcohol to the banned substances list as well and suspend everybody. They SHOULD be trying to move back to the 1920’s/1930’s mentality.

    If you argue that this doesn’t make sense, then you must be for the legalization of marijuana.

  7. The zero tolerance stuff is ridiculous. These guys are punished worse for smoking an herb that is not performance enhancing or aids them in any way with football, worse than the wife beaters are.

    Something very very wrong with that picture.

  8. 1/16 of NFL franchises play in cities where Marijuana use is legal for recreational use.

    It isn’t necessarily illegal in California (3 teams), or New York (3 teams) either.

    That is 8 teams out of 32 where marijuana use is considered less than a parking ticket.

  9. “We smoked 2 joints before we smoked 2 joints and then we smoked 2 more”

  10. What happens if 50% of the league tests positive for marijuana going forward? You gonna suspend half the league? No you’re not.

    The players will ultimately decide how this ends. If the NFL doesn’t like it, they can hurt their own product, which they will never do.

  11. Weed is the start of the slippery slope. People who use weed to get high will always want to get higher, so they move on to coke, heroin, crack, and meth.

  12. “Roll up a fat one, pass the rest. I want to get blunted my brotha”

  13. sounds from the huddle:

    “Dude…Like go long man”


    Imagine the franchise QB’s career ending because his LT is stoned out of his mind.

  14. Legalize it at the Federal level! Smoking pot is not (should not be) a crime.

    Remove the ban on marijuana. You don’t suspend players for smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol do you??

    It is only a banned substance in the NFL because of its illegal status on the Federal level. But it should not be illegal. It’s good for business and makes people happy. You sell beer at football games; you could sell pot brownies too!

  15. Let them smoke weed.
    Weed is a great pain reliever. It doesn’t effect anything else. It gives them no advantage over players who don’t smoke. Who cares????
    Alcohol and prescription pain relievers are way more damaging to a person’s body.

    Oh wait, pharmaceutical companies might loose too much money.

  16. Weed (and other drugs) cause people to make stupid life decisions based on the “look at me I’m so cool for doing drugs and you better not judge me for it but you better pay for my food and rehab because I’m broke” lifestyle.

    Players have plenty of money and they can CHOOSE to not do drugs and have a productive life, or they CHOOSE to do drugs and lose their NFL career (and then they blame Roger for their stupid choices).

  17. I witnessed a supervisor at a job inform an employee he was suspended and had to attend substance abuse classes because of a random blood test. (Weed) This was done in front of all of his fellow workers. The supervisor was drunk at the time while on duty and driving a company vehicle. He smelled like a bottle of 151 rum. Drunks kill but nothing to see here folks.

  18. I don’t understand it being illegal, other than to keep people in in jail for something that is legal in 2 states. I know people who have smoked and they have NEVER been temped to even try something stronger. 25% of a season, 50% of a season, a full season is too much. 1-2 games if you are going to do it. The substance isn’t performance enhansing at all.

  19. It didnt say drugs you guys gotta stay on topic it just say marijuana. which is being accepted in society more and more so i can see why the adjustment is being made

  20. I agree marijuana should be legal ,however please people in particular “harrismith etc” stop with the 0 tolerance crap . Dude you have to fail THREE SEPARATE DRUG TESTS TO EVEN GET SUSPENDED .

    It’s not easy failing 3 separate drugs tests three separate times . That means you are an idiot bc you are clearly breaking rules and laws and you should absolutely be suspended and you’ve been doing so for a long stretch of time . To get suspended for a year you have to have already been suspended and therefore have failed between 4-5 drug tests .

    We can argue all day that it should be legal which I agree with , but I also agree in following the rules and people who disregard the rules like this should 100% of the time have consequences for their actions .

  21. Everyone will be doing the Lambeau leap hoping to score some munchies from the fans.

  22. I’m going to sound biased because I’m a Browns fan, but marijuana should be treated more like alcohol and less like other drugs that are illegal under federal law.

  23. I find it interesting the league is going to suspend Josh Gordon an entire season but has made no mention of the Jim Irsay prescription drug/DUI arrest.

  24. Violent crime/DUI is a few games suspension. Some guy tokes at home and it’s like murder. Hey remember when Jamal Lewis ran a drug ring and he spent like a year in a halfway house,then got reinstated. Not banned for running a mail order drug ring,but guys who puff on herb get stiffer penalties. We still haven’t heard what will happen to Ray Rice or Aldon Smith. Shoot that dude shot up the party with an assault rifle,said I’m a drunk,got a month off and then went back to work. Weed. Either make it zero tolerance or don’t worry about it.

  25. Weed does not ruin your life, other people and governments who do not think you should use it ruin your life. live free or die

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