Teammate has concerns about Michael Sam’s reality show


Not everyone in the Rams’ locker room is on board with rookie Michael Sam getting his own reality show.

On Wednesday it was announced that Sam, the NFL’s first openly gay player, will be the subject of a show on the Oprah Winfrey Network. On Thursday, an unnamed Rams player told Josina Anderson of ESPN that the show could become an issue.

“It’s an interesting case that he gets to work with Oprah and have his own show, but I think it does raise eyebrows and it may be somewhat of a distraction,” said the player, who was speaking on condition of anonymity. “But this is our first time dealing with something like this, so we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out and how people react.”

Publicly, everyone on the Rams who has expressed an opinion about Sam has been supportive. But the same player said that privately, some players may just be expressing political correctness, rather than giving their honest views about having Sam on the team.

“Clearly I’m not sure how everyone feels, but from what I can tell so far I think it’s a little bit of both, honestly,” he said.

If players have a problem with Sam’s sexual orientation, that’s their problem. But if Sam is alienating teammates with a perception that he’s trying to make himself a star while everyone else is simply trying to make the roster, that could be a problem for him.

129 responses to “Teammate has concerns about Michael Sam’s reality show

  1. I fully support Sam’s human rights and his desire to play in the NFL, but if he wants to tank his chances before he even makes the team he either needs to rethink why he’s there or fire his agent/manager.

  2. Replace Sam with Johnny Football and the media would be killing him calling him an entitled brat who doesn’t get it. Why is Sam any different?

  3. Have a reality show about being the first openly gay drafted player who got cut, or try and make the team. But not both.

  4. Anonymous sources… hmm. Not that I don’t agree but this could be completely made up. Either put your name behind it or don’t print it. Tired of this stuff.

  5. Sounds to me like this player should be fined, suspended and compelled to attend sensitivity training.

  6. Spoiler alert: he gets cut in the last episode.

    Not because of his sexual orientation but due to his inability to focus on the game. Making the team is hard enough as a 7th rounder for guys grinding it out

  7. He has all my support for coming out…. so don’t misinterpret the rest…
    If i am Jeff Fisher, he is one of the first cuts on the preseason, they don’t need that distraction around the locker room.

  8. There is no way he is going to make the 53 man roster on a team like the Rams which has four excellent DEs (Quinn, Long, Hayes, Sims). I have to wonder what the public reaction will be if/when he gets cut.

  9. I am waiting for this show with absolute breathless anticipation

    Just out of curiosity I wonder who eats more in a day

  10. He’s not gonna last, just do your show and leave the nfl to real men who wanna be there. Braylon Edwards will be your first guest I’m sure!

  11. This gives me the impression that this young man is more interested in making a social statement than in playing football, which is contrary to what he has been saying for months.

  12. Never seen so much hype for a 7th round pick. i don’t care if he is gay or not. good for him. But from a football standpoint, the thing everybody has been saying to judge him by, he does not deserve any of this.

  13. He’s no different than ANY other NFL player… He just wants it make large amounts of money in a short time

  14. They don’t have a new coach, they haven’t been in the layoffs in the last two years and they haven’t been on the show before, I’d say the rams are a shoe in for hard knocks

  15. This was only a matter of time and I’m sure it’s just the beginning. At least we can put this whole thing behind us when he gets cut in the pre-season

  16. His agent and publicist are two of the show’s producers. It is unfortunate that their interests seem to possibly be interfering with what is best for Sam’s football career. The agent and publicist might make more money off the show than representing their client through the rookie deal.

  17. Rams had the table set for them with all of the high RGIII picks, – then this.
    Better cut your losses soon St. Losers.

  18. If it were a straight player someone like Johnny Manziel for example and he wanted a reality show and a teammate says he shouldn’t do that I highly bet that teammate wouldn’t be fined or suspended! Double standard

  19. This is one of the dumbest things Michael Sam could do in his particular situation.

  20. “When the Rams cut him… incoming discrimination lawsuit.”

    Actually, it will be a ground breaking event. He will be the first openly gay player cut by a NFL team.

    First openly gay player to step on a practice field.
    First to be in a huddle.
    First to miss a tackle.
    First to have a penalty called against him.
    Are we going to have live lookins for all these ground breaking events?

    I am curious how first openly gay player to be subject to rookie hazing goes.

  21. Johnny Football is just hoping Sam’s show lasts long enough to keep the heat off him during training camp.

  22. I’d guess most league players, if not an overwhelming majority of non-superstar, non-big money players, would take the money and show if they were offered.

  23. I’m thinking the rams were in good position to draft this guy, knowing they could cut him with the least amount of criticism. A team not so deep at his/her position would have a harder time explaining why they cut him. Maybe, just maybe, this is a blessing. And this phony mess will be over. He will live happily ever after with opera.

  24. I thought he just wanted to play football like everyone else. Now he wants cameras to be on him through his journey. Say one thing and do another. Not gonna end well and its on him

  25. See this is how the media is. Who knows how hard they pressed this guy into finally saying yes to a show, or was it something he jumped on as soon as it was dropped in his lap. You’ll know by how comfortable he is around the camera. For his sake it better be football

  26. As a fan of football, I have no interest in this show.

    If it involved Johnny Football or Clowney I would be interested to see it. Seeing a 7th rounder who happens to be gay is not worth watching beyond a fee minutes on HardKnocks.

  27. Can’t blame the player for wanting to be “unnamed”. Even though he didn’t disparage Sam for being gay, but rather concern for team distraction, he would’ve still been subject to ridicule for saying anything contrary to the pc narrative. He probably would’ve been subject to suspension, fines, and sensitivity training. That said, I expect there will be a witch hunt to find out who he is.

  28. Every criticism of him will now have to be anonymously, because saying anything will get you a fine and a suspension apparently

  29. I have problems with “namesless” players. I also don’t see how a guys reality show at home is a distraction if he comes to work and puts in his hard work during his 9-5. Wouldn’t you rather cameras be on a guy in his house then having a distraction like Aaron Hernandez or any of these other knuckleheads that are in gangs, and out in the club until 4 am?

  30. Wouldn’t be hard to narrow down who said it. Proper English, sounds educated. Could narrow that down to several guys pretty fast.

  31. The Rams now wish they would have went with their first instinct, and drafted RuPaul in the 249 spot.

  32. This is a joke. He should not be allowed to do a show as a part of the team nor should they (the show) have any rights to using the Ram name,image or likeness as a part of this show. If something goes awry, the Rams would suffer a perennial black eye and draw the ire of the fan base. Thank goodness my team didn’t draft this guy. I can imagine the circus-like atmosphere this is going to cause. Johnny Football or Clowney at least are not out to be a distraction. Apples and oranges. Heisman winner and 1st Round pick vs a 7th round player who uses his private life to make money.

  33. The only reason the source is “unnamed” is because the liberal media will crucify him and demand a suspension. (see Miami dolphins overreaction) Good for him for speaking what he and that entire Rams roster already think…you can’t fine an unnamed source, so good thinking in remaining anonymous…but the entire team likely wants this circus to be gone as soon as possible.

  34. Yeah, like anybody would turn down Oprah is she waves a check in front of you.

    1st rd pick, maybe. 7th rd, noway he should walk away from the money. You wouldn’t.

  35. It doesn’t matter if you’re Michael Sam, Johnny Football, or an un-drafted free agent. The best thing a rookie can do is show they’re putting 100% into meshing with the team without being a distraction.

    Sam and AJ McCarron already have reality show deals. Not the best way to keep a low profile and earn your teammates respect.

  36. Everyone is over-reacting. Cameras will not be allowed on the Ram’s property. It will all be shot off site.

  37. If you’re going to criticize a teammate, man up and put your name on it. Otherwise keep your mouth shut and do your job.

  38. By “unnamed player” you mean every person inside the Ram’s organization, right?

    Just imagine if this joker announced he was going to do this BEFORE the draft. He’d be lucky to have been signed as an UDFA.

  39. This reality show only has a few weeks to get the cameras into place before the episode entitled, “M.Sam, see coach and bring your playbook” and then the final episode “M.Sam sues the Rams for workplace discrimination”. He could still change by doing sets of wind sprints instead of sets of promotional brand building and souvenir selling.

  40. how well did t.o and chad do with ther team when they had reality shows. BIG DISTRACTION

  41. Here’s the bottom line, Sam is not likely to make the final 53 man roster and his chances decrease with every distraction he allows in.

    So just how far is his TV show going to go considering training camp lasts about 6 weeks?

    Oprah is wasting her money, nobody cares.

  42. What really sucs is that if you’re on the Rams , you will be tiptoeing around with everything you say or do. Guarantee that at least somebody says or does something wrong and gets in trouble. The Rams will at least have a great draft pick next year because that team will be too tied up in the circus. Feel sorry for Jeff because it will cost him his job probabley. And nothing against sam but it will cause problems

  43. At first I agreed with everyone above, but the more I think about it, the more sense it makes. Sam is not a good football player; he will never get a big NFL payday, so doesn’t it make sense for him to make as much money as possible now? The simple fact is that a reality show is probably a better career move for Sam than trying to cling on to the bottom end of an NFL roster. It’s great to see football players play football, but you can’t fault a man for trying to provide for himself long-term.

  44. It’s a terrible situation for the other Rams. If they say anything, it will be spun as h***phobic and they’ll be cast out of our tolerant society, so they either make comments as unnamed players or are forced into silence.

  45. So many people are rooting for this guy to fail. I hope he proves them wrong.

  46. I’ve supported Michael Sam for months and even wanted my team to draft him. But a reality show with Oprah when you’ve just spent the last 5 months telling the world “you’re just here to play football” is where I get off the bus.

  47. The Rams are in a tough division. Their focus needs to be on winning in their division. Sam was given an opportunity to get to work to help the team (pass rushing) do well. His choices so far have focused attention on himself. Time to cut him now before he continues to disrupt.

  48. I don’t think many of you have a clue. This guy was a SEVENTH ROUND DRAFT PICK. How many SEVENTH ROUND DRAFT PICKS have long prosperous careers in the NFL?

    If I am a 7th round draft pick and would therefore be lucky to even be on the roster in September, and someone offers me money for a reality show I’M GOING TO TAKE IT.

    Give this guy a break, his profootball career isn’t even guaranteed beyond 2015, I cannot knock a player on the bubble with trying to make some money. btw he gets ZERO dollars for those jersey sales.

  49. Let the record show that the first openly gay NFL player is indeed just like every other player out there

    He puts money ahead of football

  50. On the other hand……Michael sam “i wanna be known as michael sam the football player”….less than a week later…. Michael sam “guess what everybody? Im doing a reality show about being the first openly gay football player”…..So Michael…. What was the “real” reason for “coming out”??

  51. I think 95% of NFL fans have concerns that Sam even got drafted and now he most likely has to go away. It was a leap by the Rams and now they may get rammed.

  52. I want to be treated lke any other person/player. Oh by the way I’d like you know I’m different. I’m gay. I will have a reality show, I, a 7th round pick was called and congratulated by the President of the USA, not the #1 pick. And by the way did I tell you I am gay?
    If you want to be treated like everyone else then don’t tell everyone, look at me, I’m different.
    I don’t care what your sexual orientation is, it’s your right to be, and your business, what you want but, don’t try to use it to garner favorable treatment. I don’t run around telling people I’m heterosexual theat me in a particular way. You want to fit in keep your private life, just that,private.

  53. Sam doesn’t care if he plays football. He wants to be a spokesman. He knows his playing days are done. And is preparing for a career in the media.

    Too bad the patriots didn’t take him. Would have loved to see how they handled a reality show lol

  54. If a player is determined to have anything other than positive comments they will be fined, suspended, and required to undergo counselling.

    Under the current conditions you will never get anything but positive comments “on the record”

  55. Sam wants things both ways. First, he wants to be recognized just as a football player. Second, he is on a reality show documenting on how an openly gay man tries to make the team.

    Well, which is it?

  56. I support Michael Sam. However, it is not wise to participate in reality television. It could lead to distractions and friction in the locker room.

  57. If he gets cut, would he still be the first football player who is gay? I say no.

  58. I can see him missing the final 53, and making the practice squad even if for PC purposes. then the reality show has its happy ending. an openly gay man can make it in the NFL!!!!

    gosh I hate that somehow O has worked her way into the NFL. go away. we don’t want you or your money.

  59. if he truely wants to fit in and just play football why is he doing all this other crap – maybe he’s trying to cash in because the writing is on the wall with his football career

  60. Somebody with a big name needs to go public and make a stand against letting players put out their business like that..
    Adrian Peterson comes to mind.

  61. The “commical sidekicks” duo of OJ & Kato have now slipped to #2 in the All-Time rankings, behind Sam & Vito!

    I would love to be in St. Louis for DL drills opening day. Someone has to pay the bill for the circus to come to town!

    And I’ll say it because they can’t fine me, suspend me, or give me sensitivity training!

  62. Its ok, no one watches the Oprah network.

    Does that idiot Oprah actually think her network will gain viewers from this?

    Hahahaha, good luck, she’s lucky she already made her money.

  63. When he came out his words were “I want to be know as Michael Sam the football player and not as Michael Sam the gay football player”…He is making it hard to think of him as just a football player and now for him to have a reality show the support he has is gonna dwindle down as it seems like he is using his getting drafted for other issues instead of just playing football and now it is gonna be a distraction…His agent is trying to make $$$ and basically pimping him out now…If he just wants to play football and be know as a normal person than he should stop putting himself on a pedestal like a diva and just play ball…

  64. This won’t help Michael Sam’s chances of making the Rams roster. He’s making it more about himself instead of the Rams organization.

  65. I predict, Sam ends up on the practice squad, and then plays in a game in week 12 or later. And oh by the way, a reality show, really what a bad idea to start out. Are you serious about football or not!

  66. Who honestly cares, let him have a show. Not interested, don’t watch it. I won’t, but I could care less. Letting the media create a distraction is falling for their schtick.

  67. Also the amount of hate for Michael Sam on this site is astounding. Dude got offered a reality show deal and took it, who wouldn’t? He’s gonna get cut most likely anyways and wants a paycheck, do you blame him. Plus it’s not going to interfere with any real football activities other than maybe his PRIVATE training sessions out of the facility. I don’t see what the big deal is. Let the man live.

  68. Why does it matter about his sexual orientation? Who cares if he is gay. Why does that make him special? It doesn’t. I don’t care who he kisses or sleeps with. Just play a good game. Be a good human, and help your team win games. When I go to Walmart or Harrah’s Casino no one knows what my sexual orientation is. It is none of anyone’s business. I don’t attend straight pride week, lol. Michael Sam is trying to cash in on the fact that he sleeps with men. Big deal. He is not the first and will not be the last gay NFL draft pick or player. He is already causing distractions. A reality TV show is just for the money, not because he really feels strongly about helping other gay players. I have no respect for him as a man , gay or not.

  69. good thing he wants to be treated like all the other “regular” guys and just play football

  70. I’m convinced that people outside of football are trying to torpedo Michael Sam’s chances to make it in the NFL with stuff like this reality show.

    They want to make a quick buck off the story (who really thinks Oprah is being altruistic by putting this on her network?), then they can whine and complain that he wasn’t given a fair chance because he was openly gay when the Rams cut him. And then they’ll move on to the next sensationalistic pseudo-celebrity they can find.

    I haven’t yet decided if Sam is a pawn or a willing and active participant in all of this, but he really needs to decide if he wants to be a pro football player or a punchline, because he will be dropped like the proverbial hot rock when he is no longer relevant.

  71. You’re not sure why players aren’t expressing truthful opinions?

    Maybe it’s due to the fact that someone tweeted they thought two men kissing was gross and he was promptly suspended

  72. Oprah is no longer relevant. I understand the social importance of the kiss but even Jackie Robinson and Rosa Parks would have steered clear of reality TV.

  73. Jones got fined for tweeting “OMG Horrible”
    Can you imagine what would happen to this anonymous player if everyone knew who he was?
    If Sam really wants to play football, he needs to play and stay away from Oprah. He will get his 30 minutes (twice as much due to the issues) of fame and some money, but I doubt his head is in the game, which will end up costing him a career.

  74. I hope M. Sam’s reality show gets a ton of media coverage. I hope ESPN and NFL Network keep the Sam coverage going strong. I hope his teammates have frequent locker room discussions about the proper level of media frenzy for a 7th rnd compensatory pick (not his sexual preference). I hope the Rams carry him through pre-season and give him a roster spot on the 53-man. I hope they play Sam as situation-pass-rush all season long.

    I hope I get to see Sam TRY to catch Russell Wilson at da CLink!

    Sorry Sam, below average size, speed, combine numbers = 7th rnd comp pick!

  75. then what if to top it off the Rams are selected to do ” HARD KNOCKS “…and the Rams are closing the gap between the Seahawks and themselves but this stuff could set them back another step ..say it aint so Sam

  76. So what if I was terrible at the combines I deserved to be drafted Higher.
    All 7th round marginal players get reality shows don’t they ?
    Please fail Sam Why? Because you are a jerk

  77. Show, really?
    Can we just get past the fact that he’s gay (who CARES?) and see if he can ball?
    He isn’t the ONLY gay player in the NFL – he’s the only one that has had the COURAGE – but – at the same time – I don’t want a show – just let him ball if he can.
    Would love to see him treated like ANY OTHER player – he was drafted low…yet….here we are.
    The story shouldn’t be that he’s gay – it should be – can he BALL.

  78. I agree with most comments on here but there is no way he will be cut. They have 4 good DEs but how many OLBs do they have? They’ll find a way to put him on the roster vs the vikes and its not going to be because hes better than the others

  79. I said it before. And I’ll say it again. Michael Sams has a personal agenda that has nothing to do with football. It’s about forcing acceptance of his sexual orientation on a public that is skeptical about it. The OWN deal is proof of this to a large extent. He did not disclose this to the NFL or the Rams. And both are left in an embarrassing situation over it. If I was any of their early round draft choices, I’d be mentally ballistic how Sams literally hijacked my moment from a PR standpoint. IMO the entire situation could easily blow up badly in the Rams face by disorienting the team. And impose a level of dishonesty within their team’s culture.

  80. Being Gay might but shouldn’t be a problem? Being stupid is definitely a problem!

  81. The teammate wanted to remain anonymous because he fears getting fined or suspended by commenting. The Sam thing is already becoming a joke.

  82. The biggest issue with drafting him wasnt who he wants to date, it was the media circus that comes with it………….and to offset that he gets a reality TV show? i’d cut him right now, he obviously isnt interested in whats best for the team, he is already starting a circus

  83. The show is missing the most important element – the antagonist. The Rams should re-sign Richie Incognito immediately to go to work on Sam. Football is entertainment, after all.

    BTW, no duh that most Rams are being PC in their statements. Don Jones, a Dolphin, is suspended for tweeting a word. Imagine what they’d do to a Ram who expresses his feelings.

  84. I think the scarier issue is that this player had to remain anonymous, lest he get crucified. Has it really gotten so bad where someone can’t even voice an opinion anymore?

  85. The fact that the source had to be anonymous is ridiculous. This PC culture is going overboard. If the guy wants to be gay, thats his deal. He has the right to be gay, but others also have the right to disagree with him without being attacked or fearing losing their livelihood. What’s next, imprisonment if you don’t agree with the mainstream view. Tim T was trashed bc he was a Christian, this guy is worshiped bc he is gay. Sounds like a double standard. Who cares about any of it. This is football. If you can play, play. If people don’t agree with your lifestyle, so what. It’s a free country. We have a lot of freedoms, but freedom from being offended is not actually one of them, although you might think it is these days.

  86. Hawks were too smart to draft these guys.

    Y’all can have fun with reality shows, players who don’t give effort and whose college coaches call out, QBs who are worried about their brand, etc.

    We win SBs.

    Harvin’s been in Seattle doing voluntary workouts all summer.

    Right MEshawn?

  87. Other Rams’ players probably don’t give a crap about Michael Sam’s lifestyle— They are going to view his decision to partake in such show as a way of manipulating the media in a way that places pressure on the League and Rams to assure himself of a roster spot…. THIS is the problem that will divide a locker room and alienate Michael from his teammates…. Not his lifestyle.

    Go ahead and make your show– But this isn’t a college roster anymore– It’s the NFL and you’re messing with other people’s jobs.

  88. I loved reading and hearing that he should have been drafted higher and wasn’t with the implication that it was due to discrimination. I agree. Teams obviously discriminated against someone who doesn’t have the focus as a 7th round pick to realize that his primary objective was to play in the NFL and to do that he needs to be focused on making the team and the odds are long anyway and now getting longer.

  89. it’s all bisniss folks…
    Now you know why his Ken doll was frantically sucking his face with delight when he got picked. These 2 girls were freaking out thinking their payday was about to go up in pink haze. If he didn’t get drafted… there would be no show. But then they got the call from the Rams. KA-CHING! This is not about football. It has never been about football. They both knew he likely would not make the final roster. But he needed to get drafted – or no Oprah deal. And now, as they say in da biz, the show must go on.
    Expect to see this guy as a sports commentator for CNN in about 2 years (maybe less).

  90. If he doesn’t perform on the field, this will all be over quickly. I’m sure the team will not be happy if he is not putting in the work, and I’m sure Fisher will cut his ass if he doesn’t put in the work.

    Hopefully Sams knows that performing well on the field for a long time is the only way this gets any traction. Hope he knows that alienating any team-mates is a really bad idea. Football is a team game and your teammates can make you look really good or really bad. Just saying. Hope he puts team 1st.

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