Texans agree with quarterback, as they look for a quarterback


The Texans have another quarterback under contract.

If only they were closer to an answer at quarterback.

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, the Texans have agreed to their deal with fourth-rounder Tom Savage.

Savage jumps into the pool with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum and T.J. Yates, and one of them will inevitably float to the top.

He was one of the late risers during pre-draft chatter season, but not such to alleviate the concern the Texans have had at the position since Matt Schaub went south.

Perhaps this has something to do with Andre Johnson’s grumbling, even though owner Bob McNair said he’s still confident.

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  1. Houston might be the next landing spot for one of the following Tavares Jackson, Matt Scott, Vince young Matthew Sims and various other in sundry quarterbacks that will be cut early in various training camps. Who knows Kevin Kolb might even be service as a Texan or maybe even Rex Grossman or Rusty Smith

  2. Two things I will never figure out from this year’s draft… the Texans not drafting a QB till the 4th, and the Browns not drafting one of the many quality WRs available. Inexplicable, both.

  3. Seriously, out of all that, you might as well give VY a shot.

    He always wanted to be a Texan. He always gave 100% when he played in Houston.

    Otherwise you might as well go with Fitz the whole year.

  4. I’d rather be the Browns. We are 8 players short of sufficient deprh at key positions, and needed a quarterback – which is the most important position in the game. Watkins was busted for possession two years ago and they’ve already been fooled once with Gordon. They must not have felt Evans was worth the fourth pick and couldn’t resist the Buffalo offer? No receiver drafted after round one is a sure thing. Ray stayed true to his board rebuilding the rest of the roster. We could take the top receiver, tackle, or tight end next year with our first two picks in round one – and it is on…

  5. Well said Cguy7, Browns always seem to have picks in the top 10 every year!!!! Why you think that is?????

  6. Josh Freeman.
    Just because Tampa’s ex-coach screwed him over doesn’t mean he has no talent at QB. When he had a decent QB coach/Offensive Coordinator he played just fine. Once Schiano got ahold of him, he like the rest of the offense began to circle the drain.
    He suffered like Vinnie Testaverde did when he was with the Da Bucs and had Ray Perkins doing his best to destroy his confidence. Vinnie moved on and did well with the Jets. The same can’t be said about Perkins.
    Josh is definitely more talented than anyone else the Texans have drug in. plus they could have Da Bucs ex-QB curse working in their favor!

  7. What makes anyone think the Texans should trade for Mallett? His NFL stats are 1 for 4 and 1 interception. Texans are better off with what they have than give up a high draft pick for a career backup. We already made that mistake with Matt Schaub.

  8. Whatever happens the Texans will screw it up. Fitz is a good QB, just not a great one. He’ll keep the team in some games if there’s a WR to throw to or a TE left on the team. I think he’ll beat any of the QBs on the roster in a fair competition. Case Keenum was the flavor of the month at the end of last year. Bob McNair will not be outdone by Jerry Jones. He’s learning how to meddle quite well!

    Trade Andre’s Johnson to the Chargers and make the AFC West a race.

  9. I would like the Texans to trade Andre Johnson to any sort of competitive team. His contract would need to be redone to go anywhere else his cap figure is to high, no way the Texans keep him for $15 million, being in Houston I can’t see him wanting to take less pay. I would love to see him comt to New England, hes on his last legs so hes probably worth a 4th rounder, not that hes not talented just that he has 3 years left give or take. hell the Pats could even make it a 3rd rounder if you take Mallet in trade. I personally like Mallet, but I dont think hes the game changer a team needs at QB. The Pats agree or they wouldnt have drafted the kid from eastern Ill. Problem is its after Free agency, and the top clubs dont have any money left to pull off a trade for Johnson.

  10. Whats with you people and the Browns lack of WR’s?

    As of today they have 18 on the roster. 6 have to be somewhat servicable. The Browns kept to the plan, and in the end, had maybe the best draft of all 32 teams. AND, the whole Gordon thing isnt even confirmed yet. We are comfortable with Trader Ray and Mr. Pettine Jr.

    If these 2 run the season, like they did this short offseason,

    Browns/Seahawks SuperBowl

    Game of the Midgets,

  11. Ryan Fitzpatrick has always been at least decent as a starter, and I’m not sure how anyone can bash Tom Savage before he’s even taken a single NFL snap?
    They have some very good talent on that team, and even if Fitz is the starter this season, they could very possibly make the playoffs. People should exercise a little patience.

  12. The Texans have the chance again, “Pick Vince Young. Don’t mess up this one. When it’s all said and done, pick Vince Young.”

  13. They will be ok this year with fitz. It’s not like they are gonna be doing anything but running the ball mostly in Houston. Doubtful they let any qb throw is around.

  14. For those hating the browns, please remind me the last time a team brought in a WR and won the super bowl. The pats won 3 super bowls with WR’s no one really wanted. Face it Patten was a mediocre WR at best. The lost him slapped someone else into that role, and won a Super Bowl. They bring in a Randy Moss No super Bowls. WR are important in the league nowadays but can not win you a super bowl.

    The Ravens won with a middle of the Pack QB n Trent Dilfer, The Bucs won with Brad Johnson, and the Ravens won a second super bowl with Joe Flacco.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick wasn’t bad in Buffalo, it was just that buffalo was buffalo. Fitz isn’t going to win a lot of games for you but he sure won’t lose alot with the way the team is loaded at most of the positions.

  15. Wow! What a change in fate… Coming into the season opener, the Texans were high on the totem pole, then their QB went WAY south. Now, they are a world class sailing yacht without a rudder and will do quite poorly unless one of these QBs really ups his game. Having four QBs under contract, and STILL looking for a starter is a tough spot to be in…

  16. Everyone suggesting Vince Young, you DO realize he just got cut…again…

    By Cleveland…

  17. Anyone that has played the game knows Keenum has all the talent necessary to make us a championship team. Kubiak messed with his head. If Obrian can get his head straight well have our franchise QB. If we start Fitzpatrick well be a 6-10 team at best.

  18. In this day and time, the winners in the league have embraced a FUNDAMENTAL concept…
    One that the Texans continue to miss.
    You build a Super Bowl team around a true “FRANCHISE” caliber quarterback.
    Ask New England, Denver, Indianapolis, Seattle,
    New Orleans, and the “almost” teams like Green Bay, Kansas City, San Diego, San Francisco and Baltimore. Ask them to get to the Big Game without the contribution of their quarterbacks and most of ’em wouldn’t give them a chance in hell.
    Yes, defense is a vital part of the equation, but if your offense fizzles, there’s only SO MUCH that great D can do (except possibly capitalize on turnovers), but I wouldn’t want to bet on that happening just when you need it to!
    We’ve all seen exhausted 4th quarter defensive squads that have spent the whole game playing their hearts out for an offensive unit that can only consistently succeed in going three and out!
    Without a GREAT QB, the Texans will always be an ugly Cinderella team, looking forward(?) to yet another rebuilding year. We Texans will also probably watch the current cream of our offensive talent, Andre Johnson, finish his NFL career on a real team with a quarterback that knows how to complete a touchdown play whether or not its needed to win the game.
    I don’t know whether its upper management, coaching staff or some other form of decision-making tunnel vision, but the Texans need to look beyond the defensive line if they EVER hope to take this team to the “promised land”.

  19. Tom Savage is the typical QB that u never hear about all year long, then all of the sudden he gets overhyped and turns out theres a reason you never heard of him because he stinks. Kinda like Charlie Frye for the Browns a few yrs back

  20. For all of you Vince Young supporters, you do realize he got beat out in Cleveland by Brian Hoyer and Tyler Thigpen?

    I wouldn’t wish Vince Young on any team, other than the Cowgirls.

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