Bengals add a quarterback by claiming Matt Scott off waivers

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The Bengals released quarterback Josh Johnson earlier this week, which seemed to signal their intention to go forward with Jason Campbell and rookie A.J. McCarron as the options behind Andy Dalton.

Things may end up that way, but the Bengals will get a look at another quarterback before making any final decisions. Cincinnati made a successful waiver claim on Matt Scott and added the former Jaguar on Friday.

Scott spent last season on Jacksonville’s practice squad after signing with the team as an undrafted free agent after wrapping up his career at the University of Arizona. Scott went 18-of-40 in preseason action for the Jags last summer, his only game action of any kind since entering the professional ranks.

Scott is likely going to be an extra arm for the Bengals to use during practice in the offseason, but that could come with playing time in preseason games that creates interest from another team or at least another spot on a practice squad.

20 responses to “Bengals add a quarterback by claiming Matt Scott off waivers

  1. A Jaguars practice-squad QB has as good of a chance of winning a playoff game as Dalton. Probably a better chance.

  2. He was the “sleeper” of that draft class, the guy people were talking about surprising in a camp somewhere. Obviously, Phil Emery’s statement about the low probability of developing a QB after the 3rd round to be a long term starter doesn’t get challenged much when the guy couldn’t even get on Jacksonville’s active roster.

  3. Dalton has 3 games to prove himself before annual stop-gap always on the brink, Jason Campbell, takes over.

    Nobody else has a real shot. They should have kept Josh.

  4. Jaguars: Matt, we’re releasing you… your services are no longer needed.

    Matt: WhooHoo! Now I can go play for a good team!

    Bengals: Matt, we’ve claimed you off of waivers… welcome to Cincinnati.

    Matt: Damn…

  5. I don’t know who this guy is, but I do know that he could start for the Raiders.

  6. Joe Flaco’s first three year = 10,206 yards; 63 total TDs; 34 INTs

    Andy Dalton’s first three years = 11,360 yards; 87 total TDs; 49 INTs

    Yes Joe was 3/3 in the playoffs and Andy is 0/3 but I would certainly take the red head over unibrow and Andy’s salary won’t kill the team once it’s signed. Let’s see what he does in his first year with an actual offensive coordinator.

  7. Trash talking a team that went 11-5 with a quarterback and WR who both had record breaking years. A rookie RB who rush for 700 yards despite having to split time with a veteran. A top 5 defense and one of the deepest/youngest rosters in the league.??? HMMMM I’m sorry guys but a team that goes 4-12 then 9-6 to 10-5 then to 11-5 in 5 consecutive seasons looks to be on the uprise to me. Forget the naysayers can I get a WHODEY!!!!! And sorry Cleveland we can also understand what it feels like to have consecutive losing seasons. Only thing that separates us is that we understand how the draft works and we don’t draft 1 and done QBs. Come August /September better hope your defense can score points.

  8. Have never been impressed by Dalton or the Bengals. They’ve profited by the AFC North being weak over the past couple of years. Have to think these QB signings are a bit of a message to the QB and the team, and expect them to fall to earth this year. I’m thinking 8-8.

  9. Looked bad in preseason action for my Jags. Of course take that with a grain of salt when Gabbert would light it up in the preseason…

  10. Tyler Thigpen beat out VY….in Cleveland! Why would anyone pay that guy to chuck the ball?

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