George Atkinson III headlines Raiders undrafted free agent signings


The Raiders announced their list of 11 undrafted rookie free agent signings on Friday and the first name on it is a familiar one to longtime Raiders fans.

George Atkinson patrolled the back end of the Raiders defense for a decade, winning a Super Bowl and earning enmity in Pittsburgh for concussing Steelers wide receiver Lynn Swann more than once. After he was done playing, Atkinson had a son who went on to play running back for Notre Dame and now George Atkinson III has signed with his dad’s former team.

Atkinson III left Notre Dame early and was suspended for the team’s Pinstripe Bowl appearance after last season for, according to Atkinson III, tweeting during a team dinner. He ran for 943 yards during his time in South Bend and scored 10 touchdowns while also seeing time as a kickoff returner. The Raiders also signed former Texas wide receiver Mike Davis, who ranks in the Longhorn’s all-time top five in receptions, receiving yards and touchdown catches.

The Raiders also signed Virginia Tech wide receiver D.J. Coles, Winston-Salem State linebacker Carlos Fields, San Jose State wide receiver Noel Grigsby, Montana tackle Dan Kistler, Delaware tackle Erie Ladson, Utah tight end Jake Murphy, West Alabama wide receiver Seth Roberts, Assumption tight end Scott Simonson and Utah fullback Karl Williams.

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  1. The Raiders appear to have a good draft and added some decent FA talent this off-season. But even with upgraded talent, it’s difficult to take the Raiders seriously because they’re still the Raiders. The franchise is cursed. The son of Al Davis is strange – to say the least – and doesn’t really seem to know much about the NFL despite growing up around it. The team management and coaching staff is so uninspiring. Amy Trask couldn’t wait to get out of there. I don’t know. We’ll see. The AFC West is suddenly one of the best divisions in football, producing three playoff teams last season. I don’t see the Raiders being able to do much this season – maybe a two-game improvement to 6-10.

  2. Strictly a special teamer signing. We need help bad in the return game, hopefully he can make the team and help in that department. George Sr. must be very proud.

  3. I hate these type of moves.

    It’s a nice present to the kin of a past great… but… giving the kid a signed jersey would be better for the team.

  4. Chargers: 408-401-11 (Shocking, really average)
    Raiders: 434 – 375 – 11 (Almost 2 full seasons of winning better after a decade of losing seasons)

    Chargers: 10-16
    Raiders: 25-18

    Super Bowls?
    Chargers: 1
    Raiders: 5 (3 wins)

    If the Raiders are cursed the Chargers are dead.

  5. good signing…he’s a “Domer, can’t go wrong!”

    btw…I have been watching film of Darren McFadden, to see what went wrong the last couple years and I finally figured it out…It’s his cleats man… yes, his shoes! When he was tearing it up he was wearing white shoes, then they changed to black cleats and he has not been the same. Just sayin’…


  6. I’m a Browns fan but I am really impressed with the moves the Raiders have made. (The draft was sensational) I believe the Raiders may be the most improved team in the NFL.

    I’m reserving judgement on my Browns because of the Josh Gordon troubles. I’m also concerned about the “new regime” (again) in Cleveland. Even if we had Gordon, will he do as well under Shanahan’s offense scheme? How about TE Cameron? We keep changing the style and game plan with each new coaching staff. Year after year, we’re trying to fit square pegs into round holes.

    Anyhow, good luck Raiders.

  7. The raiders will win more games than the Minnesota Vikings this year.

    Umm, the Vikings should be the last team you should worry about when talking about wins. S.D. Den. K.C. ????????? Raiders fans, priceless.

  8. Atkinson was pure speed and nothing else. He was afraid of going between the tackles and the Raiders have him because of his dad.

    Best of luck to him but don’t hold your breath.

  9. humb0lt says: May 16, 2014 2:20 PM

    The Raiders appear to have a good draft and added some decent FA talent this off-season. But even with upgraded talent, it’s difficult to take the Raiders seriously because they’re still the Raiders. The franchise is cursed.
    Cursed? Earning one trip to the Championship game since the merger, just to have your intestines ripped out on the field, is much closer to a curse than the massive slump Oakland is currently mired in.

  10. Whaaaat!! Dr. Death Jr. LOL. good luck youngsta…channel your Oakland Raider bloodlines, and show them what you can do!!
    Raider nation!!

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