Giants bypassing rookie minicamp this offseason


When Michael Wilkening put together a list of all the rookie minicamp dates from around the league this week, two teams had no dates to share.

Neither the Bengals nor the Giants will be holding a rookie minicamp this year and Giants coach Tom Coughlin explained why his team decided to go in that direction. Coughlin said that the team decided it would be more productive to get the rookies working alongside the veterans as soon as possible rather than taking a break from the offseason workouts already in progress to hold a camp for the new arrivals.

“It is integrating them right into the program,” Coughlin said, via “Certainly they’ll be right with our veteran players right from the get-go.”

With the later draft this year, teams have less time to spend with their rookies this offseason than they’ve had in years past. For teams that are also installing a new offense, as the Giants are, that leaves a lot of work for a relatively short period of time and the Giants have decided that doing both at once is their best path to success. If they and/or the Bengals do succeed and the draft remains later, there may be fewer rookie minicamps in 2015 and beyond.

12 responses to “Giants bypassing rookie minicamp this offseason

  1. Who cares if two professional teams have to alter their preseason programs? Goodell got another 5000 people to watch draft coverage so it’s all worth it.

  2. Why list the Giants in the title but not the Bengals?

    Also, with John Mara now make this a requirement for every NFL team?

  3. More work and less talk ,thats how giant fans want to see their team improve.Love the rookies we took and they should help out.Kelcy quarles will be a great addition to the giants and Andre williams should be a stud once he learns to block.

  4. I like it. Always wondered why most other teams didn’t do this over the years. It seems to make more sense to get all the players together at once, since they’ll need to acclimate to each other regardless once the season starts. Let the vets teach the rookies from the get go.

  5. Here’s why this is a bad idea: Khiry Robinson.

    He received an invitation from the Saints for a tryout during their rookie mini-camp. He didn’t light the world on fire by any means(mainly because he wasn’t given the opportunity until really late in the season), but if you watched the Saints at all during their last 4-5 games you know that he could be the best RB they have on their roster. None of his work could’ve been possible w/o the existence of a rookie mini-camp.
    That’s only one example, and I’m sure there are probably a hundred more stories just like it or similar.

  6. Giants fans are such sheep. Everything they do the fans nod in unison and say “…yes..that is the smart thing to do…and with such class…”

    How is not having additional practice time a good thing. THe CBA already has you up against the wall with severe limits on the amount of time you can practice. And with the Giants implementing a brand new offensive scheme, they don’t want to have a rookie camp to help younger players acclimate faster?

    Ok. Say it with me Giants fans..”…yes..that is the smart thing to do…and with such class…”

  7. Fool, they’re still practicing, it’s just with the veterans instead of by themselves. Maybe you should read the CBA next time and know what actually takes place.

  8. In addition to the late draft, the Giants also have early training camp since they play the Hall of Fame game with Buffalo. This was simple logistics – much less time to work with, a new offense, lots of new players on defense… just makes sense for everyone to learn it all together.

  9. I don’t know what all the fuss is about.I think Ben Mcadoo’s system will be easier to learn than Gilbrides.It’s definitely better to have everyone together so they can all learn at the same.Defensively they are mostly veterans so it should not be very difficult to get acclimated to Fewells system.Also with the extra preseason game they will have enough time before the season starts.

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