Greg Hardy turns over 10 guns to cops after arrest

Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy turned over 10 guns to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Friday, and he appears to have been preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

The list of 10 guns, as posted by Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, includes a number of shotguns and hunting rifles.

But the first item on the list, the Tavor SAR .223 (pictured), doesn’t look like something you take deer hunting (unless you really hate deer).

Hardy’s accuser in his domestic violence arrest said he threw her into a bed containing 25 to 30 guns, so this list is obviously only a third of that amount.

But it’s still quite the arsenal, especially considering he lives in a downtown condominium and not a hunting preserve.

107 responses to “Greg Hardy turns over 10 guns to cops after arrest

  1. well he didn’t have to use his AK….I guess he could say it was a good day

  2. Doesn’t mean he’s a mass murderer either. Might be slightly to the right of paranoid, but owning a gun is perfectly legal… it’s the other stuff that is the problem.

  3. All for gun ownership (I own multiple) but this seems a little goofy. Not to mention throwing a women onto them. By the way many guns are legal to own if you go through the proper agencies, paperwork, tax stamp. State laws may apply.

  4. Who cares how many guns he has if he owns them legally? He shouldn’t have had to give his guns away for a crime he hasn’t been convicted of anyway. This is ridiculous and is getting blown way out of proportion. Typical judicial system, GUILTY until proven INNOCENT!

  5. Who gets to tell Jay Leno that he has to give up his car collection if he ever gets in a fight. After all, a lot more people get killed by cars every year than guns, and since he could use all those cars to run people over, we should make him turn them in. You know, for safety.

  6. This gun is legal. It doesn’t matter if he lives downtown, in the suburbs, on a farm, or on an island. He is perfectly within his rights to purchase this weapon. Who are you to judge whether or not he needs this gun. It doesn’t matter if he’s a hunter or if he just likes to go to the range and shoot, or if he just likes collecting guns. His purpose for owning this gun is really none of your business. Do you go over to your neighbors apartment and ask them why the own a gas guzzling truck if they live in an apartment? It’s really none of your business why someone purchases legal property and it’s n0t for you to judge.

  7. As far as I know he has not been accused of threatening her with a weapon, so why force the guy to turn over guns which by all accounts to date were purchased legally, stored legally, and registered legally with NC state and local law? If you want to inventory his weapons at his home and make sure he doesn’t have any illegal weapons ………..well that makes sense and it makes sure he is showing you his entire gun collection. But this knee jerk reaction to make him turn over all his guns in a public fashion and ten hand the list to the media 5 seconds later………….. please (and don’t give me that first amendment BS you know the media didn’t even have to do a FOIA request to get that list this fast) This is all a war on gun ownership deal.

    Political showmanship pure and simple anything gun related gets major play with the media just like Gay Rights, Abortion, Immigration, Racism, and Climate Change!

  8. I’ve got news for you. There’s no such thing as an “illegal” gun. There’s this thing called the Constituition that says so.

  9. Maybe he enjoys taking them to the gun range to shoot them legally to relieve the stress from being followed by millions of people that expect him to never make a mistake even though he is 25 and worth millions of dollars

  10. Any domestic violence incident triggers automatic seizure of firearms. He can get them back after the case is settled. Unless of course he ends up in prison.

  11. It is simply a .223 rifle that “looks” dangerous. it has no more capability than any other rifle of that caliber, hunting or otherwise and is perfectly legal.

  12. Actually especially in domestic violence cases, it is prudent to remove weapons. There are enough random cases of people getting released and going straight home and killing their spouse to warrant care. He’ll get them back unless he turns out to be a violent sociopath. Then it will be best that the police have them. But most likely this precautionary move is temporary.

  13. Absolutely love my Tavor, nice and compact with a full length 16″ barrel.
    Now if it was offered in a 30cal round, it would be a perfect deer rifle.
    Accurate out to 2-300 yards and can be used while tracking through the thick stuff.

    But avg deer hunter isn’t using something at the cost of the $1,800 Tavor.

    And what does being a being a collector of firearms have to do with living in a condo?

    As for laying hands on a woman goes.
    If he is convicted in the court of law, throw the bum in jail.

  14. I have at least as many guns, and mine are all assault weapons. I enjoy their mechanical nature, love taking them apart and working on them, and as an investment they do nothing but appreciate in value. Never had the need to shoot anyone, or even brandish one in fear or anger. These are my rights as an American, and one of the liberties my family members have fought for in almost every war since the founding of this country.

  15. At the rate federal agencies are buying ammo these days I don’t blame him for having guns. Thinking why the Department of Education needs to buy guns and ammo is quite scary, not to mention the post office, the social security administration. And other non-law enforcement agencies.

  16. Guns aren’t the problem, it’s some of the knuckleheads that use them or don’t know how to use them but attempt to do so that is the problem. With that being said, throwing somebody on a bed full of loaded guns if true is a stupid act.

  17. Some people are gun collectors and the second amendment is one of those basic freedoms our men and women in the military believe strongly in and put their lives on the line fighting to protect. I wonder how many anti-gun liberals ever risk anything more than a fine for protesting what so many have died for. Hardy didn’t own the guns illegally so move on to something of relevance!

  18. Being from Canada, I can still buy an illegal gun in less than an hour. But I don’t have the need so I don’t break the law. Not my business about US law, only to ask, how does Hardy’s arsenal break any state or federal laws? Go Lions!!!

  19. A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

  20. Why is it such a big deal he has 10 guns? Is he not allowed to go to the range and shoot something other than a handgun? That or maybe he just likes to have them cause you know…… It’s his constitutional right and all

  21. Your right, in the state of MO that is the smallest caliber (.223) you can hunt deer with. Most wouldn’t hunt deer with something that small. Get over the knee jerk “look” of the gun. So frustrating

  22. As long as he obtained them legally what’s the big deal? It’s really no ones business how many and what kind of weapons he owns. I hope there is a lot more people out there with weapons like he has. Those who think he’s a kook for having them will wish they knew him when the government’s tyranny hits critical mass. Our freedom can only be assured with a heavily armed citizenry.

  23. so its ok for hardy to own 10+ guns but Aldon Smith owns guns and everybody wants to send Aldon to prison and suspend him for years from the NFL. i guess when you destroy every qb in the NFL everyone is looking for something to use against you since he cant be stopped from putting your qb to sleep.

  24. Not sure why he has to live on a hunting preserve to own guns. He is a grown man and the law allows gun ownership. What’s the big deal.

  25. Holy smokes, I didn’t bother to click on the link. Good think they’re giving this list out to anyone that’d like to rob him once he gets his property back. Peoples fascination with merely how a gun “looks” never ceases to amaze me.

  26. whats wrong with him having guns.. everyone says. nothing, but now that hes accused of being a woman beater. those guns can become murder weapons, so he loses his guns for safety measures.

  27. Some people, no matter how much history they study, will never understand what the 2nd amendment is about. Hint, it has nothing to do with hunting deer.

    And @Mr. Gantt: ever think the accuser (or more likely, the accuser’s attorney) exaggerated the number of guns.

  28. I clicked on this article only to re-set the targeted marketing pictures. You see, I apparently made the mistake of clicking on a Michael Sam article to voice my displeasure with… well everything.

    Ever since then, the advertising pics I normally get now have seemingly been replaced with pics of young men modeling shirts. I figure a gun article click outta re-set that. We’ll see soon.

  29. Lol that’s what all my neighbors tell me. ” In case of emergency, I’m coming to your house.” I say that’s fine, just bring plenty of food.

  30. I own quite a few guns and haven’t hunted since the early 80’s.

    There doesn’t need to be a connection.

  31. Wow, that’s a scary looking gun, isn’t it? I’m tired of the liberal media bias against guns. The people that write articles like this don’t realize that grand pops hunting rifle fires a larger round and does more damage. But this sure is scary looking, isn’t it?

  32. Why does he need those weapons? Let’s see the FDA, SSA, Dept of Education, Post Office are buying massive amounts of guns, ammo and body armor even though they have no legal right to use those weapons in any law enforcement capacity. DHS has purchased over a BILLION rounds of ammo since Obama was crowned. Now they may not be planning to use them on the American people but do you really want to take the chance. Apparently Greg Hardy doesn’t.

  33. First of all the article says he “turned over” the guns, not that he permanently surrendered them.

    It’s pretty standard if guns are deemed to be involved in a crime (or at a crime scene) they’re surrendered until the investigation has run it’s course.

    2nd of all, he is constitutionally allowed to have these weapons, and should not be villified for doing so, nor should the guns be vilified (or the centerpiece of the story here)

  34. I can’t figure out why he keeps his guns in his bed (or is it their bed)? Does he feed the guns breakfast?

  35. The whole “throwing her on a bed full of guns” smacks of a bald faced lie. Completely unprovable. Her words against his words.

    And stories like this are designed to make you believe her words over his… which you probably do already.

  36. Lol at the massively liberal spin on this article which is so typical from this website.

    A passing mention that most of these weapons are your standard hunting rifles along with an extended piece on the “big and scary” gun which was conveniently selected as the avatar for this article, and no mention of how the weapon functionally works.

    This followed by the outright assumption that these aren’t all the weapons and that Hardy is illegally retaining some, all due to the report of the accuser who has become more and more of a joke each and every day, even to the point that her attorney dropped her as a client (which has yet to even be reported by this site)

    Doesn’t fit the liberal agenda to report all those facts though!

  37. The second amendment isn’t about need. It’s about having rights. Anti-gun folks always talk about “You don’t need that type of gun to hunt deer,” as if that is the only reason a person should have a gun.

  38. I can’t figure out why he keeps his guns in his bed (or is it their bed)? Does he feed the guns breakfast?

    No, It’s just a reminder when she brings him his breakfast in bed, it had better be what he ordered, and it had better be good.

  39. It would be helpful if the report contained the facts concerning whether or not his arsenal was legally permitted, which makes it his business, or illegal which means he is joining Rae Carruth

  40. I live within the city limits of a state Capitol and I own 17 guns. One may be surprised of the investment value of a gun. I’ve sold used guns for more than I paid for them new. That first gun you mention is rare and aside from buying a nice watch it may not be a bad buy.

  41. If he legally owned them, no problem. I own a FN 5.7, FN SCAR (.223), Ruger revolver, Walther PPS and an Ed Brown 1911. I’m not a “bad person” for owning a lot of guns and ammo. It is a hobby and I enjoy it (and I’m a left leaning Dem btw….I like to have fun like my gun owning conservative counterparts).

  42. Some good ole Americans on this thread. I dont think the liberal media realizes they are in the vast minority when it comes to gun control. Nice try bud.

  43. Greg Hardy is a “good guy” with a gun until he blows his girlfriend’s head off like Jovan Belcher did. That’s how it works, isnt it? He needs to have his arsenal permanently confiscated from him as should be done under current laws.

    Guns don’t kill people. But domestic abusers with guns do kill people. Fact.

  44. The law doesn’t allow Americans to own a gun … Their rights do.

    Be very careful taking away your own rights, it wont stop at just the ones you agree to take away.

  45. tebowislife says:
    May 16, 2014 4:50 PM

    Greg Hardy is a “good guy” with a gun until he blows his girlfriend’s head off like Jovan Belcher did. That’s how it works, isnt it? He needs to have his arsenal permanently confiscated from him as should be done under current laws.

    Guns don’t kill people. But domestic abusers with guns do kill people. Fact.


    We don’t punish people for what you might do only what you did do!

    IE: virtually everyone on this site probably has beer in the fridge and a car in the driveway?

    Maybe we should take your car you MIGHT be a drunk driver!

  46. tebowislife well said. to bad people here are thinking like cavemen.

  47. How is it anyone’s business what guns he owns.. that is a constitutional right. Deal with it

  48. um none of those are hunting rifles.
    hey anti-gun guy, here’s some advice. just don’t even try to editorialize, you don’t know enough about the subject.

  49. “Hardy’s accuser in his domestic violence arrest said he threw her into a bed containing 25 to 30 guns, so this list is obviously only a third of that amount.”

    Obviously – really? What’s obvious to me is that he has 10 guns. Maybe he has more. Or maybe his accuser is lying. Or maybe PFT is making a BFD over nothing…

  50. There has to be something that is just not right if one owns that many guns, but hey to each his own. This same guy probably when put in the front lines will run for the stars.

  51. The first amendment is the most important, but the second amendment guarantees it. If u don’t understand that, its on you.

  52. justsomerandomguy24 says:
    May 16, 2014 2:44 PM
    There is no good reason a person needs a gun like that…

    The good reason is that he wants to own it, and its legal to own it. Theres no good reason for someone to own a 1000+hp car either. I mean, no one LIVES on a racetrack, amiright?

  53. The Constitutional scholars are out in force on this one. The same simple minded folks who have to politicize everything so they can appear to have a leg to stand on.

    News flash: it doesn’t matter which party is renting the White House, because it is bought and paid for by Wall St. Arguing politics and agendas just keep the sheep busy, while the wolf is robbing us blind.

    They have your money. They don’t need your guns.

  54. So what? Is there a NFL rule prohibiting players from owning guns? As long as they’re legal, who cares? Besides, if he has to travel to Pittsburgh to play the Steelers I wouldn’t blame him for taking one with him for protection in that dump.

  55. justsomerandomguy24 says: May 16, 2014 2:44 PM

    There is no good reason a person needs a gun like that…
    Unless a person has a desire to defend his family.

  56. And…a person has the right to own as many guns as he wishes, this is NOT a crime.

    So why does it even rate an article?

    She was his girlfriend, she knew about the guns before and after, so why does that matter – because she “alleges” he threatened to shoot her.

    Anyone can make an allegation, but it has to be proven and this is a he said/she said with nothing to back it up except her word.

    In fact, she didn’t even show up for the hearing on the RO she asked for, so it was denied and she parted ways with her lawyer also.

    Something stinks here and it doesn’t appear to be Hardy (BTW, not a fan, just someone with common sense).

  57. Deidra Lane seemed set for life. She was married to the career-leading running back for the Carolina Panthers; she had a big new house in suburban Charlotte, a five-year-old son and a life most 25-year-olds would envy.

    But with a new baby on the way and Fred traded to the Indianapolis Colts at the beginning of 2000, there were big changes in store for the young couple. Deidra and Fred began fighting over money and over the amount of time he spent on the road. Police had been called to the house over at least one incident of domestic violence.

    Then on July 6th, 2000, just days after the birth of Deidra’s second child, the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Department received a frantic 911 call from the Lane residence. Deidra Lane had just shot her husband.

    She claimed she killed Fred in self-defense, but when Mecklenburg County deputies arrived at the house, something about Deidra’s story didn’t seem quite right. Fred’s keys were still in the lock and Fred had been shot twice with a 12-gauge shotgun – once in the chest and a second time in the back of the head, apparently at point blank range.

    Several weeks later, Deidra was arrested and charged with murder. But before she could face those charges, she was charged by federal authorities for a 1998 bank robbery, which she orchestrated with a friend, one of the bank’s tellers. Deidra pled guilty to the larceny charges.

    Then, she pled guilty to the involuntary manslaughter of her husband. At the lengthy sentencing hearing, her attorneys alleged she was a battered spouse. But, prosecutors said it was Deidra who was violent and abusive. After hearing the evidence, the judge sentenced Deidra to 8 years in prison, the maximum sentence allowed.

  58. Tavors aren’t generally used for deer hunting, Everyone I know who owns one, uses it for feral pigs. The bullpup design lets you have a full length barrel in a shorter package which is nice for the tangled mess pigs like to hide in.

    I don’t see what the big deal is, outside of the Chapel Hill area, that is a pretty small firearm collection.

  59. OMG!!! He has collection of possessions that are just as legal as my daughter’s Dora the Explorer movie collection. I’m so scared and offended right now.

  60. The guns are legal because the NRA are homegrown terrorists splattering the Constitution with the blood of innocent people.

  61. What worse a private citizen buying a few guns or the US Dept. of Agriculture arming itself/turning into a paramilitary unit.

    U.S. Department of Agriculture ((USDA) is seeking to purchase sub-machine guns .40 Cal S&W, night sights and other firearm related equipment.

    Also in 2012 they purchased 326,000 rounds of ammo (mixed cal)

  62. The constitution doesn’t give us our rights. It just reconfirms that they are something that we are born with. Our govt doesn’t give us our rights. Since we have the right to own as many weapons as we’d like, for any reason (need not being one of them), then he’s within his rights. I have a permit to carry. The state I live in does not require registration (non should), but possessing my firearms are predicated on me following societies laws. There are certain crimes that when committed, the law forces surrender of the weapons until the case is adjudicated. Domestic violence is one of them. I’m good with that.

  63. How does the 2nd Amendment guarantee the 1st? I don’t care how much of an arsenal you think you have. You have nothing that can match the devastating firepower of the US Military. Right this second, there’s a guy who could destroy your guns and you and everything you own without even getting out of the rack. And you would never see his weapon.

    Don’t be silly.

  64. This article mentions the word “hunting” twice. Hunting is not necessarily relevant to the civil right protected my the 2nd Amendment. The 2A has nothing to do with hunting. By using that word, the writer demonstrates a sever lack of understanding. P.S. 10 guns is not an arsenal any more than 10 different tools in a tool box is a complete carpenter’s workshop.

  65. Nice guns, I have a few on that list myself. Totally legal and I hope that if and when he is exonerated of the charges that all of his guns are handed back to him. Just because some little gold digger says something does not make it true, time will tell…

  66. Hey everybody! Wake up! Federal now has taken away this person’s second amendment right to ever, ever, ever, for his entire lifetime either own a gun, or be in a house where anyone does own guns, including his girlfriend or spouse. Look up Lautenberg Amendment. We should all be angry about government control. The woman in this case, is also in a lifetime ban to own weapons if she is with this man! The liberal government is trying to babysit, and control it’s citizens. It does not matter if this guy and this lady just pushed eachother with no weapons, and she called the police, and they take him to jail, a lifetime ban people. Look up the Lautenberg Amendment! We need to fight this in the legal system! Vote for pro gun candidates!!!!! I am not a gun nut, I don’t own a gun, but this is wrong! The constitution is important. It’s a slippery slope that will eventually effect all citizens. The NRA is not pro crime, pro guns for criminals, but the system has gone too far. Police state. I only have parking tickets but cannot own a gun, unless I divorce my husband. My rights have been stripped. It can happen to anyone. I have researched stories where because someone was institutionalized as a teenager, but is now in their 40’s, they have a federal lifetime ban….people who have been convicted of misdemeanor possession of small amounts of marijuana for recreational use….lifetime ban. Are you getting the picture here?

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