Jaguars will give Greg Childs a second chance in the NFL

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Two years ago, receiver Greg Childs emerged from Arkansas as a promising fifth-round draft pick of the Vikings.  In August of his rookie year, however, Childs tore the patellar tendons in each of his knees.

Earlier this year, the Vikings decided to move on from Childs, who never played for the team in a preseason or regular-season game.

Childs will be among 27 players who will participate this weekend in the Jaguars’ minicamp on a tryout basis.  Also getting a look-see will be former Buccaneers defensive tackle Brian Price, the 35th overall pick in the 2010 draft.  Price has been out of football for two seasons.  Ditto for former Texans offensive lineman Antoine Caldwell, a third-round pick in 2009 who appeared in 39 games during four seasons with Houston.  He hasn’t played since 2012.

The others (am I really going to type the names of 24 guys who never were and still aren’t NFL players?) are:  Cincinnati defensive end Marques Aiken, Alabama State linebacker Leland Baker, Ohio running back Beau Blankenship, Youngstown State tackle Kyle Bryant, Coastal Carolina guard/tackle Jamey Cheatwood, East Carolina guard Jordan Davis, South Florida fullback Ryan Epps, Northern Illinois cornerback Sean Evans, West Virginia linebacker Dozie Ezemma, UNLV defensive end Mark Garrick, Nebraska defensive back Andrew Green, Winston Salem-State safety Jerome Junior, Central Florida safety Sean Maag, Troy defensive back Chris Pickett, Missouri cornerback Randy Ponder, Akron defensive end Albert Presley, Rice guard/center Nate Richards, Florida Atlanta defensive tackle Kayvon Sherrill, Clemson linebacker Spencer Shuey, Valdosta State cornerback Dominique Wheeler, Syracuse safety Jeremi Wilkes, Connective defensive end Tim Willman, and Nevada receiver Brandon Wimberly.

The minicamp opens Friday and lasts until Saturday.  For most if not all of the guys listed above, that will be the extent of their time with the Jaguars.

25 responses to “Jaguars will give Greg Childs a second chance in the NFL

  1. Rooting for you, Greg! Wish the Vikings would’ve been able to hold on to you, but it just didn’t work out.

  2. Brian Price is the real deal . . . lost two brothers to South Central L.A. violence . . . go Brian — make the team and wreak havoc in opposing teams’ backfields.

  3. Good for Brian Price. I hope he can make the team n stay healthy. At times some plays he made, just made ya say WOW. Then he had some of the worst surgery I’ve ever heard. Didn’t he have his hamstrings stretched n attached to his pelvis or something? Yikes. Good luck man.

  4. Greg child’s is a freakish athlete when healthy,I mean look up the catch he tore his knees up in training Camp!!. Hope he gets healthy and gets to actually start his NFL carrer..

  5. Hopefully Childs can make it with Jacksonville. He seems like a really nice kid. He was a great WR, when healthy, in college. Poor kid just couldn’t seem to catch a break, health wise.

  6. Those names are A LOT more impressive then the Jaguars 2013 opening day 53 man roster! Just kidding–DUUUUUUUVAL!!

  7. Childs seems like such a great person it would be a great thing to see him make a comeback.

  8. Who would have guessed that a Viking draft pick didn’t work out?, that Spielman is a genius.

    Good luck to Childs, I’m not sure what is worse, being part of the Jaguars or Vikings? A Dobson’s choice for sure.

  9. Since you bothered to type the 24 names I’ll at least add a comment….Good luck in your future endeavors men.

  10. This kid was a stud when he came on the scene with the Razorbacks. Then knee injury after knee injury after knee injury after knee injury has this guy just looking like a cursed product now.

  11. Childs has potential. I really hope he can put this whole knee issue behind him and catch on somewhere. From reports, his first year in MN, it really sounded like he was doing great in training camp until his knee problems. Seems to have great character, even when things kept pulling him down with injuries, he never turned into the Darren Sharper or Aaron Hernandez type of the NFL. He just kept working and trying to get thru his injuries. And hoping to catch on somewhere.

  12. seemed like a great kid when he was here, hope he can make it work… wish him nothing but the best.

  13. That is Awesome to hear. I have been watching his story for a couple years. Someone has to come back from an injury like this. I hope it’s Greg Childs!

  14. Sorry to see his career end so early but he is done. And he sucked before he even got injured. Throw in absolute garbage at the QB position and he mine as well go to the CFL if he wants to play football.

  15. Who would have guessed that a Viking draft pick didn’t work out?, that Spielman is a genius.

    Good luck to Childs, I’m not sure what is worse, being part of the Jaguars or Vikings? A Dobson’s choice for sure……..

    Hmmm. lets see the Packers have 2 first round bust Olinemen, 2 LB’s and a tub of unmotivated glue called a Raji..all since 2010. Looks like most players would love to be with the Jacs or Vikes. They have really good luck at offseason voluntary workouts..The Packers? No one shows up to that wide spot in the road…

    Childs was a 4th round pick..

  16. A WR with a 4.39 40, 6’3″ and 218?? Jaysus, EVERY body’s looking for HIM.
    I hope his health issues are behind him, and whether he catches on here or not he gets to restart his career….

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