Jon Gruden says brother Jay is the better coach


When Jon Gruden’s doing a television broadcast, he has a tendency to praise everyone (which is, effectively, praising no one).

And he was also quick to heap plaudits on his brother, insisting Jay Gruden the Redskins coach was the better football mind in the family.

I have a lot of faults,” Jon said to Fox 5 in Washington, via the Washington Post. “You know, he was a lot better player than I was. He’s a lot better coach. I couldn’t take care of my emotions. I’m still a basket case. They called me Chucky, so I think you get my drift.”

Jay’s not so sure about that.

“I’m a little bit more laidback than he is — on the surface that is,” the Redskins coach said. “We’re both very competitive. We love to win, we love football, and that runs in the family I guess. Football runs in our blood and we love to compete. We love to win, and we’ll do whatever it takes to do that.”

Jay may never end up on television, since he lacks his brother’s flair for the dramatic. Time will tell if he can match his brother’s trophy case.

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  1. Maybe he’s trying to discourage the yearly stream of rumors that he’s going to coach this team or that team or the other team.

  2. Bungals fans can’t blame Jay Gruden anymore for the red popgun’s failures.

    They’ll have to look for someone else.

  3. And this is precisely why I won’t watch the Redskins during either of their MNF games this season. Gruden is already too much of a brown-nosing presence, but hearing him talk about his brother on the sidelines would likely make my head explode.

  4. My brother is a better coach than Jon Gruden. And if I had a dog, it would be a better announcer than Jon Gruden.

  5. Jon Gruden is just a fun dude. Sure he’s always the “glass is half full” kind of personality because his job is awesome and he has a ring.

    Jay’s never been in the spotlight, until recently, so expect him to show his own personality in the coming years.

  6. You can say a lot of things about Jon Gruden. Nobody can take away the fact that no defense in the Super Bowl era was better prepared for its opponent than the 2002 Buccaneers. There isn’t a coach alive who could have prepped that defense the way Gruden did against the Raiders.
    Thanks Coach!

  7. Who can argue with that? The problem is that Chucky should never have been considered great or he would have never been ousted.

    The more important issue is whether Jay will be a better HC than he was an OC? He showed me that he was inept at getting the ball to his numerous playmakers on a regular basis. I found his game strategy dis jointed and without continuity. His offensive plays had no common thread and appeared to be called in a haphazard way.

    Offensive football requires a THEME going into a game, known as a gameplan. His, was always hard to comprehend. Always hard to understand his “reason”. If his management style matches his OC skills, he will not last two seasons as a HC.

  8. This guy even ingratiates himself to family. You have to appreciate that level of groveling. He’s the best.

  9. Jay couldn’t carry Jon’s water! His play calling is severely lacking to say the least. Good luck Washington…you’re damn sure going to need it with this turd behind the wheel!

  10. Jay Gruden was a hell of a good arena football coach. Since Bobby Griffen is a strong arena possibility at QB, maybe ?

  11. Anyone saying that Gruden’s offensive playing calling is less than stellar doesn’t realize that he can’t read the defense for Dalton.

    He also can’t make subpar running backs, picked by the coach and gm, great.

    Annoying opinions suk.

  12. Jon has a trophy case? For what? Jay’s the one with all the championships. Dude was one of the greatest players, player/coaches, and coaches in Arena football history.

  13. Dalton was 3rd in TD passes in ’13 (33). Tied for 7th in ’12 (27). Tied for 13th in ’11 (20). How can anyone say, with a straight face, that Gruden’s play calling is “severely lacking”. Furthermore, 8th in yds in 2013. 17th in ’12. 20th in ’11. Steady increase from year to year. That was with Dalton. While I think Dalton is a good QB, he is not close to being as good as Robert is. My only fear is injury to our QB. Saying he is injury prone is a stretch. He has only missed (almost) 2 games in his career due to injury. Barring injury to him, playoff bound. HTTR

    Kiss our GRITS,

    Skins fans.

  14. Shanatan and Griffin already made Griffin look like Geno Smith so…yeah…can’t get any worse.

    Jay made Dalton and now Hue will make Dalton look like Carson Palmer/2nd half of his career.

  15. Mark my words…your going nowhere with Gruden. He runs like a frightened little school girl away from the run game at the first sign of a negative gain. he’ll then try to make your young QB throw 50+ times a game to try and catch up, which he, and any other QB for that matter, won’t be able to do. Gruden will finish what Shanahan started, the complete ruination of RG3. RG3 will digress this season under Gruden while Dalton will continue to grow under Jackson. Aside from fleecing the Raiders on the Carson Palmer trade, the idiodic Redshins hiring of Gruden was the best theing to happen to Cincy!

  16. Hey people, I lived in the Tampa Bay area when we had Coach Gruden. He was a wonderful Head Coach & he rallied our team to a SB victory even with shouts of Coach Dungy in the background. I wish he was still coaching. He left because he would not kiss the owners ass. Put that in your pipe & smoke it !

  17. I never thought much on Jon as a coach anyways. He won a ring with a team Tony Dungy built. His Raiders team did good though. I hope he is right that Jay is better !! Both brothers are likeable. #HTTR

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