League says it didn’t know about Michael Sam documentary

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The NFL knew about the planned Michael Sam documentary before he was drafted.  Unless it didn’t.

In response to a report from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that the league knew about the project before the Rams drafted Sam but failed to share that information with the Rams or any other team, the NFL says that it did not know Sam had struck a deal with Oprah Winfrey.

“The league was not aware there was an agreement with the Oprah network,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT via email. “We learned of this in the days after the draft.”

McCarthy added that the league has not signed off on the project, and that the NFL hasn’t granted permission to the OWN network to use team names or logos.

So unless the footage consists of Sam away from the workplace, there possibly won’t be a documentary at all.

50 responses to “League says it didn’t know about Michael Sam documentary

  1. You know what’s annoying? Two things actually. The media jumps all over a story like Michael Sam or Donald Sterling and just keeps talking about it over and over and over until the next one comes around. The second thing is a result of the first thing. Every little reporter wants to be the one to “break” a story and get a little fame for themselves. This leads to a ton of false reports like the league knew about the documentary, but oh wait, they didn’t. Nobody cares about the reporter, they care about the story. The reporters end up looking stupid once their lies are exposed.

  2. He’s making a mistake with this. Get in the weight room, watch film, learn from your coaches and if you make the team, do an hour or two interview with Oprah after the season is complete.

  3. If true, this makes me feel a little better. I’ve had an uneasy feeling that this has been one big production ever since Trey said “Michael Sam is still on the board, could he go in this pick?” and low behold he was chosen right then. Then you have this reality TV on OWN?!?

    St. Louis may end up regretting this pick. He is the most celebrated 7th Round pick to date. He &/or people in his camp have insinuated he was chosen lower than he should have went because of being openly gay, rather than based on his below average combine & pro day. His words have been all he wants is to focus on football, yet his actions have been more about advancing a cause. God only knows what fury will be unleashed if they cut him.

  4. The NFL could sell St. Louis Hard Knocks to her network for one season and probably make a lot of money…I’m not saying they should.

  5. Maby Oprah can give Sam a job after he’s cut this pre season. Or Sam can take Walter’s place on the View….

  6. Does anyone other than me think Michael Sam runs a little funny? Watch him. You’ll see what I mean.

  7. And THIS is why the other 31 teams passed on him.

    Nobody wanted this kind of drama, and the freaking season hasn’t even started yet!

  8. As a gay man and a fan im very disappointed that he’s doing this. I was thrilled by having another pro athlete come out but then to distract from your play on the field by drawing attention to your sexuality is very disheartening.

  9. A bonafide conspiracy theory,I love it. The draft call,the crying,the caressing,THE kiss and the cake. Doesn’t seem so spontaneous now does it. The league is knee deep in this,no turning back now,and yes to all,HE WILL be on the roster!!!!!

  10. Dude, your a 7th round draft pick.
    You better worry about making the 53 man roster. Or was this whole gay draft proclamation just the hook you want to help get a book or movie or TV deal.

  11. What the league functionaries in NYC knew or didn’t know matters less to me than whether Sam or his agent withheld this from the Rams and other teams potentially interested in drafting him. If the Rams *had* known, I’ll be they would’ve lost interest in a hurry. A 7th rounder with marginal NFL prospects needs to be 100% focused on his game, not some stupid reality show.

  12. jimbo75025 says:
    May 16, 2014 5:59 PM
    So they knew there was a documentary but they did not know what channel……….


    Umm. They could have asked: “Did you know Michael Sam had a documentary on the OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network?”

  13. “McCarthy added that the league has not signed off on the project, and that the NFL hasn’t granted permission to the OWN network to use team names or logos.”


  14. It’s all about self and social promotion And not about team that’s why there is justifiable rebuke and this isn’t going to further his career as an NFL TEAM member of the Rams but rather he’s the key prospect of his marketing team. That’s the core issue that won’t be addressed but will be covered under the guise of a teachable moment.

  15. Ugh, wake me up when preseason starts. I respect Sam the Ram and that he is tearing down walls of prejudice but I hope he knows that some people who he thinks are helping him in his monumental effort might also be using him to capitalize for their own financial gain. Does he want to be known as Sam 2014 or Sam who had a great football career? If he is a true pioneer he should respect the gay community and show everybody he can play with the best of them by paving the way, but if he is making it all about Sam then he should be ashamed. I don’t know what to believe but I hope the young man’s actions and purpose align with freedom and liberty for all rather than individual gain.

  16. If the kid wants to go out, work hard and play football, then by all means do it. But I am already sick and tired of the circus sideshow around this guy. And he’s bringing it on himself. Time to man up and put your drama in your sock drawer. let’s play some damn football.

  17. blackandbluedivision says: May 16, 2014 6:44 PM

    Umm. They could have asked: “Did you know Michael Sam had a documentary on the OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network?”

    I read it more as a lawyer prepared statement than an interview response. One of those things that while factually correct, just does not pass the smell test.

  18. I’ll bet the Rams wished they had never signed this guy. This is one big mess. I wonder what his
    team mates think about all the publicity. I thought this guy was all about football. Obviously not, he’s all about himself and the fact he’s “gay”.
    Just don’t make the team, and then we will be spared all the nonsense.

  19. The media wants to make him out to be a modern day Jackie Robinson. Except they overlooked one very huge difference, Jackie Robinson was a very good player. Michael Sam, not so much.

  20. For a guy who only wants to be known for being a good football player(not for being a good gay football player), he sure does seem to do a lot of attention whoring. I personally think that if he wasn’t gay, he probably wouldn’t have even been drafted. If he was that big of a “steal”, someone would have been all over it much earlier instead of passing on him 6 or 7 times. At the point where he was selected, the only remaining picks were compensatory picks, which can’t be traded, so those remaining teams had to make a pick. Also, had he not been drafted, what would these networks have done to fill the huge time slot that they had set aside for michael sam-fest? He’s already more of a nuisance than anything else. I’m more than sick of hearing about this glorified mr irrelevant

  21. Rams blew a pick on this guy…all about him the gay guy, not the football player. Hope they come to a decision when he cannot play with the big boys and cut him. Go play arena football!

  22. The documentary is obviously a bad idea, but the reaction to the documentary is ridiculously over the top. Admittedly on both sides at this point.

  23. Oprah has said she’s interested in buying the Clippers too. Imagine the circus she would turn them into, I bet every player would be required to wear cameras on their jock.

  24. At first I thought it was a terrible idea for Sam but the more I thought about it the less I mind. If it turns out to be like Tebows documentary where it shows him working out & bits of his personal life then it shouldn’t matter. However if it entails locker room & team footage then they should axe it

  25. I don’t know about anyone else out there but before this is all said and done I smell a lawsuit of some kind. It seems to me that MS has gone out of his way to create as much of a distraction as humanly possible, yet he says that he wants to be known as a football player. Does he really think that by first coming forward and telling the world that he’s gay then agreeing to do a show for Oprah is going to help him become known as being ONLY a football player?

  26. Michael Sam is disrespecting the NFL. What does being gay have to do with being a great football player? Why is Michael Sam using the NFL as a forum to promote his lifestyle? NFL is about football. Take your lifestyle and find another forum. Why do I need to know Michael Sam is gay? I don’t. And I dont want too.

  27. in 15 years lawyers will be citing as precedent Oprah v. NFL.
    If the social cause is deemed more worthy to the common good, then business law and agreements of copyright shall be overridden.

  28. Wait just a darn minute! This media mania is pulling stompers away from the Tebow pile on! That’s just against all laws of media mania… but then again… never mind, carry on.

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