Loggains: Haslam said “pull the trigger” on Manziel


Browns owner Jimmy Haslam didn’t give the order to draft Johnny Manziel.  Unless he did.

Despite an insistence from G.M. Ray Farmer that Haslam “at no point demanded, requested, tried to influence the process in any way,” quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains said Thursday that, after Manziel sent Loggains a “come and get me” text, Haslam issued the directive.

“As soon as that happened, Mr. Haslam said, ‘Pull the trigger. We’re trading up to go get this guy,'” Loggains told Bo Mattingly of ESPN Arkansas, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Loggains explained that the text from Manziel said, “‘I wish you guys would come get me.  Hurry up and draft me because I want to be there.  I want to wreck this league together.'”

It’s not a surprise.  At all.  Haslam wants to run the show without leaving obvious fingerprints, since he knows he’s not really qualified to run the show.  So he’ll run the show without carrying the title of G.M. and if/when it all falls apart he can hire a new G.M. and continue to run the show.

In other words, Haslam is doing what Jerry Jones should have been doing since 1989.

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  1. I honestly believe that Jimmy Garoppolo is the best quarterback in this class. It may take a long time to become apparent, but I’ve looked at so much film on all of these guys, and I’m certainly not a scout or pro personnel guy, but he sure looks the part, in my humble opinion.

  2. So Bridgewater said he didn’t want to be a Brown,Manziel sends a text that he wants to be a Brown. The owner,looking for a QB is amped that the highlight reel of the NCAA wants to play for him. So he says swing it and get him. So instead of being stuck with unhappy Bridgewater the Browns get a hungry Manziel. You know what,good on Haslam for doing it. So there are at least 8 players we know want to be Browns.

  3. Memo to Farmer: You should have taken the Dolphins GM job. But no. “BullyGate” scared you, so you refused that job, and now you are Haslam’s patsy. Karma is a bee-otch.

  4. The team belongs to him. If he wants to draft a certain player that’s his prerogative. Why is that so hard for some people to understand?

  5. I guess Loggains didn’t get the memo about maintaining a united front when talking with the media. Although I’m impressed with the moves that the new regime has made thus far, if Haslam emulates Jerry Jones, the Browns are in trouble. I know that Browns fans wanted an owner who was more active than Randy Lerner, but we didn’t want the second coming of Jones, either.

  6. I see Manziel as being the perfect young QB for the media to feast upon in the NFL. He’s a flashy, polarizing figure and his every move and his every word will be planted firmly under a microscope at all times. It will be a soap opera of sorts watching his career unfold…I’m sure of it. The media will have nothing short of that.

  7. Haslem and Farmer continue to lie. Unreal.

    Not sure why the QB coach is ratting him out, he may not be the QB coach for long, but at least someone in the Browns organization is telling the truth.

    Next thing Haslem is going to say again is he didnt know about the rebate scam Pilot Flying J was pulling.

  8. At first I thought that Johnny Football sounds desperate and probably sent that text to more than one team, but the I realized he just didn’t want to get drafted by the Vikings.

  9. When will the dysfunction on this team end? Haslam is proving that money does not equal intellect or common sense… This used to be a feared place to play back in the Dawg Pound days… Now it is a wayward home of poor management, and very questionable players… Josh will have Johnny Football for company on the suspended player’s list… Now that Johnny has this kind of money, prepare for the idiocy… How could they draft a kid with this many off field and on field red flags?????

  10. To me it doesn’t matter if he’s on the record for saying it’s his decision, or if he made it look like it was Colonel Mustard, with the candlestick, in the observatory. Manziel isn’t an NFL-calibur QB.

    He’s helping sell tickets, which is definitely a plus, but the way he throws the ball up for grabs won’t cut it against NFL secondaries.

  11. This moron is going to be the biggest bust since Ryan Leaf. I can’t wait until he finds out the hard way what happens to a QB who turns his back to an NFL front 7.

  12. This guy is going to fail so hard. I laughed when I read the Patriots scouting report on him. Exactly what my intuition was telling me about him. Another 5 year setback for now the worst franchise in the NFL.

  13. I was screaming for the Vikings to take him on draft day but I think we were really lucky to end up with Teddy Bridgewater instead. Give the kid his wish . Enjoy Cleveland 🙂

  14. He owns the team & Manziel was a 1st rd draft pick… I thought he deserved to get drafted, so what’s the problem lol

  15. Guess this is why Banner & Lombardi were fired. They probably wouldn’t have agreed to the pick.

    Jerry Jones 2.0 – good luck Cleveland!

  16. Jerry Jones thinks that the GM is responsible for the success of a team, and he wants to get credit for his team’s success. We have all seen how miserably he has drafted the past few years, and that is why his team is not succeeding.

  17. Here we go with the conspiracy theories. And even if Haslem did nudge Ray to get Johnny, he paid a billion dollars for the that right.

    I wanted Teddy Bridgewater myself, but I didn’t invest a billion in the Browns either. I just hope Haslem is right because I’m not sold on Johnny Cleveland.

    P.S. if Johnny did send that text, I do kind of like him a little bit more.

  18. And too the local Cleveland sports media, specifically Tony Rizzo and Bruce Hooley, give it a rest about complaining about the Browns limiting media coverage for rookie camp.

    Rookie Camp is very short and it won’t kill the media to have to wait until training camp to destroy any chance for Mike Pettine to keep his team focused.

  19. No, Jerry Jones should not have been doing this since 1989. The results would be the same. Jerry Jones should hire a real GM and really let them take care of their job. I only care about the health of the team, not the health of JJ’s ego.

  20. Why is this such a big deal? A guy who paid $1 BIL for a team can’t have a say? Also if if I’m the owner of one of the most inept & downtrodden franchises in sports and the hottest, most exciting CFB in the last 20 yrs is sending my coaches texts saying “I want to be there” I’m gonna tell my crew to go get him.

  21. I think if you read the full article, it says that Mr. Football was the number one QB on their board. He texted that he wanted to “wreck the league together” with the Browns.

    I read it that the owner was just authorizing giving away picks (maybe even at a premium) to make sure they land the number 1 QB on their board.

    But, I’m a total homer.

  22. The article seems very clear to me that the Browns (i.e. the coaches and not just Haslam) had not only decided to try to draft Johnny long before that text was sent, but also had actually already tried at least twice to trade up to do so (at 11 and 16). Did Johnny’s text and Jimmy’s directive change any of that in any way? Article also says they believed Chiefs were going to take him at 23, so they felt they had to trade up to a spot before 23 to get him, and that’s what they were doing and did.

  23. At this point who cares what part Haslam did or didn’t play. What’s done is done. It’s only going to matter if/when he fires Farmer. Then we can talk about who’s really responsible for spending a 1st on a 5’11” wingnut spread O, pocket skittish QB with little chance to succeed in NFL. Let’s wait until hindsight is truly 20/20.

  24. i’m telling you the sports ‘curse’ from Boston moved to Cleveland. Get Manziel and lose Gordon. I’m losing track of the QB Graveyard and Factory of Sadness part II

  25. Get this guy under center in the friggid weather of the Ohio in November against the Ravens and Steelers defenses and we’ll see who gets “wrecked.”

  26. Sounds like Farmer and Co are slowly preparing to blame the order when Kohnny football turns into Johnny BUST. This is Cleveland!!!

  27. I really have not got a clue what to make of Manzeil. watching him play bama and others in college makes you think he is a god. His height, weight, etc make you maybe think he will be a bust. BRett Favre says hes a clone of himself. I go with brett. This man will be a sucess. Hate on him if you will. He is probably a 21 year old piece of scum. He will grow to be the oldest man, if i may quote Mase. Watch him suceed for a long career with plenty of dollars to be paid to his name

  28. Paying a billion dollars for a team does entitle you to an opinion, no different from any other owner.

  29. spin it how you want, Jimmy is running his team, and so far so good. Cant hate on the guy for having a hand in the cookie jar. Evidently, Johnny wanted to be here, and thats the biggest factor in his success in Cleveland.

  30. Given Johnny’s apparent enthusiasm to work with Loggains, I sure hope this revelation doesn’t make him Cleveland’s ex-quarterbacks coach. At any rate, if any of these texts are authentic, Johnny may be a pioneer for those dying to come to Cleveland. I, for one, can only dream for that type of scenario going forward.

  31. …and in Jerry Jones’ case, I believe on Draft night the call comes from him and not the player, and the words are, “we’re moving up to get you…let’s wreck this team together…”

  32. I Love it. …”I want to wreck this league together”. This is why I wanted him in Cleveland. We haven’t had a player with this kind of heart and drive in a long time.

    Lets do it JOHNNY FOOTBALL!!

  33. Loggains must want out of Cleveland. Probably doesn’t want to his rep with Johnny Overrated.

  34. Wait I’m confused. I thought it was the homeless guy who said to draft him.

  35. Wow, didn’t realize college kids had that much influence on the process. Something isn’t right about this whole he said, she said story.

  36. It seems Haslam wants to be involved in a lot of things without leaving obvious fingerprints. It would be interesting to know what goes through a player’s mind once they learn they’ve been drafted by the Browns.

  37. Hate it when owners try to make football decisions. Owning an iPad doesn’t make you Steve Jobs _ or owning a Microsoft based device doesn’t make you Bill Gates.

  38. I think coach Loggains is going to be in a little trouble with browns management, would not surprise me if the browns do not let any of their assistant coaches do any more interviews.

  39. If true, who cares? It’s the right call in the end. Manziel wants to be there. Tiny hands Teddy doesn’t want to be there. I say pick the guy who is up to the challenge and actually wants to be a part of the team.

  40. “In other words, Haslam is doing what Jerry Jones should have been doing since 1989.”

    Just before he got three Lombardi’s?

  41. Two big red flags here.
    1) Overly involved owner. [See Jerry Jones, Al Davis, Mike Brown (up until Marvin Lewis’ new contract in 2011)]
    2. The front office and coaching staff are not on the same page. Both versions of the story cannot be true.

    If I were a Browns fan, this would not make me feel good.

  42. I don’t believe any of this. So is Haslam behind everything else? Why can’t the media just give Ray Farmer some credit? Why is there always some conspiracy theory? So was it Haslams choice to pick up Tate, Whitner, Dansby, Austin, Bennett and trade the 4th pick to the Bills?

  43. This Haslam guy sounds like your typical filthy rich guy who thinks he’s smart enough to successfully run a business in which he has no experience or training. Never mind the fact that Haslam knows nothing about the complexities of pro football–he owns the team, so he’s going to call the shots. At least Jerry Jones, as bad a GM as he is, actually played college football at Arkansas. As far as I’ve been able to ascertain, Haslam never even played at the collegiate level. Other than his money, I wonder what makes him think he has the insight to make good football decisions?

  44. The article says Loggains said Pettine was texting him while he was back in his office and that he was not in in the room. So logically, he couldn’t have heard the exact words. It’s just a figure of speech.

  45. This guy will tear his ACL by week 10 and will never be able to bounce back from it.

    Sorry Johnny, you have talent, but it doesnt make up for the lack of maturity and intelligence.

  46. Well hopefully for the sake of Browns fans, they’ll wreck the league together, and not wreck the team together…

  47. “In other words, Haslam is doing what Jerry Jones should have been doing since 1989.”

    Pooping up his team instead of letting a GM do his job?

  48. these two deserve each other, this kid just makes me sick to my stomach with his walking out giving the money signs like it’s all about the money and not winning championships..welcome to Cleveland Johhny!

  49. I have been saying that after watching a few of his college games and analyzing the tape that I didn’t come away impressed with his ball placement, his ability to hit the right guy, or his ability to read a defense. He plays like a gambler playing with someone else’s money. Was he exciting? Yes, but exciting college players don’t always work in the NFL, and neither does a QB holding the football like a loaf of bread. He is immature and throws the ball up for grabs far too many times for my liking.

    I wanted Bridgewater because I saw all of those things that I believe that you need in an NFL QB in him. I have to root for Johnny Football because I am a diehard Browns fan, but I do hope they made the right choice and we aren’t picking another QB 2-3 years from now. I don’t hate the pick as much as I did with Weeden because at least most of the talking heads (Kiper Jr., Mayock, etc.) had him at the top of their list – but they also had Ponder & Gabbert at the top of their list), but I have to live with it.

  50. This is hearsay. The qb coach wasn’t even in the room! How does he know what Haslam said?

    He was in the draft room. How do you know that he wasn’t?

  51. Browns owner Jimmy Haslam didn’t give the order to cheat truckers out of rebates. Unless he did.

  52. Hey Browns brass,
    How about you guys have a meeting and get your story figured out. This is just getting ridiculous at this point.

    On a positive note, this story is awesome if true. Johnny Cleveland sent a text to the coach and said come get me and we’ll WRECK this league together?!? EXTREMELY excited to watch this kid either destroy the league or set the Browns back another 5-7 years. Unfortunately, if he does set them back, it won’t be the first time and we as Browns fans are used to it. GO BROWNS and Welcome to Cleveland Johnny!!!!

  53. Wreck this team together! Johnny Football in the AFC North is TOAST! Can’t wait to watch this unfold.

  54. Well, ”pull the trigger” doesn’t mean that Haslam forced Farmer to trade up for Manziel. All that means is that Farmer that day had an opinion and his was that they should trade up to get Manziel. I’m sure the entire staff discussed it and Farmer also thought that it would be a good idea to trade up for him.

  55. I’m a Steeler’s fan, so it is unfortunate for me that Johnny Football went to a rival. I really wanted to root for this kid. I think he has the attitude that it takes to be a champion. He has said all the right things, and has that necessary confidence that a QB must have to be successful. I know he’s small, so durability could be an issue, but this kid is smart, and I think he’ll adjust. If I were a Browns fan right now, I’d be so pumped to see what he can do. I actually feel pretty good for Browns fans. You all deserve something positive. For me, I look at situations like this and think on the bright side. At least he didn’t got to the Rat Birds…

  56. I want to wreck this league together. That sounds like some something Amanda Bynes would have said before she was under a doctor’s care.

    With that being said, I wish the Browns well. Their fans deserve hope.

  57. “Loggains explained that the text from Manziel said, “‘I wish you guys would come get me. Hurry up and draft me because I want to be there. I want to wreck this league together.’”

    A text he sent to all 32 Franchises

  58. Who really cares if Haslam was in on the decision.

    I can tell you right now that if I paid hundreds of millions of dollars to buy this team, and paid $100 million more per year to the players, you darn right I would have input. I don’t know that I would override my GM, I would tell him what I thought, then I would tell him you do what you think is best, but you’re going to own it and be responsible for it.

    There’s nothing wrong with the owner having input.

  59. All of this should be at least a bit troubling for Browns fans.
    It seems that almost every day we’re hearing reports from the Browns about something that is not really in the best interests of their football operation. Too much talk from everyone, from owner to QB’s coach, and sometimes with conflciting stories.
    You might also think that there will definately be some fallout when the QB coach, for whatever reason or reasons, feels he has to make a public statement which essentially refutes the company line about Haslam having nothing to do with selecting Manziel?!
    Leave it to the Cleveland Browns organization to look like it’s finally on the right track from a coaching and personnel standpoint, and then muddy the waters with public statement after public statement, which has done nothing but create meaningless distractions for their franchise.

  60. He is in for a big time reality check come October and November. Last I checked self entitled rich kids can’t handle the brutal conditions the AFC North has to offer. At least he won’t ever have to play into December and January. Thank you Browns for helping get the rest of the AFC one step closer to the Super Bowl. Johnny better bring a warm coat to Cleveland, injured players do a lot of sitting.

  61. Does not bode well for when Johnny decides he wants to do it his way during the season instead of what the coaches want.

    You never see the good organizations letting the coaches make draft picks, as opposed to he personnel people who have been scouting all year. Loggains does not seem to get that. He sounds like a young guy pretty much in over his head.

  62. In a made for TV movie, I see Halsem making draft decisions in the future from behind bars, sending a runner to text the pick to the floor for Goodell to announce.

    All in classic, vintage black and white, of course. Can someone answer why Haslem and Irsay remain unpunished, while players get slammed, even before convictions?

    Shouldn’t they be held to a higher standard and not a lessor one?

  63. I LOVE the attitude. We haven’t had a qb with that much confidence since we had Sipe and Kosar….pride, confidence and swagger is not a bad thing for your qb to have…

  64. If this was 5-6 years ago Manziel wouldn’t stand a chance playing in the AFCN.

    I still believe Cincy is the top of AFCN but Cleveland just closed the gap as Baltimore and Pittsburgh are starting to fall off.

  65. It’s too easy to poke fun at Manziel, Haslam, and the Browns but I’m pretty sure all owners have a say in at least the first round picks given the financial commitment and publicity surrounding first rounders. The controversy here is all the denial from the Browns about Haslam yet more and more evidence comes out that he did make the pick. Just own it and say that he had input but it was a team decision. The denials are what are creating a PR nightmare.

  66. The fascinating this is, as a longtime Titans fan, I can’t see Dowell Loggains going public with this if it had been the Titans’ Bud Adams responding to a text from Jake Locker like that.

  67. I think if reports are true that Kyle Shanahan wants nothing to do with Manziel, then Manziel will inevitably fail in Cleveland.

    Manziel is the type of player where the coaching staff has to embrace his style of play and design the offense around him instead of trying to get him to fit into their offense.

    It doesn’t look like that is going to happen so I doubt he can be successful long term there.

  68. Says a lot about the Browns if they got suckered into taking Manziel because of that text. Last week it’s the homeless guy telling them to pick Manziel, and now this. You don’t think he sent the exact same text to everyone else in the league once he realized he might fall out of the first round? If they think he really wanted to end up in Cleveland, then they’re just delusional

  69. From what I understand (from what I’ve read out of this) is that Farmer denies specifically that Teddy Bridgewater was ever in his or the Browns plans to draft in the first place which everyone including the coach quoted in this article has said the same thing. If that is true then he’s correct as it would not be possible for the owner to force him to do something he was going to do anyway. Considering Bridgewaters attitude since being drafted and that 31 teams passed him up despite every “draft expert” saying he was a top 10 pick, I believe that Bridgewater turned a lot more than the Browns off with either his pro day, his wonderlic score, his interviews or more than likely ALL OF THEE ABOVE. This kid is talented but he’s definitely on my “post game press conference meltdown” watch for the upcoming season.

    As for Manziel, I can’t remember the last time a guy got drafted and he knew almost EVERYTHING about the team that drafted him during his on stage interview while still at radio city from assistant coaches (that many of the current players probably don’t know they’re so new) to the teams season the year prior. It’s one thing to know those things during your introductory press conference after your agent has a whole plane ride to fill you in but this kid went from the green room to the stage and talked like he had been on the team for YEARS. He definitely wanted to be in Cleveland.

    or maybe I’m the only one who remember Ryan Tannehill not even knowing what teams were in his division after he got drafted.

  70. I think anyone would have been better than Teddy Bridgewater now there is a bust waiting to happen. I thought the Vikings where on there way now after hiring coach Zimmer. I thought the biggest mistake Jerry ever made was not hireing him for head coach then the take Bridgewater. I was never a fan Manziel because I was a Longhorn fan. But I think he will be good for the Brown’s wanting to be there is a big part of it. and if u don’t like the owners decession buy the team from him and run it your way

  71. Why does the media always have to take potshots against Jerry Jones? Don’t listen to them Jerry, we all support your decisions!

    -Eagles, Giants, Redskins

  72. Can you smell the fear emanating from the rest of the AFC North??? Manziel is going to light it up, and before it’s all said and done, he will be mentioned with other Cleveland greats like Kosar and Otto Graham. #JustWatch

  73. its now Feb 5, go back and read those comments…

    so funny…. everyone thinks they’re a genius…


    ask Malcolm Butler… lol

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