NFL knew about Michael Sam’s documentary before draft, teams didn’t


The folks at 345 Park Avenue may have some explaining to do to one of the 32 men who own 345 Park Avenue.

According to Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the NFL knew that Michael Sam had struck a deal for a documentary to be televised on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network before the draft.  But the NFL reportedly didn’t share that information with the league’s teams.

Per the report, the Rams learned of the situation on Sunday, one day after making Sam the 249th overall pick in a 256-selection draft.  It’s impossible to know with any degree of certainty what the Rams would have done if they’d known, but the information that was kept from the Rams and the rest of the league surely would have at least been a factor.

While the Rams surely will continue to say and do all the right things both publicly and privately about Sam and everything that goes along with having the first openly gay NFL player on the team, the franchise’s decision-makers probably are feeling more than a little miffed that relevant information was deliberately kept from them.  And rightfully so.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher told Dan Patrick on Monday that the NFL did nothing to encourage the team to take Sam.  The report from Strauss shows that the league was careful not to do anything that may dissuade a team from picking him.

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  1. What a surprise.

    So the whole thing was a setup on draft day (other than the Rams drafting him, which I’m not even sure I believe). And we’re supposed to believe that Michael Sam’s top priority is playing football?

    Sounds more like the NFL actively participating in someone’s social agenda. Very, very lame.

    Perhaps those who should be the most angry about this are the media, who got played like a fiddle. But I doubt we’ll hear any outrage from them on this.

  2. By choosing to go for the money making reality show, I no longer see any difference between Sam and Kim Kardashian. It is all about the money eventually, isn’t it ?

  3. And with this new information, can the Rams just “not sign him” by saying they should have been told up front this was going to happen?

    I am sure they won’t but my guess, and it is only a guess, is that he won’t make the 53 man roster. I don’t see an owner, GM or coach giving a roster spot to someone who will not help the team. If they do, they have their priorities in the wrong order.

  4. This is such a disgrace.

    This guy “just wants to be known as a football player” the same way that Darrelle Revis “just wants to win.”

    What a joke.

  5. You’d have to be a complete fool if you didn’t think the powers that be in the NFL made sure he was drafted somewhere …

  6. So Goddell screwed over the Rams? Will he give them an extra compensatory next year to replace a wasted pick?

  7. Michael Sam should take every financial opportunity he can.

    The NFL will chew him up and spit him out the moment they’ve made every bit of profit on him they can.

    People who have a problem with him getting endorsements or shows because he’s gay and also a football player are simply jealous.

    He took the risk, he’s getting the reward. Make every penny you can because some of even the best in the NFL don’t last long.

  8. Gee, I wonder if there’s a financial arrangement between Oprah and the NFL too?

  9. This is becoming a joke! It’s not about football, it’s all about him bring gay. It doesn’t matter to me but what does matter is making a spectical out of this. Hes a 7th round pick, move on!

  10. why do I get the feeling that this whole coming out deal was planned ahead of time by someone whose chance of making it in the nfl was borderline and this is a way of grabbing the spotlight and oprah is along for the ride

  11. If the NFL had shared this information with all of the teams, and it could later have been shown that this was why Team “A” didn’t draft Sam, the publicity sensitive NFL would not be happy. This is a CYA situation. I don’t think this “reality” TV thing is a good idea, but this is 2014.

  12. Scumbag NFL! If i were Les Snead, Fisher and/or Stan Kroenke I would want a private word with Goodell.

  13. The NFL wants to continue to grow the brand with new demographics of viewers; Oprah wants to piggy-back on the NFL’s popularity and boost ratings for her own sinking network. It’s a win-win for the corporate types. As usual, the game of football itself and the majority of players who make it happen were not considered.

  14. The Rams were DUPED and now you have this HUGE unwanted distraction……..

  15. Oh, so the league KNEW about it…now it’s starting to make sense. Don’t think for a minute that Goodell & Company didn’t mandate that Sam be drafted…Jeff Fisher had no choice but to go along with it. You want shame and disgrace brought into the league folks? You got it!

  16. You know….I think that Sam would have preferred to go thru the process without coming out and waiting until he was on team to tell them personally and not make it everyone elses business but the media didn’t let him. He took the bull by the horns and did it him self. Good for him.

    I don’t think the reality show is a good idea because it will fuel the attention seeking idea but honestly who really cares? The media that forced him to come out in a way he most likely wouldn’t have now wants to pay him to be the man he’d have been anyway? Go get your money kid!

    And the kiss you all hate? Wouldn’t have happened on TV if the media didn’t force his coming out like it did…no cameras for 7th rounders…

    People scream he needs attention…why did he dissappear after he announced it?

    I’m tired of the constant coverage as much as anyone but I won’t condemn him for taking advantage of something he never asked for.

  17. This reality show for Michael Sam is a good thing. It’s like the HBO show, but with a purpose and a single star. And it might serve to protect Sam from outbursts from other players.

  18. yeah i’m with you guys! you can be gay, or you can do stuff you want to do. but you cannot be gay and do stuff you wanna do. how dare he?

  19. I thought the Rams said they had no problems with this? Almost feels like people are looking to find a problem with Mr. Sam for some reason.

  20. football was never the topic here. this was about pushing an agenda from the get go. the media activly pushed this so sam would have to be drafted or face the very vocal media types. this is now proven to be a complete setup. shame on goodell, shame on the media

  21. .

    Top personnel moves made by Bill Belichick since assuming command of the Patriots in 2000.

    1. Not drafting Michael Sam

    2. Drafting Tom Brady in Round 6


  22. my guess is there was or is an arrangement between the NFL and the RAMS.

    NFL to Rams: Take Sam and we will ‘bump’ up a future compensatory pick for you in the coming year


  23. TO, Chad Ochocinco, Eric Decker, Hank Baskett and potentially AJ McCarron all had or have reality shows. What’s the big deal? Sam especially needs to cash in because there is a very real chance that he doesn’t make an NFL roster.

  24. T.O and ochocinco had reality shows but they can actually play football at a high level and still got cut. the team comes 1st. when you make it about “you”, you will be cut.

  25. Only a fool would begrudge him his efforts to make as much money as he can related to his football “career” — the game is brutal and violent and short.

    That said, I would not begrudge the Rams from paying out his draft bonus and cutting him today.

  26. The league wanted this for one reason. To prove that not every locker room is full of bullies, like the Dolphins.

  27. Trailblazers are supposed to make things easier on those that follow them. I think he is making harder on the next openly gay college athlete hoping to get drafted.

  28. The Rams shouldn’t permit anybody from Oprah’s network on their property.

  29. I fully believe the Sams wanted Rams..Oops.
    The NFL needed someone to get this guy. Goodell goes up and announces him, “The picture” is taken for all to see.
    Goodell to Fisher, “I need you to step up here Jeff..”

  30. Which is why during the 7th round Roger was calling every team telling him to draft Sam. Sam will be out if the league in 3 year and the Every Sam Play Network will talk about him for 5 more

  31. I find it hard to believe that the Rams weren’t in on this when they drafted him. Given the baggage that came with drafting Sam, it’s hard to believe that the Rams would have wasted a draft pick on this guy. More likely than not, the Rams, being rich with draft picks from the RG3 bonanza were probably instructed to draft him in a deal made with the league. The guy was drafted with a 7th round compensatory pick awarded to the Rams and the formula for awarding these picks is a closely guarded secret.

  32. Were the documentary cameras there for the draft?

    Some documentaries set out to investigate/document and some to expose. I just don’t want to see the kid coaxed into scenarios that are designed to draw attention. Unfortunately, I think that is exactly what we are going to get.

  33. CYA move, the league didn’t give full disclosure knowing if teams knew this they wouldn’t have wasted a draft pick on the 3rd string PRIMA DONNA

  34. Oh imagine the “outrage” if this was Tebow.

    Now I just want this guy to go away. He’s making himself into a “me first” sideshow.

  35. Michael Sam has a choice to make. He can choose to work his ass off and maybe make the developmental practice squad or even a 53 man roster for the St. Louis Rams, or he can choose to become the next Snookie of reality TV.

    At the NFL Combine a couple months ago he said he wanted the media and fans to see him as Michael Sam the Football Player instead of Michael Sam the Gay Football Player. Well Michael had the opportunity to do just that, and instead of focusing on Football he chose the drama of a documentary for Oprah’s TV network.

  36. I don’t give a cr@p if he is gay or not. But he is definitely giving the impression that he is a me-first type guy who is more interested in being famous than a solid football player. What a distraction… I feel bad for the Rams.

  37. Alajandro Villanueva…ex Army ranger..signed with the Eagles… THERE’S someone who knows what it truly is to be brave…THERE is someone who deserves 1000x the attention Sam is getting.

  38. The Rams we forced to draft him because of their location. He already has support in Missouri from his college days. It made sense for the NFL to PLACE him on that team.

    There was never any way he was going to go undrafted, the media would have chewed the NFL apart. Instead, the media forces the NFL to make sure Sam is drafted and their social agenda is pushed into everyone’s face.

    I have no issue with anyone that is gay. But this dude needs to wake up and realize that he is just a pawn now. I’m sure he is loving the cash grab too, but he has just become a pawn and because of that he will be rejected. Killing all progress he had hoped to make and that is the real shame.

  39. it just seems like a sneeze from this dude gets everyone angrier than your when a straight player gets popped for domestic violence.

  40. Oprahs new program will become the White Houses favorite show..Where’s Reggie Love?

  41. This guy’s last supporters that are NFL fans have left the building now. Only people rooting for this guy to succeed now are the ones with the agendas. Dear NFL, please give the Rams a 6th round compensatory pick in next years draft for this fiasco… signed NFL customers.

  42. I am so glad this came out and has exposed the league for what it is: a group of conniving would-be social engineers, forcing something that should come in its own time.

    The setting up of this whole thing completely invalidates what the league was attempting to do here, and the league now has much egg on its face, with more to come.

    On the other hand, I fully expect the league to later deny this and say that some knucklehead said the wrong thing. Just watch.

  43. I think the NFL needs the first openly Gay sports commissioner.

    With a reality show to go along with it.

    THAT’S entertainment.

  44. The NFL set up their teams to a circus.

    Well played NFL…well played…NOT!

  45. We need to start an “ALL-Me-din” team. Complete with coaches, too. Better yet, start a draft. That would be fun here…

    Ideas, anyone?

  46. are there any examples of the NFL warning teams about individual players in the draft? is that even something they have done?

  47. The Rams weren’t given anything but if they took this one guy in the 7th round he was tied to a 3rd round pick, accidentally, next year. Now the league will say since their “info” wasn’t disclosed, they need to give STL a compensatory pick. Scam!

    I hope Sam changes his mind and goes straight and train wrecks these media clowns and the NFL.

  48. I found it very interesting, reading Michael Silver’s report from his experience inside the Rams war room, that Fisher was the only person in the room that knew the Sam pick was being made when they made it. I think Silver said Fisher’s words to the staff were “Hey watch this…” And he described shock and surprise in the room.

    That seemed very odd. Wouldn’t everyone in the room be on the same page during the draft at that stage?

    I totally buy the conspiracy theories that are being thrown out there, especially given the fact that this pick was made using a comp pick.

    Something smells fishy here.

  49. Not telling the Rams about the documentary is like not telling the Jets that Tebow is going to bring a media circus. Nothing that is happening is anything that an intelligent person couldn’t have foreseen.

  50. So the gay guy who claims it’s not about him being gay wants to be apart of a documentary about him being the first ever football player…….to openly say he….IS GAY. I really hope this kid the best. He’s letting the media run with him and eventually if he doesn’t produce , that same media will eat him up. I still have no idea why declaring your sexual preference should define you.

  51. I am so tired of this guy already, and he hasn’t played a single down. At first I thought “Hey, good for him, that takes guts to be yourself like that,” but this is getting ridiculous. Best part of my Seahawks’ draft was NOT drafting this sideshow.

  52. A bonafide conspiracy theory,I love it. The draft call,the crying,the caressing,THE kiss and the cake. Doesn’t seem so spontaneous now does it. The league is knee deep in this,no turning back now,and yes to all,HE WILL be on the roster!!!!!

  53. Goodell should be fired at the next Owner’s meeting. His deception is roughly equivalent to a company President withholding important information from the Chairman and the Board of directors as they make a decision. I had heard rumors that the league was putting pressure on the teams to select sam because of pressure from the gay mafia, who attack anyone who fails to bow in homage to their lifestyle.
    In my opinion, sam has gone from a good guy who deserved a shot (although I really don’t think he has a chance based on his skills/merits) to just another “in your face” gay activist.

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