Packers sign Carl Bradford, Demetri Goodson


The Packers have signed two more draft picks.

According to the NFL’s Friday transactions, the club has reached deals with fourth-round selection Carl Bradford and sixth-round selection Demetri Goodson.

Bradford (6-1, 252) recorded 110 tackles and 21.5 sacks in three seasons with Arizona State (2011-2013). A defensive end for the Sun Devils, Bradford will play linebacker for the Packers.

A 5-foot-11, 197-pound cornerback, Goodson played point guard at Gonzaga before joining Baylor’s football team in 2011. In three seasons for the Bears, Goodson notched 43 tackles, defended 15 passes and hauled in four interceptions.

Goodson, who is the brother of Jets running back Mike Goodson, joins a crowded and experienced cornerback depth chart in Green Bay. It’s quite possible he is more of a candidate to make the practice squad than the active roster.

The Packers now have all five rookies selected on the draft’s third day under contract.

31 responses to “Packers sign Carl Bradford, Demetri Goodson

  1. I’ll give you fellas at PFT credit, you always find funny and bizarre pictures to add to your story.

  2. Undoubtedly, Carl Bradford breathed a huge sigh of relief when he was drafted by any team other than the Vikings.

    If only Adrian Peterson could have been so lucky.

  3. without Brett Favre , this team will be 1 and done if there lucky to be in the playoffs with there swiss cheese defence and bubble wrap qb.

  4. thevikesarebest says: May 16, 2014 6:35 PM

    2nd most classless organization in the league and in sports.


    The Vikings being the 1st!

  5. Packers had five third day picks. Ted Thompson’s track record indicates one of these guys will be an impact player and two or three others will play key roles for the next few years. Unlike the Vikings third day picks, who will be bagging groceries before you know it.

  6. Why is this so hard for Viking fans to understand? Rodgers missed as much time as he did because THE DOCTORS WOULDN’T LET HIM PLAY!!! Get a damn clue, people.

  7. Packers had five third day picks. Ted Thompson’s track record indicates one of these guys will be an impact player and two or three others will play key roles for the next few years. Unlike the Vikings third day picks, who will be bagging groceries before you know it…………………………………………….

    They will play key roles…to insure Ted gets his comp picks when they leave…

  8. They should ban turd Thompson from drafting in the first round, but then again what would we laugh about?

    Only a clueless troll would laugh at a GM that flat out dominates them. Look at the comparison arianna and you will see Spieladope is 1-7-1 against the genius Teddy. If you want a team to laugh at you need to look no further than the queens.

  9. who cares what Vikings fans have to say their just bitter because they have to learn how to play outdoors again…

    Arena football team rejects = Vikings

  10. The picture of this dude indicates anger. He’s angry he wasn’t chosen in the draft by my Vikings.

    Had he been chosen by my Vikings, he’d be under much less pressure to win.

    Because the Packers win, this guy will have to work way harder for his paycheck. Which makes him angry. Thus, the picture.

  11. The North Division is once again owned by the Packers…..especially the Vikings.

  12. They should have drafted more offensive linemen to protect Rogers. If he gets hurt they’ll maybe win 1 game without him. Just like last year. T. Thompson is a pathetic GM.

  13. He looks like another juiced up cave man, just like Hawk and Matthews. He should fit in just fine in the back woods of GB, where on a clear day all you hear is dueling banjos playing.

  14. The Packer draft has been particularly astute. (Viking fans can look it up.) I expect at least two starters from this group, perhaps three. The Packers are going to be healthy (for a change,) and ready to roll. Combined with the Packers finally hitting on all cylinders after several years of injuries, and the Vikings playing outdoors, more Viking fans than ever will jump ship and become Packer fans. There are more and more every year, especially amongst fans twenty five years old and younger. They are tired of being identified with losers. Why do you think Lambeau Field keeps increasing the number of seats? Welcome. As always , welcome.

  15. Increasing the number of seats? Don’t you mean park bench space? They may be increasing the amount of park bench space, but that’s only to be able to fit in the same number of people that are growing in mass, exponentially, in GB.

  16. Lambeau the Mecca of the NFL has the 3rd largest seating capacity of over 80 thousand and has sold out for over 40 years and still has a season ticket waiting list of over 70k. The lowly Vikings can only sell out when they play the Packers and half the fans are from Green Bay. How sad that must be from a city that is 10 times the size of GB but only can manage bandwagon fans.

  17. He’s just excited about going up against that o-line everyday in practice. And Goodson can’t wait to light up the alligator-armed receivers.

    The whole team culture became soft the second D. Driver left.

  18. Putdowns and insults is the ammunition of losers…..because that is all they have to fight with……especially considering the Packers own the Vikings.

  19. ^^^Don’t be so hard on yourself. I know you’re always putting down and insulting when it comes to the Vikings and their fans, but that’s no reason to start hating yourself.

  20. The Packers keep drafting defensive players and O-Linemen, and yet their D and OL continue to stink. Somebody’s not doing their job.

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