Panthers bring 35 in for tryouts, including Cody Grimm


Even at a time when offseason rosters have swollen to 90 players, teams are still trying to look at more guys than that limit entails.

Thus, they’re dragging in veterans on a tryout basis along with more undrafted rookies for their rookie minicamps.

The Panthers are no different, as they’ve announced a list of 35 tryout players, which includes a number of familiar names.

Former Buccaneers safety Cody Grimm is on the list, along with fullbacks Dorin Dickerson and Harvey Unga, along with former Packers second-round pick Pat Lee and former Bills punter Shawn Powell.

It’s amazing Grimm’s only now getting here, given all the Redskins ties to the organization. Maybe it was the fact his father Russ kept getting mentioned as a head coaching candidate when he really wasn’t that kept him away this long.

7 responses to “Panthers bring 35 in for tryouts, including Cody Grimm

  1. And only 2 of them are tackles. Some Canadian guy named David Foucault and a local kid from Charlotte.

    Not that he would be a long term solution, and not that the salary cap might allow it, but I’d love to see the Panthers bring in Bryant McKinnie.

  2. as long as cam is the panthers qb, the panthers will never win a playoff game. it sucks because i actually like the panthers. enjoyed watching them when they had jake dehlome. he was good and damn near won the superbowl if not for a kikoff out of bounds with less then a minute.

  3. Panthers really have some major issues to address before the season kicks off. They are a prime candidate for going from 1st to worst just like Atlanta did last season in the NFC South.

  4. Word has it that Gettleman is also bringing Nate’s 3rd grade class, as soon as he’s done “loosening up hi arm”.

    Greg Little will probably stop off on his way to home to Durham too.

    It always amazes me, the unearned allegiance fans give to GMs, until they realize they haven’t progressed in 2-3 years. They watch the errors, real-time, but it’s all good, until you go from 1st to last in your division in one offseason.

  5. People said the same stuff last year (doom and gloom)…I was one of them.

    Relax and see what happens you may be surprised….

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