Rams not concerned over Michael Sam reality show


An unnamed teammate of Rams defensive end Michael Sam may have concerns about Sam’s reality show on Oprah’s network.  The team itself, however, doesn’t share those concerns.  Yet.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Rams intend to cooperate with Sam in a way that will make the entire situation — including reality show — work out for everyone.

It’s unknown whether the Rams knew about Sam’s plans for a reality show when drafting Sam.  As best we can tell, the team wasn’t aware.

Obviously, the Rams are aware now.  And they’re intent on finding a way to make the situation successful.

Part of that naturally will be finding a way to ensure that teammates who have issues with Sam’s reality show or anything else (including the team arguably giving Sam special treatment) express their views internally to the organization — and not anonymously to the media.

98 responses to “Rams not concerned over Michael Sam reality show

  1. Yeah, sure they’re not. What a dis-service to the players on that team who care only about one thing – winning football games…….

  2. Unnamed Teammate is correct……in this environment stating your opinion with any negative substance is toxic to your career and pocketbook.

  3. I thought I heard it was a documentary, not a reality show… You know like a 30:30 or something like that. I think that is a little different than a reality TV show. It’s one thing to document your journey say through training camp and cuts or whatever & then show it vs every week having the Michael Sam show.

  4. “Rams intend to cooperate with Sam in a way that will make the entire situation — including reality show — work out for everyone.”

    Well they don’t have much of a choice now. Its not like he is a 7th round draft pick they can simply cut.

  5. I’m hearing people comparing what Sam did to Rosa Parks and Jackie Robinson. Uh, no, I don’t think so.

  6. If all Sam wants to do is play football, then he’ll ditch this idea immediately and spend his time studying the Rams playbook and preparing for upcoming mini-camps and training camp.

    If however, Sam is more interested in promoting a social agenda, he’ll keep the reality show, and in the process demonstrate to the Rams that football isn’t as important to him as he has previously suggested. Such a move would make the Rams decision to draft him look foolish, as if they were duped into providing an avenue for this reality show.

  7. I wonder if there will be rights issues if HBO decides to use the Rams for Hard Knocks. The Rams are one of the 8 teams the NFL can force to do the show and it may be pretty interesting to be in the locker room of the first openly gay NFL player.

  8. Wouldn’t you be surprised if this wasn’t their response? If he’s a good guy this could turn into a rallying cry for the Team, but the Oprah thing could turn into a real can of worms.

  9. I read that the NFL knew about this and signed off on it, but didn’t tell any of the 32 teams before Sam was drafted.

    Jeff Fisher isn’t “concerned” about much. That includes filling his locker room with all kinds of eccentric characters, which may be an obstacle to team building and at least one reason he hasn’t won a playoff game in ten years.

    I don’t understand how a guy who struggled to sustain success can be so sure of himself.

  10. What a sideshow…The Rams should just build the Michael Sam TV studio right next to the practice field….If they bend over backwards any further for a 7th round pick their collective backs will break..

  11. Good for him for living his dream all the best to him but doing a reality show cheapens the entire thing and brings a bigger spotlight on him when his only concern should be making the team which is never a guaranty for a 7th round pick

  12. Why all of these stories on a 7th round player that wont make the team? I dont think there has been an article on clowney or matthews since the draft you know the guys who went one and two.

  13. I still think the Rams were asked and they agreed to draft Sam to avoid the potential media backlash against the NFL. I doubt they enjoy the extra attention but they will deal with it until it is time to cut him. That will be towards the end of camp so they can cite football deficiencies as well as (instead of) the distractions caused by his sexuality and his desire to be famous…for something.

  14. .

    Apparently it is possible to be a Seahawks and 49ers fan at the same time.


  15. Of course the Rams can’t have concerns. They’ll be seen as hateful by the PC police if they do anything to stop it. So, they’ll use it to market themselves.

    I’ve never seen a 7th round pick get more shine than this one.

  16. Now THIS is where you’re going to lose me. Because if, say Sam Bradford or somebody else wanted to do a reality show, I’m going to go out on a limb and say the Rams wouldn’t help to ‘make it happen’. I’m all for Michael Sam getting his shot in the NFL. He deserves it. But don’t preach you want to be treated no different than the other players then go ahead and accept being treated differently than the other players when it benefits you. Can’t have it both ways Michael.

  17. The Rams were once the greatest show on turf! Soon to be the greatest circus on Oprah’s network.

    Looks like Michael is going to cash in the fame while he can, I’m sure book deals to follow as well. Kind of slights all the talk of, “this is all about football, and I trust want to be treated like any other football player.”

    Ummmm really?

  18. The cameras will not be allowed in the facility or on the practice fields. Also, it will be in documentary form. I don’t think it will be that big of a deal and I don’t think there will be very many viewers.

  19. I Hope the Rams cut him. Just bc he Gay shouldn’t mean he gets special treatment. If he wants special treatment or a tv show then get the hell out of the NFL. I’m so tired if hearing all if this Michael Sam BS.

  20. He got picked, and I’m happy for him, but it’s time to get out of the tabloids and onto the field. He’s got a job to do.

  21. Fisher has already said, and I believe him, that he won’t hesitate to cut Sam if he doesn’t make the team.

    Meanwhile there might be some other Ram draft picks that are worthy of discussion… e.g. Greg Robinson and Aaron Donald.

  22. I thought this guy said he wanted to be judged as a football player. Now he is making it a circus. this is why the other 31 teams passed on a tebow like distraction

  23. So this kid is using his “gayness” to:

    1. get himself drafted into the NFL
    2. get a reality show
    3. keep himself from being cut
    4. get special treatment from everyone

    I bet he comes out soon and says “I want to be treated just like any other player and I never asked for all of this attention” just to have something on the record to use against anyone who criticizes him.

  24. Call the cameras in when the Turk comes. And Sam will reply I will sue everyone

  25. I’ll give Sam’s handlers the credit due for being shrewd business people. They’ve certainly played the Rams and the NFL into believing this reality star, I mean football player, is worth a lick in the grand scheme of things. They’re all just using this attempt at a career as a platform to push their agenda. Well played, Sam and all involved. The benefit of the doubt I was giving him is out the window.

  26. Waiting for the forthcoming 30 for 30 episode about this train wreck.

  27. It’s probably going to be fairly non intrusive. Couple interviews here and there. My other best guess is that much of the film of Sam in camp will come from the Rams cameras not Oprah’s. In other words this is probably a non story…unless of course, I am wrong and they truly are planning a reality show instead of a documentary.

  28. If it were my team, I would mind. Simple solution, don’t sign him to a contract. Let him re-enter the draft next year and be somebody else’s problem. Maybe he’ll learn the NFL isn’t a PR opportunity for personal agendas.

  29. Michael Sam wants this situation both ways. First, he claimed he just wanted to be viewed as a football player. Not a gay football player.

    Now he is doing a show highlighting the fact he is a gay man trying to make the Rams.

    Which way is it, Mr. Sam? Ever hear of integrity?

  30. Sam, get to work dude. You should be working twice as hard to be more than just a gay football player sitting on the bench.

    Remove yourself from distractions.

  31. Where is Bill Parcells when you need him?

    He called out Jason Taylor for wanting to do Dancing with the Stars…if a star player gets called out, how would he handle a 7th rounder?

  32. Not fun for Ram football fans. Most people use sports as a way to chill out and get away from life’s complexity and distractions. Sucks.

  33. At first, I didn’t really care about this guy. Now, I hope he doesn’t make it out of camp. Tired of the ridiculous amount of attention being lavished on a marginal 7th rounder just because he prefers men to women.

  34. Good, the Rams deserve this. Pure publicity stunt from both parties. It’ll be a pleasure rooting against this team in 2014.

    And Sam is so dumb. He’s ruining any chance for a second team to take him if the Rams let him go. Maybe he realizes this and is trying to parlay this into a Kardashian type show for the gay audience.

  35. I can’t buy that. Intimate details about the Rams that they may not want shared? There’s no way they don’t care. if so, they’re asleep at the wheel! For the same reason some teams will NEVER do Hard Knocks.

  36. In the long run, the Rams will probably regret selecting him if something goes wrong on the show if their brand is tarnished. He is opening up the door to serious ridicule if every move he makes is there for everyone to see and makes the organization look bad. The Rams are crossing their respective fingers.

  37. The Rams are foolish. Sam is placing himself above everyone else on the team. In addition it places added admonition on the Rams at cut time. First I couldn’t care less about Sam’s sexuality. Prove your worth to the NFL and the Rams on the field not in some prime time storyline. I am for equal rights for everyone, but equal rights equates with responsibilities. Jackie Robinson wanted a chance and he proved how good and great he was on the field. Sam has not done that yet. There are no free rides.

  38. It’s a little hypocritical to claim its a huge distraction since the NFL does it with Hard Knocks. That said, it’s not like the Rams had a choice with this and teams have a choice with Hard Knocks (don’t they?).

  39. Our society has come a long way. 50 years ago it was basically unheard of to be openly gay.

    But the fact that Sam had become such a spectacle just because he is gay means we still have quite a ways to go.

  40. It is obvious that the NFL asked the St Louis MISSOURI team “if all else fails take Sam in the last round ” to avoid the negative publicity . Thank god he didn’t play for Maryland or else this would be either the Redskins or Ravens problem

  41. As said by numerous posters on this thread, Thank God “insert your team name here” didn’t draft this guy. This is football people, not a sideshow.

  42. Unless he can totally ball out, this is a tough situation for the Rams.

    If he is not good enough to make the team, then can they cut him knowing that accusations will be made that he was cut due to distractions related to his sexual orientation.

    If they cut him, there will be blow back.

    If they keep him on the 53 but he’s not good enough, you’ve just given up a roster spot, which is not good either.

    Unless he can just play his butt off, is this even worth it?

  43. Sam will be a decent player. For a bunch of people who don’t care about this guy, there seems to be a lot of time and energy spent not caring.

  44. Sam is #2 in the league in jersey sales. Could this be why the Rams are “ok” with a reality show (something teams are never ok with)? Or are the Rams just afraid to upset the Sam-Maniacs?

    Anyone miss Tebow yet? I do.

  45. its obvious sam is not taking the NFL serious. im sure he knows he wont make it in the NFL and is just trying to cash in before his 15 minutes of fame is up.

  46. Of course the Rams will have absolutely no problem with anything this guy does, say, or even his under-performance on the field. To do or say anything that would indicate otherwise would be in extremely poor PC taste.

    What is funny is how the Rams have now let themselves be tied up to where anything this guy does, the Rams MUST endorse and dare not cry when they get yanked around.

    Of course in the locker room, players will know that the Rams have gone from a pro football team trying to win games to a PC circus trying to appease the Liberals and gays. As for the real players, who want to win? To heck with them as far as the Rams and the NFL goes.

  47. Hurray… as a Cardinals fan, I was honestly worried about the great draft and the strength the Rams were developing… and now this: a little distraction, a little confusion, some conceit, some special interest (non-football related)… Sorry Rams’ fans, looks like the circus has come to town… far worst than Hard Knocks… somehow sexuality has become part of our players identities… pity… we use to only focus on their amazing football playing talents….

  48. Can’t wait for him to have a press conference saying “I never asked for all this attention” Then why are you filming your own reality show??? Be careful, the media can turn on you awfully fast, just ask RG3…

  49. Folks, he’s making the team. Time to get over that. If you don’t think so, you are not paying attention to the agenda here. The NFL is about making money and a gay player is selling jerseys and opening up their market to a bigger audience.

  50. Sam is doing this to keep it out there because he thinks it will make it more difficult for the Rams to release him.

    I think the NBA player who came out was also working a similar angle. When his contract ended, he would have been done if not for the publicity over his coming out.

    I just wish pro sports leagues would stop with all of the social advocacy and concentrate on sports.

  51. All you haters wont be saying anything when the Rams are beating your team.

    After our starting Def line takes a breather from sacking your QB, Sams will come in and all you pansies can see how distracted we are.

    Winning games will shut everyone up, gay player or not!!!!

  52. I have zero problem with this. If he’s a realist, and despite the bluster, he realized that his chance of making it in the NFL are slim so he needs to build a public profile for his post football career, which will probably arrive sooner rather than later.

  53. Of course he’ll make the team. Remember he said he should have been drafted in the first 3 rounds, so he must be talented.

  54. What happens if sam is under contract with oprah for 20 shows and he gets cut on day 1? Does he then have to appear on her network reviewing the fall J. Crew catalog or something?

  55. If it were me this guy wold be cut immediately. You have to be an idiot to see all he is doing is using his sexual orientation to further his own financial gain. Probably because he knows he isn’t good enough to make the team, yet he doesn’t mind causing a distraction. Seems like a selfish guy if you ask me. Funny thing this guy was SEC player of the yr, either the conference really wasn’t as good as some think or somebody had an agenda to push.

  56. Book it people,this dude will make the team,Jeff Fisher can say all he wants to the contrary but he will be on the opening day roster. If he doesn’t,whoa boy!!!!!

  57. And this will affect any other free agents coming to St. Louis. If they have a choice between Rams and another team, this distraction might play in their decision.

  58. Just read an article that the show will not show footage of the team or its facilities. It will just follow Sam on his own time. The NFL has not licensed any shooting at practice fields or use of logos or the like.

    Hard anyone to complain if the show is done entirely on his own time.

  59. We don’t even know the format of the show yet. Cause I’m sure Oprah and her producers during productions meeting are like ” Let’s make sure we get plenty of shots of how he handles the 5 technique and being chipped by running backs and learning the the difference between Razer and Omaha audibles.”

    The show could have more to do with everything off the field. You can’t say its a distraction if the camera’s are never at the practice field.

  60. stop making comparisons to non gay people. This guy is bulletproof now. From the white house to Oprah and the entire national media, no matter what he’s going somewhere. Even if he can’t play football, they’ll find a political office or an appointment of some kind. Buckle up and get used to his name, as you will be hearing it constantly.

  61. The more they try to make this a non distraction, the more it becomes one. Does the team really need a reality show on one man n think 52 other players r gonna b totally on board where the focus is on one man in the ultimate team sport? If I were Ram owner, n coaches, I’d b very careful as to how this show is presented. I’m sure their thinking, we don’t need distractions, please let this go over smoothly.

  62. After listening to Rich Eisen on The Dan Patrick Show today, I fully agree with him.

    Eisen said Sam should reconsider doing the show, so Sam can be consistent to what Sam said he wanted to be known as: a football player.

    Good stance Rich…….I agree!!!!

  63. I could see Carson and the Bird Cage’s Nathan Lane doing color commentary during the program.

    Really. This is an abomination. Most rookies ate carrying a vet’s jock strap. This guy, who hasn’t even made the team, is the top billed star in a TV show about the team.

    I should add no vet should want this guy carrying his jock.

  64. “Reality” is the fact that 7th round picks rarely make the 53-man (53-person?) roster on NFL teams. Even rarer do they go on to have long, productive careers in the league. I’m not sure of the stats, but maybe kickers and punters have the highest success rate of 7th rounders, certainly not D-Line or LB’s. I predict that he won’t be good enough to make the 53-man roster, but he won’t wash out entirely. He’ll be assigned to the practice squad where eventually he’ll disappear into obscurity. He’ll get a pay check somewhere though, whether in the CFL or an assistant coach in the Legends Football League. The Rams used a throw-away pick on him, and have an excuse to cut him (all they need to do is cut their 5th and 6th round picks too, and just point out those guys didn’t make the team either, how can a 7th rounder expect to make it?). The Rams took a bullet for the league by helping the NFL avoid total embarrassment by drafting him (granted that only in the eyes of the wacko left, but still), but they are under no obligation to guarantee him a spot on the team

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