Report: Churchill Downs wants nearly $15,000 back from Welker

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Maybe Wes Welker shouldn’t have handed out so many $100 bills.

According to TMZ, the folks at Churchill Downs want nearly $15,000 back from the Broncos receiver.  Churchill Downs contends that Welker was overpaid to the tune of $14,858.55.

The total payout for Welker’s winnings on Saturday, May 3 were $57,193.90.  Due to computer malfunction compounded by human error, Welker got too much money.

Common sense suggests that, when the House makes an error, the House should eat it.  Then again, the house didn’t become the House by giving away money.

52 responses to “Report: Churchill Downs wants nearly $15,000 back from Welker

  1. I’d tell them to go take a piss. But it’s not like he’ll be left broke and hurting by this so maybe it’s easier for him to say screw it and just give it back.

  2. You made the mistake, live with it. Sadly, that’s not how the real world works. I once covered a town that undercharged a condominium complex for sewer usage for years, then sent them a retroactive bill for thousands when they realized the error.

  3. This reminds me of the time the local casino refused to pay out a million dollar jackpot on a progressive slot because they said the machine malfunctioned.

    The malfunction was, someone hit the jackpot.

  4. Actually, common sense, prudent fiscal policy and due diligence requires a business organization upon discovery of an error to at least make an attempt to recover the wrongly paid out monies. Would you think an overpayment of money for a tax return, from an ATM, or any business transaction should allow the person receiving the “windfall” to keep it?
    Honesty, character and basic mathematical skills (he miust know he got too much) would dictate that the person return the money.

  5. If the house makes an error the house should eat it? How about Welker recognizes that he was overpaid and gives the money back like a decent person should?

  6. I wonder if they would give someone their money back if the person said they accidentally bet to much and need some of it back? I’m thinking not

  7. Wonder what they’d say if the table was turned and Welker claimed they owed him $15k.

  8. There’s an old saying in retail, “You break it, you buy it” i.e., the consumer is responsible to make good for any damages that is their fault. Likewise the merchant is responsible for the actions of his employees’ bad math, mistakes in counting, mismarking a price or equipment malfunction. It’s called the price of doing business, and if it’s weren’t a high profile NFL player they would be more likely to write it off rather than attempt recovery. People and businesses need to be accountable for their level of service, and while there is such a thing as “human error” these days people depend too much on computers to do their thinking. You can bet Churchill Downs has some sort of error and omission insurance to coverer such incidents and this isn’t the first time this has happened and someone has been overpaid.

  9. If it were my business, I would identify who is responsible for the error and construct a repayment plan out of their salaries until the amount is fully recovered.

    Its completely irrelevant that Welker is financially well paid prior to the mistake. What if the mistake benefit a homeless person, would that change anyone’s opinion about repaying the amount? Part of running any business is the responsibility to manage cash disbursements and if Churchhill Downs was negligent in that area, that’s strictly on them and nobody else.

  10. Just because Welker is already rich doesn’t mean that he should be asked to do something that nobody commenting on this story would do. I’d tell Churchill Downs to go pound salt.

  11. Next time I’m at a casino and they keep handing me drinks and I blow all my money I will cry MALFUNCTION I’M DRUNK. GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK.

  12. If Welker caves and gives back the money it is only a matter of time before the Broncos ask for some of their money back also.

  13. Could I go to Churchill Downs and tell them they sold me the wrong ticket? Just tell them it was human error or computer malfunction and they’ll give me my winnings, right?

  14. If that happened to me…it’s not my money fairly. But it’s their error. I would feel obligated to give it back, but not because they have the right to demand it.

    Welker and the Churchill Downs should sit down and find a charity to give the $15,000 to. A PR win for them, and the money, which isn’t that much to either side, goes to a good cause.

  15. Most of the comments have been “forget about doing the right thing and keep the money”. And there we have the current condition of these United States! How sad we have become a nation of ME! It’s sickening.

  16. Both Welker and Churchill Downs should just agree to donate the money to the closest children’s hospital.

    This way both Welker and Churchill Downs get some positive publicity and the kid’s win too.

    Bronco Nation

  17. He is under no obligation to return their overpayment, but they have every right to say that he is not welcome to gamble there in the future unless he first does so.

  18. Funny, I made a $1000 bet but then remembered I had only wanted to bet $500, but when I told them that I wanted $500 back because of my mental glitch they told me to go take a hike…

  19. actually betting on horse racing as other forms of legal gambling is highly regulated. the regulations for the relevant jurisdiction will outline the procedures to be employed to address the inevitable irregularities that occur.

    in the casinos, the player is obliged to repay a documented overpayment, as would be the house in the case of documented underpayment. would imagine its the same at the track.

  20. I hope this is just “internet talk”.

    Otherwise most of you should be ashamed.

    Have some integrity and return the money.

    I hate to assume, but it looks like a bunch of people that have lost money at the track and want to blame the business and not yourselves.

  21. Welker is ALL about the money, every penny. He’s a smart little elf, I’m sure he knew he was overpaid.

  22. I would hold the “OWNER” of Churchill Downs to tasks.
    I’d make a bet (since that’s the business they’re in). I would say, “I’m going to have an investigation done of the owners of Churchill Downs.” “If I don’t find any egregious business practices in your business past.” “Or find anyone with a valid grievance against you.” “Then you will get your 15k back.”

    Yeah I’d get a quick phone call from them saying, “Keep the money smart ass.”

  23. If the house makes an error and gives you the wrong side on a bet, you’re stuck with the ticket if you walk away from the window. End of story.

  24. If they paid him to little, would they have went looking for him? Or anyone? To bad, cost of doing business, take a loss and fire the IT guy who installed the program (and how do we know they didn’t short change others).

  25. Just because churchil downs says WW was paid to much does not mean he was. Lets not assume they are right because they say so.

  26. It is not Welkers’ responsibility. Any reputable gaming facility ‘covers’. They don’t say “Ooops, we made a mistake”. Give me a break

  27. Me or anyone else we would keep it. I think since they were STUPID for giving it out and he is a PRO Football player he/they should donate to charity…this makes everyone happy….I still would keep it.

  28. That looked like cash. Do they have his signature that he was given more than the correct payout? If so, then it is a reconcilable error. If not, who is to say how much cash he was handed.

  29. Two things 1 Write it off on your taxes churchill downs 2 Find someone smarter then the computer. Ok scratch number 2 finding someone smart enough in Kentucky just to turn on a computer is over their heads. So go with number 1. That would be your safe BET.

  30. I actually work in a casino and all payouts are state mandated.. So.. the teller will receive a variance report and depending on their threshold will probably be termed.. by the state not the track.. Variances work both ways so yes the state mandates all under pays be taken care of as well or the same consequence.. The story of the million dollar jackpot not being paid simply isn’t true.. the only way it wasn’t is if the patron had no proper tax ID or they owed back child support in which case the money either goes to their kids or is held til proper ID is brought. Either way this 15,000 if not returned will cost at minimum 3 people their job.. the teller, the supervisor, and the surveillance opetator.. return the cash Welk

  31. The right thing to do is give the money back. He didn’t win the extra $15K. Give it back or the two parties should find a local charity and donate it.
    Of course, in this ME,Me, me America the right thing is usually not a choice. It’s all about “ME”!!!!

  32. That’s like when I get a couple extra wings or nuggets…you think I’m taking them back? Not a chance in hell.

  33. Wes, there’s someone at the door for you. He says that Uncle Vinnie sent him.

  34. Get this….he wins, gives away the money in hundred dollar bills, then repays the track. So, he loses. What a turn-around of fortune. Ouch!

  35. Why should he give the money back? Regardless of his financial situation, the house shouldn’t stack the deck and be a sore loser when they have to pay out. If they underpaid we would never hear about it. Those casinos and betting organizations (along with all of corporate America) don’t care about you and me, they care about the bottom line. It’s about time the tides have turned. Too bad it doesn’t happen more often.

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