Rex Ryan: Tajh Boyd is just a quarterback “right now”


A couple of years ago, a lot of time talking about how the Jets planned to utilize Tim Tebow after they acquired him in a trade with the Broncos.

Would he be a quarterback or would the team find ways to use his athletic ability without letting him take snaps? The end result was that Tebow didn’t wind up being used a lot in any role outside of lightning rod and the Jets went 6-10.

Tajh Boyd won’t generate nearly as much attention as Tebow, but the Jets are again facing questions about how they plan to use a quarterback who lit up college defenses with his running ability. During a meeting with the press on Friday, Jets coach Rex Ryan said that Boyd is only a quarterback “right now” but that the team could “consider” using him in other ways to make use of his running ability.

The Jets featured a fair amount of Wildcat looks last season with players like Bilal Powell and Jeremy Kerley taking snaps in place of Geno Smith, so there could be some special package work for Boyd, who played out of the Pistol a lot at Clemson, during the regular season. Michael Vick is also a pretty good runner, though, and Boyd’s going to have to make the roster before anyone starts drawing up plays just for him.

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  1. I’m not a Jets hater but seems like every post about them always leaves you with the same impression:

    “That’s not how successful teams go about doing business.”

  2. One mediocre running-threat QB wasn’t enough for the Jets — now they have three!

    5-11 season ahead.

  3. Rex has the worst offensive mind in the league. He used Tebow like a goof. You can’t switch a read option QB in on obvious running plays with no chance he will ever throw it. Opposing teams just clamped down. Keeping people guessing is what makes wildcat and read option work.

  4. The worst thing that could have happened to Tajh Boyd was getting drafted by the Jets.

    Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, Geno Smith….the Jets are the team that young QB careers go to die.

  5. Rex Ryan should have been fired a long time ago… He hung on to Mark Sanchez about 3 years longer than he should have!…

  6. Boyd is better than Geno, period. The guy has a much better sense in the pocket, a tighter body motion when he throws and knows how to make a receiver go get the ball.

  7. They didn’t know how to use Tebow because rec doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. If they would have designed offense around Tebow life Denver did, and sit sorry ads Sanchez (QB then) they wouldn’t have gone 6 and 10. He’ll screw it up again, should have been fired last year.

  8. Rex is the man. Love to see all the trolls in the media and on the message boards spitting their venom in the offseason then bile during the regular season when he consistently overachieves…his QBs have been Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow for crissakes… Geno is the 1st decent QB he has had. God help everyone else if Geno develops or if Rex ever gets a very good QB.

  9. Tahj Boyd appears to be a kid that needs some coaching, development, and experience. He could not play right away in the NFL with any degree of success.
    In 2-3 yrs time, he could conceivably develop into a solid career backup, with maybe even a shot as a starter.
    Having seen him play a couple times, he looks like he has some real talent, but is rather raw and fundamentally unsound. He has some raw material, but needs work as a QB.

  10. Tajh Boyd had a 2.3 per carry average running the ball at Clemson. That hardly qualifies him as having lit up college football running.

    On the other hand, he had 107 TD passes and nearly 12,000 passing yards. There is no other position for him.

  11. Little known fact….Tajh Boyd was originally committed to WVU (before his dad became a distaraction). He then went to Clemson and was replaced by…..Geno Smith at WVU.

  12. What a joke! If you look at the 40 times of him, Vick, Smith, and Simms, Boyd (4.8) is actually the slowest of the bunch. He had some effective scrambles at Clemson, but this is the NFL, and most defenders are much faster than Boyd. Tebow was only a little faster with a 4.7, but he was also big enough to just run people over. He was also such a poor passer that he should have been converted to H-back (where he could have had success). Boyd set ACC passing records at Clemson. He just shouldn’t be anything other than a QB and Rex (hopefully) seems to know better.

  13. As recently as this February Boyd was considered a 1st round pick as a QB… now they’re saying he might not even BE a QB in the NFL? How can so many people be so wrong about a guy?

  14. We can see what will happen… The run-around-in-circles quarterbacks have already passed from popularity.
    They’ll try to turn him into a slash type player for a couple of years.

  15. Clemson particularly used Boyd’s running ability at the goal line. Not sure that can be done as effectively at the NFL level. Boyd’s success in college was largely due to the system he was in.

    The Jets offense is another whole world for Boyd. It will be tough.

  16. I can almost guarantee Boyd will be a bust in the NFL. Yeah, had amazing college stats…playing craps teams like BC, Duke (until this past season), UVA, Maryland, etc. Go look at what him and Sammy accomplished against FSU and S Carolina. Zip. He did beat an LSU team that didn’t give a rats ass about being in the Peach Bowl in 2012 and he also beat OSU last year, but everyone knows the Big10 sucks. So I’ll give him those. But the guy really isn’t that good. And if he is so quick, how did Clowney rack up 4.5 sacks on him in the 2012 game alone? Had 1.5 this past year in that game, but we know everyone was double- and triple-teaming Clowney on 95% of snaps.

    There’s a reason Boyd fell so far in 3 months. He simply lit up horrible teams. He’s also had so pretty damn good weapons to help him. Just like Geno did. How man times did Austin or Watkins take a 2-yard bubble screen for 50+? Hell, I can throw bubble screens all day and put em on target. Dropping a ball over a defenders shoulder 35 yards down field? Nah. Kid has no touch.

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