Rex Ryan: Teams won’t want to play the Jets this year


Jets coach Rex Ryan says his team is going to be awfully tough to beat this season.

Ryan said on WFAN that he thinks the Jets are putting together the kind of team that other teams won’t want to see on the schedule in 2014.

“I’m going to be honest with you,” Ryan said, via “I’m not so sure there would be too many people that want to play us. And that’s the truth.”

So is Ryan back to his old practice of guaranteeing the Super Bowl? Not quite.

“I’m not going to say how many wins we’re going to have, or whatever, but we are going to play a brand of football that I think our fans will be proud of,” Ryan said.

Ryan’s team has gone three straight seasons without a winning record. What Jets fans want — and what Ryan needs if he’s going to keep his job — is a return to the playoffs.

165 responses to “Rex Ryan: Teams won’t want to play the Jets this year

  1. He says something to the same effect every off-season and fails to follow through when his team takes the field. Why is this clown still a coach in the NFL.

  2. Anyone can say whatever they want, but I love Rex and I’d have him as my DC today!

    -Bills fan

  3. The respect and media love this guy gets astounds me. He gets treated like Bellichick but has NO SB wins, hasn’t made the playoffs in a few years, runs his mouth all the time yet still has a firm hold on the job. I don’t get it. The only other coach with the same flaws that still has a job is Jason Garrett

  4. What an Idiot!
    I Guess he can’t help himself, just Shut up and keep pretending to be a head coach.

  5. I agree, the only reason why the Jets couldn’t take the next step last year was because they lacked play makers on offense…. They added CJ2K, Decker, & Vick. Although they added those players they have a really tough schedule this year but they are going to be a competitive team because that defense is great & they improved the secondary …. When teams play the Jets next season it won’t be a easy Win

  6. Paper champeens, 6 years running. Ring-not-kissing Rex “Toejam” Ryan owns May, June, and July!

  7. There can’t be a bigger horse’s ass in the game than Rex. Buddy certainly is proud.

  8. The rest of the NFL is in fear for their lives… Why don’t you guarantee the Jets will make the playoffs and that you don’t like feet anymore.

  9. Nobody ever “wants” to play the Jets, but the guys who make the NFL schedule can’t give every team a pass. It’s like cleaning your toilet, it sucks, there’s no glory, no glamour, but you just have buckle down and do it.

  10. What is he supposed to say?

    I think we got worse this offseason and we should be a top 5 pick.

    Come on guys stop the bashing the guy, not many coaches could have won 8 games with the roster he had last year.

  11. One would think that, eventually, this moron would learn to just shut his pie hole. Guess not…

  12. i couldnt name the jets skill position players… they literally have no one

    geno smith and jeremy kerley are the only sorry souls that even come to mind. some shmuck named cumberland

    they are trash

  13. Oh Rex, Rex, Rex. You’ve already lost all credibility with your predictions. You really should try showing everyone what you’ve got BEFORE you open your mouth.

  14. Rex is 100% correct, but not the way he thinks. Like every year, no team will want to play the Jets. Why? Because winning teams don’t want a lot of “who have you beaten” questions and losing teams don’t want to hear “the only team you could beat was the Jets.”

  15. Why would you still talk crap after all the things you’ve said in the past haven’t panned out? Can’t stand this guy and his mouth.

  16. Actual good teams don’t need their head coach to go on the air and “sell” their fans on how scared everyone’s gonna be to play them cause they’re so awesome. Good teams just go out every Sunday and win games, and at the end of the season they go to the playoffs.

  17. What a joke, Rex and the no ring circus!

    Enjoy fighting it out with the fish for second place, again!

  18. It doesn’t matter how good your D is or how good your running game is. It’s all about QB! That’s it you don’t win in this league without a good one. Vick, Geno( unless he makes a stunning improvement) ain’t gonna get you to the playoffs.

  19. Good thing he had the stomach surgery because he has yet to learn to keep his mouth shut! How does he still have a job as a head coach?

  20. Rex has a big mouth…

    But the media causes a lot of this…

    What else could he say?

  21. I can’t wait until the raiders play the Jets either, first win of the season, for NYJ, easy, as the Raiders start working on another top 5 draft pick

  22. i really don’t get what was actually said that was wrong again. he has a great young squad with tons of potential on his hands. he should be excited!

  23. I suppose this passes for what you might call, an improvement. At least he is not predicting a Superbowl win, the only thought more preposterous is to predict a Viking Superbowl win given they never won and lost everytime they got there.

    I suggest Rex get a franchise QB to even start the conversation, until then, shut up.

  24. Say all you want about Rex and as a NYJ fan I wish he wouldn’t say these things but fact is there are only about 10 coaches that are clearly better than him

  25. Thank god for Rex. Just can’t keep that big yap shut. I hope he coaches the Jets for the next 20 years. He fits right in with the Jet fan mentality.

  26. What did you want him to say; “We’re gonna suck again this year”? He didn’t predict anything other than a strong effort on the field. If he couldn’t do that then he should be fired. The reason we read about Rex is that he is in the media capital of the country. No one covers places like St. Louis and Nashville.

  27. Do you haters really not get Rex’s coaching style yet?

    He motivates his players by pumping them up and instilling in them over and over that they are the greatest. Even if some don’t want to admit it his players do play hard for him so his motivational techniques do work.

    The Jets have a great defense that got better (besides a hole at cb) and had a terrible offense last year (still went 8-8 with that offense) that is vastly improved – in all honesty Rex may not be wrong with this statement…..stay tuned.

  28. Yes, he is indeed quite the blow hole…but it would be fun to see him back his words up with Wins…not a Jets fan, but the NFL really needs some old blood coming to life these days.

  29. Jets can’t wait for the Raiders either, jets will easily get their first win of the season as Raiders get ready for another top 5 draft pick

  30. Yup,after facing the Champion Seahags on the road in the season opener the Packers are trembling at the thought of having to play the Jets at Lambeau on National tv the following week.maybe its Rex that should be afraid of the opposition until he proves his team is good enough to beat them.

  31. We’re gonna win the Superbowl!

    We will take the Division!

    We will make the Playoffs!

    You don’t want to play us!

    Just wait until next time!

  32. I actually think I’m going to agree with Rex Ryan. The Jets aren’t going to be a playoff team next year, I’m looking at a similar win/loss record hovering close to .500, but they have potentially one of the better Defensive lines in football and a solid all around defense.

    They’re going to be good enough where they can beat anyone in the NFL on any given Sunday, so it will look even worse for example if the Broncos go and lose a game to the 1-4 New York Jets.

  33. “Why is this clown still a coach in the NFL.”

    I don’t know, it may have something to do with his 80-48 win/loss record with a percentage of .525

    Yeah. That ‘clown’ has only had one losing season, two at .500, and two that ended up in the AFC Championship game. I think he’s still a coach because he can actually, I don’t know, produce.

  34. Genuine good teams don’t need to make that type of statement.

    Once you go 12-4 or better let us know.

  35. I think his teams are actually better when he does guarantee success. It’s either the chicken or the egg.

  36. Players love playing for Rex, problem is the past 3 years is the level of talent on the team = awful.

    Talent level is much improved today vs. a year, 2nd year for Milliner and Richardson, and Wilkerson is a beast. Add Decker, Vick, CJ and bumper crop of rookies.

    IF the offense steps up then uh yeah, the perennial loser Raiders, Bungles will have their bells rung this season by J-E-T-S. You can make book on that missy.

  37. I’m a die hard patriots fan but I have to give Rex credit where it’s due he always puts a great Defense on the field. Now all he has to do is let or get a great offensive coordinator & QB .

  38. Why is Rex Ryan the only guy that can’t show optimism in the off season without getting bludgeoned to death with criticism? He stopped guaranteeing SB’s, and really stopped making bold predictions altogether from what I can tell. Cut the man some slack.

  39. He was probably annoyed that all the articles the past few months have been about Manziel.

  40. He say’s “I’m going to be honest with you……..” Does that imply that he’s been lying up to this point?
    Just shut up and let the product on the field do the talking.

  41. I think the real reason teams don’t want to play the Jets is because the stink is so bad afterward they have to burn their own jerseys.

  42. I’ll take Rex Ryan over Jason Garrett anyday!
    Rex is an NFL coach becuase even though the Jets stink his players never seem to quit and always play hard for him, that’s a quality few coaches have. In fact I would take Rex Ryan over the Dolphin’s dumb dictator Joe Philbin anyday, that being said the Dolphins are always wanting & ready to play the Jets!!!

  43. Well, the tent poles are up and the barker is barking. Just about time for this year’s circus to begin.

  44. He just can’t learn to keep his mouth shut. Do it on the field Rex and speak about it AFTERWARDS!

  45. I think they kinda cut off a little blood circulation to Rex’s brain with that lap band! Does he HONESTLY believe ANYONE is afraid of the Jets??! I just wish they were on the Bengals schedule again this year. That’s a guaranteed win, just like the Browns! 49 -9…the Jets suck and Rex sucks chili dogs! Good luck with Michael Vick, OMG! 🙂

  46. I swear to heaven…I would pray to watch someone stuff a sock in this blow-hards mouth.

    He brags more than the players that play this game, and the amazing thing is that he has not a single thing to show for it.

    I dislike this jerk off more than I’ve ever disliked any coach in league history.

    It’s a freaking holiday for me when the Jets lose, just to wipe the overweight smirk off his face. HATE this guy.

    That said, he’s a darn good Defensive Coordinator… and that’s where the positives end.

  47. As a Jet fan I do wish he would not say these things, I also am glad he coaches the Jets, there are about 10-12 coaches that are better than him. So talk about him all you want, most teams would improve their coaching situation if he was their coach

  48. I absolutely adored this man when he was in Baltimore. Now, new york has turned him into a complete JOKE! He cant keep his fat mouth shut. and honestly, he makes it 10x more difficult to be successful. Either way, let it be known jets fans. NO BODY IS AFRAID OF THE LOWLY JETS, NOT EVER. So, keep dreaming Ravens north

  49. When the Patriots schedule comes out, I always look at the Jets as a split when counting up potential wins… no guarantee that any team will beat them in NJ. As a fan I look forward to those games. Always hoping for another butt fumble type game. That was about the most fun I’ve had watching football since 2004.

  50. John Idzik looks a big upgrade in GM compared to Mike Tannenbaum. He inherited a salary cap mess from the reckless overspending on Revis, Mark Sanchez, Antonio Cromartie, Santonio Holmes, etc. Idzik has progressively fixed the problems and has also acquired players like Mike Vick, Chris Johnson, Eric Decker and good draft picks.
    Rex Ryan is now far better placed because he has a conservative GM giving him the tools to succeed.
    Rex is still the same but his swagger could return because of the upgrade in GM.

  51. Orivar says: “Rex has a record of 80W/48L and a winning % of 525”. Either your record is wrong or the percentage is wrong. 80W/48L gives a winning %age of 625.

  52. Where will these triumphs take place, Rex? Opposing teams might want to play football at a stadium rather than meet up at Dave & Busters. You might be overconfident in Geno’s menacing presence on the motorcycle game.


  53. actually, i am looking forward to my chiefs making life miserable for either geno or vick at arrowhead this season. their defense might be decent, but no one is scared of that offense.

  54. It amazes me all the belittling of the Jets on here. If they improve over last year’s team by just ONE win, they’re a playoff team.

    Everyone acts like they’re the Jaguars and not team with a 7-win floor.

  55. I checked his quotes for the past few years and found Rex says this exact, same thing each year.

    What else is new? Just hit the replay button with this guy.

  56. The fact that Rex has only had one losing season as a head coach with the rosters he has dealt with (and especially Sanchez and Geno at QB) shows just how good of a coach he is, but then again those who hate him won’t give him credit for this anyway.

    All you Rex haters out there, remember this, Rex has a better post- season winning % than Jim Harbaugh and has just as many playoff victories as Belichick since Rex started coaching the Jets. Rex is a good coach who has been held back by awful QB play and lack of talent on the roster, but now with an efficient GM the Jets are finally moving in a good direction overall.

  57. Right. He claims playoffs in 2014 just because: they beat the Fins in Miami off of BullyGate (well, they do tend to beat Fins in Miami), plus they finish technically in second place, plus they draft Cyrus and Jace Amaro while the rest of their draft sucks pretty much (Tell you what though…Tahj Boyd finishes their season), get a washed-up QB and RB…so naturally, Rexy claims playoffs. Funny thing about this: when this happened in 2009 and 2010, they did, but his “playoffs” predictions since have definitely flopped at least as much as butt fumble.

    And those of you who say the AFC East is very weak…well, they said the same thing about the NFC west a couple of years ago…the Pats run has to end at some point, and after that this division becomes very competitive.

  58. Having the Jets on the schedule sends a message to all other teams…

    Let your second and third stringers know their playing time will increase…

  59. That 1st round safety will be a stud…mark my words. Prolly have at least 6 kids with 6 moms. Thats it. Kid is gonna get sucked into the life and be out of the league in three years. If he was anywhere else, he’d have a chance.

  60. Yes. It’s true. Between all those #2 receivers, and the fart-and-fizzle tandem of Ivory and Johnson, they’ll literally be putting up dozens of yards on offense, every week.

    Who’d want to have to face that?

  61. No body will want to play the Jets for away games because ticket sales are way down. But when other teams play the Patriots the tickets sell out!

  62. The Buffalo Bills look forward to the invitation and would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to the best front 7 in the NFL. And they, in turn, would like to introduce your QB to the turf. You forget that Mario, Williams, Dareus, Hughes, Alonso, Spikes and Lawson play you twice next season, with their team record sack stat. You can add as many WRs as you want, if Geno, Vick or whomever else you play cant throw the ball then the only brand your team will be is band-aid brand

  63. The NYJ’s are loaded with good, young talent but, they can’t seem to get going. Hmmmm, I wonder what the problem is then.

  64. I wonder who in Jets will have a Butt fumble first Geno or Michael, whoever has the best FEET, Rex
    Rex just put a SOCK on it.

  65. I thin Oprah should have given the reality series to Rex, but it would be a dull series since he always has his foot in in mouth.

  66. Doesn’t this blow-hard EVER SHUT UP! His team gets SPANKED every year…then he takes the blame and says he didn’t do a good enough job coaching. He hit the nail in the head there, he just needs to use his own advice. Shut the hell p and COACH!!

  67. More false bravado. Can’t wait to see how they do at home vs. The Raiders on Game 1. Great measuring stick to see how far the JETS have come (or not).

  68. Real coaches with a shot at winning a Superbowl do their talking on the field. Then we have Rex.

  69. Cracks me up when I see Buffalo fans talking smack about the Jets, better front 7, I think not, Wilkerson and Richardson > Williams, Manuel is nothing special, Geno can easily develop to be a better QB time will tell and they can both be busts, jets picked 18th, Buffalo had the 9th pick, so who is better

  70. tough to beat when rex said the jets were better than the giants and would be for next ten years ( prior to the 2011 season)

    months later the giants beat the jets head to head ( 99 yard Eli to Cruz td) than won another super bowl.

  71. The jets were the last team to get shut out by the Packer’s defense…

    Everyone wants to play the jets cause that offense sucks.

  72. It’s fun to root against the Jets, but since 1997, they have won more than they lost. 3 AFC title games. 4 if it wasn’t for the kicker in 2004. Rex is in the media market capital and he has capitalized on that. We had a coach before Rex named Mangini that was the worst. No personality, and a horrific talent evaluator. In 2008, the Jets were loaded, then fizzled out in the last 5 games. With Eric Mangenious.. Regardless, Rex puts his name on his quotes, and what’s wrong going record believing in your squad. Remember people: Football is entertainment, and Rex keeps us entertained.

  73. i actually think the jets & bills (yes they’re still in the league) will be those annoying

  74. Ah, there he goes again. Rex Ryan — who’s never won a thing — is shooting his mouth off again. Maybe that lap band he got to help him drop all that weight forced it out of him.
    What a joke this guy is. He must go home and look at himself in the mirror and picture Vince Lombardi.
    The facts don’t lie. He’s a mediocre coach at best.

  75. Now that they have Vick watch out! This is a dream team, might go undefeated! Err, oh that was the Eagles last year (with much better players)…nevermind.

  76. I heard once that your head coach is good for 2-3 wins a year. Can’t remember where I heard that…and if your head coach is bad those 2-3 games go the other way…

    He has not had the best QB situation and NYJ has not improved on that situation this year. I don’t think Vick scares teams anymore. His time is past but he might get another victory or two than last year. If they go 10-6 they are in the playoffs and the playoffs are a whole new game. Anything can happen, just ask Kansas City or Denver.

  77. Other NFL teams don’t want to play the Jets any more than they want to play any CFL team.

    But the odds makers disagree with Wrecks, listing them as favorites in three (3) games only

  78. Wouldn’t it be funny if a coach came right out and said:

    “God, we’re going to be be terrible this year. I’ve got two QB’s who run with the ball better than they throw it and one can’t stay healthy. I have a RB that is probably on his last legs and has nothing left. I’ve got a good defense but they are going to be playing so many snaps every game because of our 3 and outs and turnovers that they are going to be completely worn out by mid season. People are going to LOVE beating up on us. I just hope we don’t embarrass the fans too much. How many wins? I’ll put it this way, I wouldn’t use the plural form of that word.”

    That team would probably be a playoff team despite how terrible they would be on paper because of how ashamed they would be. Of course you normally hear stuff like this on a coach melt down promptly before they get fired.

    “They are who we thought they were!”
    “Can’t win with ’em, can’t do it!”
    “Hi, I’m the new coach of the Cleveland Browns…”

  79. LOL…RYAN you are killing me stop…I think Cincinnati would love to play you two or three times this year…I believe they dropped 49 pts.on your elite team last year.
    Gimme a break !

  80. Love all you idiots wishing Rex would shut up.

    1 – Media asks a question (and doesn’t state what the question was).
    2 – Rex answers it.
    3 – Media posts Rex answer as a statement or proclamation.
    4 – 10000 keyboard commandos click the link immediately to respond…

    I love Rex, hope he wins a SB on his own and shuts everyone in the pathetic NYmedia up. I’d still want him back in Baltimore in a heartbeat though.

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