Vikings’ investigation into Kluwe’s allegations hits a snag

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The Vikings’ investigation into Chris Kluwe’s allegations about homophobia within the organization has been hampered by one person refusing to cooperate.

Chris Madel, one of the attorneys investigating the matter at the request of the Vikings, told the Pioneer Press that one individual — whom he wouldn’t name — is withholding information.

“If that person gave us an interview tomorrow, then we could have the report in less than two weeks,” Madel said. “That person to date has not been cooperative. There have been delays in the investigation due to some people refusing to be interviewed that were subsequently interviewed.”

Kluwe has cooperated with the investigation, talking to the investigators once in January and once in May.

The Vikings launched the investigation after Kluwe said special teams coordinator Mike Priefer made homophobic remarks to Kluwe after Kluwe began speaking out in favor of gay marriage. Kluwe also believes his gay advocacy contributed to the Vikings’ decision to cut him. Priefer denies the charge, and the Vikings decided to keep him on the coaching staff even after changing head coaches this offseason.

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  1. Priefer almost certainly did it. But being a witness against him is likely a fast train out of the league, so no wonder cooperation is lacking.

  2. I’m sure Kluwe doesn’t mind, it prolongs his last 15 minutes of fame indefinitely.

    The other 31 teams would simply point to Kluwe’s lack of production and close the file. The problem with the Vikings is that they have carried more than their fair share of unproductive players so that’s can’t be viewed as a legitimate reason. Kluwe’s biggest problem is that he is not an ex-Packer, had he been that, the Vikings would have signed him to a lucrative contract extension.

  3. Well, if Kluwe is cooperating, but someone in the Vikings organization, be it player, coach or executive, then it lends credence to Kluwe’s assertions.

  4. Not sure who I’d rather see go away more, Kluwe or Sam. Seems like both of them have the same knack for alienating NFL fans. Maybe they can do us all a big favor and go away together and Oprah can televise it. Then everyone gets what they want.

  5. What I don’t understand is why Kluwe keeps talking and not doing anything. First he dared Priefer to sue him and he didn’t bite, so then Kluwe threatens to sue the Vikings and yet he hasn’t. If he’s so confident, why not go ahead and sue instead of just constantly talking so you can get more attention for yourself? I may or may not have answered my own question, I dunno.

  6. Kluwe is a big reason my Vikings have never won the Super Bowl.

    Distractions have kept my team winless for so long.

    Whether it’s the Love Boat, Mike Tice hawking Super Bowl tickets, or the dome collapsing…

    Enough already. No more distractions! Stop, Kluwe, stop!

  7. Don’t assume it’s Priefer who won’t talk. It is probably a player who thinks they might have a lot to lose, and nothing to gain.

  8. He has benefited from Michael Sam as much as anyone else.

    I saw him on the CBS morning show and he actually has the world believing he got kicked off the Vikings because of supporting gay marriage when in reality he was one of the worst punters in the league.

  9. Kluwe was cut because his production as punter declined- which happens as you get older. Priefer replaced Ryan Longwell as kicker the year before for the same reason.

    Get over it Kluwe.

    Game over.

  10. The fact that Kluwe didn’t file a grievance with the NFL Players Association at the time of this alleged incident is something worth investigating.

    Kluwe has been a loudmouth for years. It is very difficult to believe that he would have have kept quiet about an incident like this at the time that it happened. If he had taken his case to the NFLPA at that time, he would have had a much better chance at success.

    But waiting to do this, combined with his childish public rants against the Vikings, make this look like nothing more than a dispute between and employer and ex-employee.

  11. Realistically it’s either Blair Walsh or Cullen Loeffler. Walsh has came out as supportive of Priefer. My guess is it’s Walsh.

    He probably A.) Doesn’t want to get dragged into Kluwe’s continued distraction. B.) Thinks Priefer is a good coach and doesn’t want to see him go, and C.) Might slightly agree with what Priefer said, even if it was vile, awful thing to say.

    I’m trying really, really hard to give a crap and/or be outraged, but I just can’t.

    Kluwe’s annoying. I think his views on gay marriage had very little to do with the Vikings wanted to get rid of him, it more had to do with the way he conveyed his message. His Deadspin piece on gay marriage before all of this was I suppose witty to him, but to me it was just a bunch of expletives strung together. Not exactly eloquent.

    Go away punter.

  12. Again, it is not illegal to be an A-hole. Kluwe took it upon himself to be controversial and put his priorities above the team. His distractions got him cut. Heck he threw a net of challenges out there daring the league to fine him or cut him. He could suit on any number “politically correct” inequalities he participated in all of them. If Prifert lost his job and the Vikes got sued you will open pandors box.

  13. So this person who refuses to co-operate, is he refusing so as not to make Kluwe look bad, not to make Priefer look bad, or just because he doesn’t agree there should be an investigation? If he doesn’t want to make Kluwe or Priefer look bad, all he has to say is ,”I don’t remember.”

  14. Kluwe, who has never been afraid to take his causes to the public, has yet to provide a shred of evidence supporting his allegations FOUR MONTHS after making them. Nothing. Not a leaked text from an “anonymous” source, and not a single piece of positive testimony on his behalf. Not a single thing. Priefer, however, has been staunchly defended by several former players.

    It is put up or shut up time, Chris. If you expect your crusade to scrub locker rooms of language you personally find offensive is going to succeed, you’d better come up with something fast. You’re looking more and more like a guy who simply can’t accept that you can’t hack in the NFL anymore.

  15. Football… I want football… None of this other crap matters to me… I watch games, nothing else matters. Why do these players think that they have any influence on what grown adults think?

  16. This won’t be well received, but perhaps we are all a bit too sensitive about speach? People are still allowed to say whatever they want … including whatever hateful, homphobic, racist, and idealogical BS they want ….. until anyone can prove that such attitudes has led to an illegal or threatening activity relative to the Civil Rights Act of 1965 or other legislation, it just makes it an opinion.
    Don’t like it, don’t play for him. I don’t know about you all, but I learned a long time ago how to remove people from my life I don’t like. And don’t give me the “limited job market” thing about pro-sports either. Playing sports is a decision too … decide what is more important in your life.
    But too often these days people set off on a campaign to completely ruin someone who has a different opion than their own perception of how life should be led … that’s meeting hate with hate. Then again, that’s just MY opinion.

  17. If this is really illegal it would indicate that Priefer was actively going after people who disagreed with what he thought was the right way to live.

    Isn’t that what Kluwe is doing?

  18. Kluwe now is coming out saying that Sam dropped to the 7th round because he’s gay, and he had a draft grade of 3-5 before the combine.

    I seem to remember most people saying 5th or 6th round pre combine. He had a horrible combine. Looked very slow.

    From a pure football standpoint, I don’t think anyone should be shocked he went in the 7th round.

    If the guy was a tremendous football player, he would have been drafted higher, gay or straight. He’s just not. I don’t think teams cared that much about his sexuality. They shouldn’t care about his sexuality.

    Should they care about a reality show with Oprah? Probably.

  19. Foul language in an NFL Locker room? Disparaging remarks? A hurt feeling? Say it isn’t so!

    I love the Vikings! And Kluwe was a polarizing figure you could chuckle at, for a while. Unfortunately, dwindling skills got him cut. And, yes, Priefer was right, Kluwe was, indeed, distracted by his views. You need to fight to maintain your craft, no matter what business you are involved with.

  20. If a kicker is the reason your team hasn’t won the super bowl in 48 years of the game’s existence then you’re probably pulling for the wrong team..

  21. It’s funny to see all these people talking about how horrible an organization the Vikings are. They are in the top 10 for NFL teams winning percentage since establishment. They have won the NFC more times than any other team (18) GB (13) CHI (10). The new regime is very high on character qualities, which if any of these people paid any attention whatsoever they would know. It’s been a long time since the “love boat” and I’m fairly positive much worse goes on regularly around the league. Considering a star NFL player is awaiting two trials for three murders, I don’t think that’s a hard point to prove.

  22. Kluwe should go to that classless piece of garbage packer organization. Their S.T. sucks enough that Kluwe might actually make that team. If not for inheriting Farve and Rogers McCarthy would have been fired long ago. What a piece of crap organization!

  23. Kluwe’s claim that he was released because of his support of gay marriage rather than a simple fact of his increasing salary vs. decreasing production would hold a lot more water if he had made the roster of one of the other teams he’s tried out for.
    His job, being an NFL punter, had become far less important to him than his sudden media darling status. He quit putting in the time required to excel at things like accuracy in his punting, and this was obvious to anyone watching him his last couple of years.

    I agree that it is likely Walsh that they want to speak up, but why should he? It’s very likely that he can’t stand Kluwe and wants nothing to do with this crap.

  24. When friends tell me things and then I go rat them out, is it a shock they don’t own up to what was said? And since when is disagreeing with someone turned into a “phobia”?g

  25. I like Kluwe. He tailed off in production as anyone who has eyes can see. His replacement costs less money.
    That’s reality. Like many things, we can wish things were different, but they are not.

  26. Teams have the right to cut players based on, salary, talent and if they are good for the team I.E. are they a cancer or distraction in the locker room or on/off the field.

    If his stance on gays was making him a distraction, he was cut because of the distraction, not his stance. And the fact he was paid too much for his productivity.

    Is the season here yet?

  27. With the Vikings investigating themselves, isn’t that akin to Chris Christie’s lawyer investigating Christie?

    What do you expect from this investigation? I could write the final report without asking a single question. Of course, _______________ (enter name of check signer), didn’t do ____________ (allegation). There is simply no evidence to prove otherwise.

  28. Let me get this straight. this is all because somebody said something that he didn’t like? A grown man? He feelings were crushed? Total BS for money and attention. Pretty soon you won’t be able to tell a lineman that he showed up to camp “fat”. So he said something wrong……. And???

  29. Why would it take 2 weeks to issue a report? Seems to me they could issue one in a matter of days.. Then again this is lawyers were talking about and they tend to take their time when getting $300+ an hour.

  30. When Kluwe was on the sikes all of the fans would commend him for speaking his mind, yada this and yada that and how good he was. Now he’s off the team and blew the whistle (probably in more ways than one) on Priefer and now they want to point out his talent was on the decline as the reason he got cut and want to tell him to shut up already. Now people within the sikes organization refuse to take interviews to get things straightened out and they want to blame Kluwe for keeping this going when all those who’s not speaking have to do is speak on the issue and it will go away. Now once Preifer isn’t on the team we’ll hear the sikes fans throwing him under the boat also. It won’t be a love boat either.

  31. I really don’t know what the “hubbub “. The team says he was cut because he wasn’t good enough; who’s to say they’re lying? How would you prove it? Ask the other 31 teams that didn’t pick him up?

  32. The Miami Dolphins demand an explanation on why an investigation is necessary rather than just imposing punishment to appease the P.C. police.

  33. If Kluwe was SO disturbed by what purportedly was said, he would have made his grievance in 2012, when he stated it happened.

    He started to suck, he made too much money, and he was cut.

    All other 31 teams agreed.

    Now, he wants compensated and Preifer’s career to “never coach again in the NFL”……sorry dude……you LOSE!!!!!!

  34. I wonder why Kluwe isn’t going after the Raiders. They were the last team to cut him. If he was so good why isn’t he still a Raider?

  35. Now thats funny. A packer fan calling Vikings classless and gutless.
    Just plain funny!!

  36. Political issues and agendas, like Kluwe carries the torch for, must be taken with a grain of salt. The fringe extremists on the left will stop at nothing to make a spectacle. That includes lying and distorting the truth. If it advances a liberal/progressive agenda, it is alright to lie, cheat and steal. That is how they have gotten into so many weak minded peoples head.

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