Chuck Pagano stands by Robert Mathis

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Colts coach Chuck Pagano left no room for doubt that he’s standing behind outside linebacker Robert Mathis, a day after the NFL announced that Mathis has been suspended for the first four games of the season for violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing substances.

“We love and respect Robert Mathis,” Pagano said. “He’s a horseshoe guy, he’s a pillar guy, and like I said before, we’ve got his back. Everybody in this organization has his back and we’ll get through this and at the end of the day, we’ll all be better for it.”

Pagano said he’s confident his team can adjust to the loss of its best defensive player for a quarter of the season.

“We certainly understand the severity of this situation, but as we’ve done many, many times before in our short stint here, we’ll get through this,” Pagano said. “We’ll come together as a team. We’ll come together as a family. We’ll come together as an organization and we’ll get through this. . . . That’s why we’ve got a 90-man roster right now. We lost five starters I believe last year on offense, right? It was next man up in those situations. So somebody will take advantage of the opportunity to show up and play great football.”

Mathis played great football last year, recording 19.5 sacks and having by far the best season of his 11-year career. That won’t be easy to replace.

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  1. For an aging player, missing the first four games could actually work in his favor if they are able to make the playoffs.

  2. I still don’t understand why there can’t be a HGH supplement that these professional/college athletes are allowed to take that helps their bodies absorb the beating it takes when playing a professional sport. You would think seeing player after player completely disintegrate after football due to CTE, that the NFL would snap out of it and start funding research for legal and safe supplements for it’s workforce. I understand there would need to be a complete series of admissions/reparations/court cases for the former players, but now is really the time to do just that. Robert Mathis isn’t a bad guy, he’s been a model professional athlete for over a decade in the NFL. The lessening of long-term injury at the behest of the NFL instead of against it would be a great thing for the game.

  3. Another enabler. All this “horse shoe” guy had to do was inform the league. None of these guys can do anything wrong.

  4. When the owner is a dope fiend, what do you think they are going to say about the players?

  5. He got the stuff from Irsay. Should be exempt from punishment.

    I’m flabbergasted that his coach backs him up. Just FLABBERGASTED!

  6. The reality is, there is NOTHING that is legal that can compare to what is not. This is THE highest level of sports, and many men are willing to risk the future for the present and the pay check.

    See, even if there was a supplement that was legal and didnt hurt people, athletes would still use the illegal stuff because it gives them an advantage, which allows them to be better than a guy not using, so they can keep collecting that massive check every week.

    The NFL and the NFLPA could go a long way towards ending substance abuse with the stroke of a pen.

    1st offense – 1 year suspension
    2nd offense – Life time ban.
    Make weed legal (CERTAINLY does not improve performance), so you get the players that dont like cheating on board. Everything else banned, to this punishment.

  7. Do you guys want a good read? Now, this book is prob 10 years old but, the data is there. In professional football, over 80% of the athletes have tried, used or use performance enhancing drugs! So this whole thing about players cheating and blah blah it’s all an illusion. I don’t know why it is even tested, it’s part of the game

  8. It’s one thing to try and be competitive, and learn as much as you can, and work as hard as you can. When you do that sometimes you cross the line. However, when these things result in an advantage in the kind of player you can put on the field, it has to be dealt with more severely. Putting players that have physical advantages over other on the field leads to injury for the other players, and an advantage towards winning the game for that team. It’s not being overly competitive and crossing the line. It’s actual cheating. It’s worse than pumping artificial crowd noise into the stadium when the opponent has the ball like they are known to do. The Colts should have to forfeit all their wins that Mathis played in. He should be suspended for a year, and the Colts should be banned from post season play this season.

  9. Pagano just doesn’t get it. Not a word of contrition here. He acts like Mathis is a victim, and they all need to rally to his aid. There is something very dysfunctional within the Colts organization.

  10. @vikingspologist that doesn’t mean you don’t try to keep the game clean. If the NFLPA would just get on board with stricter testing and penalties, then maybe some better progress could be made. As long as they foolishly “protect” their players, we are going to have these problems. Imagine if there was actual random testing and not the farce it is now, the players are well aware of when the testing periods are, so the ones who get caught are true morons.

  11. Fact is, if it’s on the list you don’t take/use it. Don’t like the rule? Leave. Go play in the CFL or AFL.

    If Mathis simply Googled the name of the supplement, he would have found out it was banned by the NFL. Five seconds or less to do that and we wouldn’t be talking about this now.

  12. I’m a huge Colts and Mathis homer and even I have no doubt he did it on purpose.

    He got caught, he’ll miss 4 games and we’ll all move on.

    I don’t get why anyone would try to defend him. I still love him.

  13. What is the meaning of that headline? Pagano didn’t say anything about believing Mathis’ explanation. “We will get through this”. Really? What else is there to be done? You wanna cut him? Just encourage the next man up, and he did that.

  14. As a Rams I was hoping the inaugural Deacon Jones award would be won by Robert Quinn, instead he not only lost by half a sack, but to a cheater as well… Outstanding…

  15. what a joke Pagano is.

    A response replete with cliches, coach speak and a general stench of a guy who’s been in the league a long, long time. Part of the good old boys network.

    nothing to see here, just another early 32 yr DE having a career year AFTER Freeney leaves.

    Guilty as charged

  16. Will Hill S Giants has THREE time violation for the banned substances, he deserves no breaks facing both a one year ban, plus the giants will cut.
    This guy has zero history and 11 years of doing no wrong, why now? if indeed he took this for a shot, {pun} at having another kid, and just did not tell the League, maybe they work a deal.
    Keep in mind, this Commish is a full blown idiot!

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