J’Marcus Webb tour continues

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As if the calendar weren’t enough to tell us that the free-agent market has been more picked over than Peter Piper’s pickled pepper patch, the name of the guy generating the biggest buzz right now clinches it.

PFT has confirmed that tackle J’Marcus Webb continued his post-draft free-agency tour on Thursday with a visit to the Panthers.  The day before, Webb visited the Vikings.

Webb played for the Vikings in 2013, appearing in eight games with one start.  In 2011 and 2012, Webb started every game for the Bears — with his most memorable moment perhaps being a prime-time shout-and-shove from quarterback Jay Cutler on a Thursday night against the Packers.  (Cutler eventually made up for it by tying Webb’s shoe between plays.)

With only six draft picks this year, the Panthers took only one offensive lineman, LSU guard Trai Turner.  They need to replace veteran left tackle Jordan Gross, who has retired.

10 responses to “J’Marcus Webb tour continues

  1. Webb is too lazy to bend down to tie his shoes; Cutler tying them was so they didn’t run out of time; not making up for anything. I would have shoved him to; Webb has little desire to be good and got by his whole life by being just a big dude. Yeah, he started at LT for 2 years but the minute we got competent coaches, he was cut.

  2. I wanted to say “poor Cam” but he’s not likely to be a starter.
    Let alone take the field
    Let alone be on the game-day roster
    Let alone make it past the Panther’s final cuts
    Let alone make it past the Panthers first cuts
    Let alone have the cats throw a bone and sign him at all

  3. Webb is taking his time making sure he finds a team with a qb that won’t hurt his feelings when he lets the opposing de hit him every snap

  4. I love how everyone’s worried about the Panthers when next year’s Draft is LOADED with OTs

    Gettleman knows what he’s doing and he’s not going to reach just for the sake of filling a roster spot. He’s setting this team up for long-term success.

  5. he might do alright as a guard but if you sign him to play left tackle then you better have a good backup qb because your starter will not make it through the season with him as a starter.

  6. Webb was a HUGE problem during his time here in Chicago. He allowed so many sacks & couldn’t block a kid from crossing the street if he was a school crossing guard. Teams beware!

  7. People think Webb is worth another shot because at one time he was a starting LT in the NFL. What they don’t understand is that on any team with a competent front office and coaching staff, he would have never gotten off the bench and probably would have been cut after his rookie season.

    Somebody else pegged it correctly, he’s a big (really big), lazy slug. Not necessarily a bad person, just a guy who really doesn’t care that much about football. To be honest, I’m surprised he’s even putting in the effort to try out which tells me he must need money. He reminds me a lot of Bryant McKinnie as far as wasted potential.

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