Keim admits Cardinals liked Bortles

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Before the draft, the Cardinals tried hard to conceal their interest in adding a quarterback.

Why?” coach Bruce Arians said in January regarding the possibility of using a draft pick on a signal-caller.

After the Cardinals took quarterback Logan Thomas in round four, Arians said, “I lie pretty good.”

With the dust settling, the extent of Arians’ deception is becoming more clear; G.M. Steve Keim told Adam Schein of SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio on Friday that the Cardinals were focused on one guy in the first round with the thought that he could become a franchise quarterback.  But he was long gone by the time the birds were on the board.

“Well, you know, we liked Blake Bortles a lot,” Keim said.  “We thought, when you looked at his size, his athleticism, his ability to improvise. He doesn’t have quite the arm strength that Ben Roethlisberger had but he has some of the same skill set, naturally with his foot speed and athleticism to get out of the pocket and make plays with his feet, as well as stand tall in the pocket and make some of the throws down the field. And he’s a guy, being a junior coming out, he still had some developing to do as well but we think his upside is pretty big.”

When we posted last Wednesday that Bortles could be the surprise of the draft, we pegged the Cardinals as an option, given that Bortles reminds Arians of Roethlisberger, who played for Arians in Pittsburgh.  But we also heard at the time that the Jaguars were believed to be very interested in Bortles.

As it turns out, they were.  And so instead of wearing a red jersey on game days, Bortles will be relegated to sporting Cardinals colors at practice only.

28 responses to “Keim admits Cardinals liked Bortles

  1. So instead we draft a guy who can’t find his target? I hope coach Arians is as good as a quarterback guru as they say.

  2. I think a lot of teams felt that way including the browns at 4 but the Jags stepped up. I didn’t like the pick at first but giving him Marquise Lee and Allen Robinson to grow with should set him up for success.

  3. What’s the point of admitting that now. Now next year when you say you’re not interested in someone, everyone will know that you ARE interested in that guy. People need to learn to keep their mouths shut. Cough, cough – QB coach of Cleveland.

  4. I would hope there was a bigger target out there. Us NFL fans have grown accustom to being lied to during the spring, however I don’t think any person would feel good about knowing they were being lied to in order to keep interest in 4th round Logan Thomas under wraps.

  5. As a non-Jags fan, I’m actually really psyched he went to Jacksonville. It was a really smart move, and will make for some great storylines. He gets to play Houston twice a year with Clowney gunning for him, and gets to battle Luck (with whom he shares many physical/mental similarities). If this guy is any good, which I think he will be, it’ll make the Jags relevant again and make the AFC South a really fun division for years to come.

  6. Well at least they only wasted a fourth round pick on Thomas, so not much lost there. John Skelton 2.0

  7. I believe the secret will be in Jacksonville’s patience. Let him sit for the year and learn the ropes. He’s still a junior and has a lot to learn. While he sits, let his new receivers get accustomed to play in the NFL and learn the trade. Next year, hand him the ropes and he will have a much better understanding of the playbook and a much better technique to play QB in the NFL while his receivers will already be experienced and will actually help him keep developing.

    Not a Jags fan, but I think they made the right moves during the draft. Now it’s up to them to make those picks work.

  8. “I told you so!” In relaying factual info, why does Florio always feel the need to add some editorial nonsense or try to prove how he was right about something? seems desperate to validate his worth. Christ, Act like you’ve been there before. Or at least share with everyone all the draft hunch you were totally wrong about, as well as the few shotgun pellets that actually hit the target.

  9. I think the Jags had an excellent draft. Love Bortles, added 2 starting WR’s and from the little I saw of Storm Johnson, I like him too. Don’t know their o line situation but they certainly improved their skill players. Great job by their front office. And knowing Gus is a defensive mind, I’m sure their D will improve. They should be much improved overall.

  10. Logan Thomas over AJ McCarron? I don’t get it.It’s not that AJ is all that, but Thomas is a poor man’s Tyrod Taylor or Troy Smith, and we all know how they worked out.

  11. Arians has always had a thing for big, “pure”, pocket passers. It was never a surprise he had an eye on Bortles.

    Oh, and btw Bruce, you are hitching your wagon to a thirty something year old QB in the powerhouse division of the NFL….. Good luck.

  12. Bortles & Thomas will be out of the league in 3 years. Bortles a major reach to even be an average QB, Thomas is just a flat out zero. Book it.

  13. Bortles throwing multiple picks in a bowl game doesn’t bode well for his NFL chances. Reminds me of a poor man’s Bobby Hebert. I see a lot of those intermediate to deep floaters turning into pick sixes…

  14. brownsmakemecrazy says: May 17, 2014 10:19 AM

    If they liked him why would u say that? You were picking 20th which is far from #3. Not very smart on Keim’s part
    Few people expected Bortles to go #3 (me included) so I am sure the Cards were hoping he fell to 20th. Everybody expected Manziel to go in top 5 yet he was hanging around until 22.

    That being said after watching the interviews Bortles “looks” and sounds like a QB. If the Jags let him sit a year and he turns out to be good then everyone will be saying the Jags got a steal.

  15. Please tell me that somebody just didn’t call Logan Thomas a “poor mans” Tyrod Taylor or Troy Smith…

    That is about as poor a comparison as I think I’ve ever seen…

    Thats like comparing Darin Sproles to Bo Jackson…

    Thomas is 6’6 248 pounds…

    Taylor is about 6’1 210 pounds..

    and Thomas has a howitzer as an arm.

    He might turn out to be a backup like Smith and Thomas… but PLEASE…. don’t compare two distinctly different bodies as similar.

  16. Fan dilemma: I’m a Titans fan who HATES the Jags but is pulling for Toby Gerhart and Bortles to succeed.

  17. Was worth a shot. Now he’s hoping he got a poor man’s Bortles in round 4 instead.

    At least the Cardinals have a top D and in improving offense with a vet QB who won 10 games last year so that QBOF can develop. The Jags not so much…

  18. There is a scary amount of talent being accumulated among the 4 teams in the NFC West. That’s gonna be a fun division to watch and it wouldn’t surprise me if both wildcard teams come out of there this year.

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